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The term scarfies comes from the nickname given to students as they wore blue and gold scarves in cold Otago winters in support of the Otago Rugby Football Union. Anyone who has studied at Otago University will have countless stories of their student The author is the South East correspondent from the ABC and gives an exclusive account of the rescue as he held vigil on the ground throughout. Dr Mosley will be in New Zealand this month and is amongst our bestselling authors of quality health books. This is his newest title and gives us a manageable programme to maintain calorie fast days.

We have been spoiled for choice with quality and authorised biographies these last few months. It is rare for him to reveal his private side of life, This is not a new release but the new Netflix series based on this book has motivated many to de-clutter and follow her principles. The key to successful You know this boat, it sailed from Aotearoa. It stays Now I challenge you to say that title without singing it! From one Kiwi duo to another, sister act Jules and Lynda — a couple of dames!

Farmers and growers committed to making our food healthier, tastier and leaving our land more productive for the next generation were celebrated in the This is a celebration of friendship between two Kiwi legends, Sam Hunt and Colin Hogg — one that spans decades and the sort of stories that make for great reading. Off The Road is a wild, hilarious, no holds barred book about the Following on from his You Tube series, the author has collated some of his favourites ready to inspire you into tiny Most famous for her acting career, Reese Witherspoon is carving out her brand in notable book club recommendations and fi lm rights.

With the popularity of vintage and classic caravanning increasing, it was only natural we would see a rise in the pairing of the chosen vintage models. A powerful story focussing on the topical issues of race, gun control, gang impacts on society, family and friendships. I always enjoy reading young adult titles and this will Though big, this book is exhilarating from page one and you will not be able to From home design to the outside, this is New Zealand women and their extraordinary gardens.

It showcases women who have worked tirelessly to create unforgettable gardens, bringing their vision to life with energy and verve. The authors have searched throughout New Zealand to fi nd the very best to feature in this sumptuous gift book. Each gardener and garden has This is the second picture book featuring the L. Cs little anxious creatures and is designed to teach building blocks for resilience in children. Loppy and Curly are back to help children find their brave as they tackle life. Kids do all the time. A new fun and quirky series for your junior reader.

Bab is the son of archaeologists, a loner in the world, but on one of his adventures he fi ds a beard that magically attaches to his face! This leads him to befriend two mummified animals that help him unravel a mystery and keep him safe as they discover the Corey is a wildlife biologist working for the Department of Conservation and specialises in work to protect the endangered kea bird. Ajax is a working dog trained to help find the nests of kea birds in remote parts of the South Island. Together, Corey and Ajax make the perfect team to monitor the native bird species and protect them from This is a delightful bilingual story in English and Maori.

But what will Nan do? Will she be happy about the little feathered visitors? A tui This is a reprint of a wonderful celebration of the sheep stations that are a core part of our rural life in New Zealand. The stunning art work on the cover shows you the quality and standard to expect within the Last year he released Holding with successful sales and reviews. Staff member Karen recently read A This is the satisfying conclusion to the Last Hours that was released last year and left us on a high and dangling!

The Black Death plague of has passed on but there are still unknowns and the people of the demesnes are untrusting as some are without their leaders. In the demesne of Develish, Lady Anne has to make the This is one for the junior reader 8 years plus and fi rst in a new series. Maxine, known as Max is twelve, an orphan and squats in an abandoned building in New York city along with other kind, lost and lonely squatters. Max idolises Einstein the scientist, hence her name as she has no idea of her beginnings in life.

The Wilson sisters are prolifi c writers, penning horsecraft books for adults and children. This time they have an annual out just in time for Christmas and holiday times on the horizon. Vicki, Kelly and Amanda are ready to There has been few and far between books dedicated to the plight of the Vietnam War but we are starting to see more and hear their valuable stories.

Max Hastings is an authentic voice as he shares vivid personal memories as he reported on the war. She arrived in the then unknown rural outpost of a town, Kununurra, in With three children in tow and determined husband who had made the decision this would be their home, land From the author of award winning book Aotearoa, Gavin Bishop presents his new book around the cook who cooked for Captain Cook.

Coinciding with the th anniversary of Captain Cook setting sail across the world via the Pacific. Lisa has a regular spot on the TV AM Show and speaks from credible experience in the business and finance sector. Her strength is taking a place in the world usually Australia but not exclusively and writing about the unique geography with vivid descriptions — so much so that you want to immediately travel to these destinations to discover them There is a science to success in baking and during the show we bear witness to the execution of correct method and process.

