BORN TO BE LUCKY - Everything You Knew About Luck Was Wrong

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They were able to provide for me and were great role models for choices in life. I am lucky that I was born into this situation. Worldwide, the odds of being born into this situation are tiny. Every day I am thankful for my lucky right of birth. Being fortunate is similar to luck, but with a key difference. Good fortune adds a level of control to random chance. I have wanted to travel the world ever since my first trip abroad at age As I get older, my wanderlust grows stronger. When deciding on my career options, I had a choice between working in the Internet industry or in video production.

I chose the Internet, because I figured I could do this work anywhere in the world. Over the past 10 years I have visited 6 continents and around 35 countries. Being unfortunate occurs when you try to control for the outcome and things do not work as planned. When one of my businesses failed, it would be easy to say that we were unlucky. The weather was bad that year this was a summer-seasonal product.

We made the wrong hires. We were not involved enough in the business. It was a stupid business idea in the first place. While the outcome was unfortunate, none of the failures of the business were the result of luck. Even in failure I was fortunate, because I learned what not to do with my next business. Learn from your good fortunes and those of others. Why did it happen and can you repeat it? There are a million books on business, and many more on personal finance.

Few of them recommend throwing a hail-Mary pass or buying a lottery ticket as an investment strategy.

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Recognizing that life is not a right but a gift, lucky people act with great humility. Admit that they're not that smart. Lucky people become smart and learn by trying. They read. They toil. Admit their faults. Apologize quickly and move on. Recognizing that happiness and success in life comes from constant learning. They serve others. From launching a new business to sustaining a happy marriage requires serving someone else than yourself.

Due A Lucky Break? Seven Keys To Creating More Good Luck

Lucky people give generously to others through their effort in their jobs, careers, business and their personal lives. Their effort is found on ensuring others have what they need before their own needs are met. Know that they're not born lucky. They become lucky by studying, working and refining their craft.

They are not born smart but become smart by reading, developing, cultivating and growing. Lucky people don't count on luck. They make a choice to think differently and to take action. Real Life. Real News.

Real Voices. Help us tell more of the stories that matter from voices that too often remain unheard. News Politics Entertainment Communities. HuffPost Personal Videos Horoscopes. Part of Wellness. All rights reserved. Skip to Article. Here are 21 reasons why some people get lucky in life:. Work hard They don't boast, toast or celebrate. They do. Toiling away at their craft day in and day out. They don't announce it on Facebook or tweet about it on Twitter.

Lucky people get busy working. They're hungry. They want it badly. There must be others out there like me and i would like to talk to them. I know exactly how you feel Velouria. I try to be the MOST positive person and think through situations logically, however my will power can only last so long when bad things just keep on happening for no reason. I have no strengths, but I cannot give up for one reason only and that is my mother.

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After we both lost my brother her son to cancer, I could never put her though that kind of pain of losing a child again. I know she feels so much guilt for how things have turned out for her kids already, she could never survive if she lost me too. Tbh Im afraid that one day when she passes, I will have no reason to live anymore and might just end it there.

So I completely relate to what you said. I was a positive kid and things just happened, and that is the reason I am the way I am. So how come that seems to be everyones go-to answer????? None of the people described above invited xD So heres to reaching out, haha. Hot darn i totally agree with you guys. My beautiful mother just passed away three months ago. After she passed well, a bit before she did it seemed like bad luck was coming my way. These blog posts are pretty bad because they always want you to take control.

But it seems like it comes in bouts too. For example, only a few days after she passed away my father told me he will remarry. Blow one. Next up, he finds a woman in a foreign country, who knows who she is. Blow number two. Then, he says they are engaged after only meeting each other in person for two weeks and only knowing for two months.

Blow number three. Next up, I get a wrongful traffic ticket because a truck was in my way and i was in the intersection while the light was yellow, but the cop stopped me because I moved forward thinking I ran a red light my car was in the intersection before it was red. Blow number four. Blow number five, I had to drive to pick up my father from his trip and then I get lost for 4 hours trying to get to the airport, in the dark, now in a country area.

Blow number six, my hard drive fails sudddently on my work computer and I lose all important files this, i actually contribute to my fault because i really should have backed it up. But still, how unlucky can you get? What else is going to happen? Only solace I have is that after so many bad things happening, surely something good should happen. ZAnd of course lessons are learned, I guess… But not all of us who are unlucky are negative. We really do try to stay positive, much to the opposite of what some of these blog articles suggest.

Just buzzwords. Sorry to hear about your mother. That is truly a terrible thing to experience. As people say, bad experiences are relative, but yours are so minor compared to many who have shared in the comments. Be grateful. It seems as if no matter how hard I try things never get better!! I watch ppl around excel,watch things get better for all around me,its hard to be happy for all these ppl,but I surely try to be happy for them!!

This happens in every aspect of my life,my work my home life,my personal life!! And when that happens she gets so upset and discouraged!! The owner took a girl from another store that was only with our company for 6mths and made her manager at my home store!! Are u kidding me? I worked for this company for years never missed work never called off,always went in when I was called last min,the very first time I called off was when my boyfriend of 9 years was killed in a fatal car accident!!

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  • My boyfriend died in August ,my aunt that helped raise me died in Sept ,my uncle that I was very close to died in October ,my cuzin in Nov ! Did I really ask for all that?? I dont think so!! Well,well I wish that was the case all in the mind. I keep pigeons! I have had a really bad season with my pigeons ,today was yet another day of the same thing. I sat outside and thought about things in my life that have gone wrong and some would say bad luck.

    Lack of education when I was young and struggled all through school. Married three times and never able to get things right ,bullied at work ,which in turn changed my finances upside down after a break down.

    For Adidas, Stella McCartney is making new clothes by liquifying old ones

    Virtego after that kept me out of work for two years and I lost my job. Just started to get over vertigo and found I had heart problems, my pigeons…yeah I looked back and thought I must have kicked a cat in my previous life. Nothing ever gets better. You have to pack it up in a mental suitcase and shove it under the bed and forget about it.

    You try until you are done trying. Some might try for 10 years, some might try for 20, depending on what the situation is. At some point you have to give up, put it away, and focus on what you are allowed to have. Learn to be OK with being alone, poor, driving a shitty car. You have to. Not everyone gets what they want, not even the little things. Jealousy and envy can drive you crazy, believe me I know. It can consume you. You gotta fight it.

    How to Make Your Own Luck

    You just gotta. They want call me back or text back…At times I wish I was never born. Because bad luck will not control my life …. I totally feel your pain guys. Everything and they do nothing but complain!! My only brother died in a car accident then we were so alike and close. I left work due to bone loss from anorexia as I had a breakdown after all this happening. I would rather die than sit here with nothing and no one to talk to or even care while everyone else is so happy.

    The author connects so well. Looking forward to all those positive things. This article shines so bright of positive vibes, sending all my good vibes to the person who wrote it. A lot of strong commet there,but its okay. When bad luck comes in waves not just groups of 3 , then life becomes exhausting. People feel like rats in a trap trying to find a way forward but getting thwarted no matter what they try. Eventually, they run out of hope and I understand why that is. This is so true you have described exactly how I have been feeling for so long.

    I too have constantly struggled with bad luck i live in fear of what might happen next. I have tried everything I I can think of not to believe bad luck just seems to be my destiny in life. I always think of other ppl.

    How to Get Lucky by Making Your Own Luck | Mark Manson

    I help ppl who have never helped me, more than once. I try to stay positive and all for what? Just to have life keep smacking me in the dam face? I tired. I hope I go to sleep one night, and never wake up. I feel the same.

    BORN TO BE LUCKY - Everything You Knew About Luck Was Wrong BORN TO BE LUCKY - Everything You Knew About Luck Was Wrong
    BORN TO BE LUCKY - Everything You Knew About Luck Was Wrong BORN TO BE LUCKY - Everything You Knew About Luck Was Wrong
    BORN TO BE LUCKY - Everything You Knew About Luck Was Wrong BORN TO BE LUCKY - Everything You Knew About Luck Was Wrong
    BORN TO BE LUCKY - Everything You Knew About Luck Was Wrong BORN TO BE LUCKY - Everything You Knew About Luck Was Wrong
    BORN TO BE LUCKY - Everything You Knew About Luck Was Wrong BORN TO BE LUCKY - Everything You Knew About Luck Was Wrong

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