It is the science that allows the puff in the pastry, the lightness in the filling or the right There are few books on the subject of dance for the older, skillful dancer until American photographer Jordan Matter captured this market with his first book Dancers Among Us a few years ago. He now delights us with his new book Born to Dance — Celebrating the Wonder of Childhood a collection of new artistic images.

Throughout the pages are short Prominent media personality Wendyl Nissen was many years ahead of the trend when she started her Green Goddess business and chemical free products. Now, of course, living a life mindful of impacts on the environment is current trend and Wendyl has combined the best information from her previous books into this one complete and full volume. However, his sister Tina was 12 years older than her brother so she writes from a unique vantage point having observed his life from the very beginning. She cared for him as their mother had to return to demanding work schedules and has always So there is much to celebrate for this milestone hence the fabulous cookbook that has just We have had Go Girl!

Stories of New Zealand Women now we have the collected stories of Men. Various illustrators enhance the pages of each story. TV popular chef and restauranteur, Michael Van De Elzen needs no introduction after a variety of adult cookbooks. Australian author Scott Pape is the founder of The Barefoot Investor and after fifteen years in the media has reached millions of Australians with his financial insight. In he released Barefoot Investor a bestselling book and just recently the updated edition arrived instore. He has particular skills for financial Again, this is a debut novel and I absolutely loved it!

Peggy Smart lives most capably and independently in her little villa within the Jacaranda Retirement Village in a Sydney seaside suburb.

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Lesley is a staff favourite and this new release has been highly anticipated both in store and for fans alike. Women were wearing their skirts shorter and There was great excitement in the stables as the official birthday for all horses 1st August was on its way Meet Mini Whinny — a pint sized pony with a big attitude — whatever will her farm friends do? A delightful new tale and new series from award winning New Zealand author Stacy Gregg. Jodi never shies away from controversial topics and her new book is no different.

This makes a comeback after a long hiatus in the outof-print vaults. Perfect timing for the school holidays to be inspired with gadgets, sports, spy craft, stories and trivia. Try some knot-tying This is a compilation of beastly bedtime stories for kids. Stories with vampires, bats, pirates at a dance party and a zoo in a room.

Bears who are scared and things that go splat in the night — from a collection of noteworthy authors Their stay promises transformation, counsel and rejuvenation whilst enjoying hot stone massages, attention and healthy food — well that is the plan Whilst reading this I decided to put spotify on and have her music playing along as I read — and it was a trip down memory lane.

British born but raised in Australia, this is the fi From the author of Very Cranky Bear, this is a delightful new tale. Nicholas Ickle is trying extremely hard to write a scary book but his efforts are thwarted by un-scary things appearing in his tale! Even his monster turns out to be a sharing, caring type Things that are nice, bright, delicious, cute and fun all de-rail his scary Are you looking for a new fun series for your junior reader?

Perfect for school holidays, this is book fi ve in the new Dogman series from the author of Captain Underpants. Written and illustrated in a similar style to Captain Underpants, it is funny, animated and a great tale too. Unauthorized but complimentary to the game, explaining the what, where and how you can create too.

Perfect timing for the school holidays, this is an action packed page turner suitable for intermediate age plus readers. Australian high school student Jarli has used his coding skills and perfected a new app Is It Bedtime Yet? This holds many smart ideas for sustainable New Zealand homes. An eco house takes care of the family within from dawn before the family wakes from the insulation from eco-slabs in foundations through to hot water supplied by solar heating stored overnight. Modern, new and always improving science used in planning an eco home with exceptional results now.

The homes Yotam is in a league of his own when it comes to food combinations, style and cooking. E — Short on time, Ingredients of 10 or less, Make it ahead of time, Coding or computer programming is giving a computer step by step commands to tell it what to do. A great anthology of Kiwi trucking stories — telling the tales of Kiwi truckies, the men and women that make great personal sacrifi ce to keep our country running.

Often it is a hard and lonely passion but truckies are devoted and are committed, with many serving many years of dedicated service to their companies or owner-operator models. Whether you are just starting out or wanting to add phrases This is what Jamie does best — combines Italian cooking with family feasts. His career spans nineteen years!

Dare I admit I can recall his fi rst TV series and loved his fresh, creative, achievable style? He has published twenty books since his humble beginnings and he has not only had great personal success from his restaurants, food and kitchen ranges, Steven comes from a family with It is years since Captain James Cook set sail from the northern hemisphere on a scientifi c journey that turned into the fi rst circumnavigation of New Zealand and exploration of the Pacifi c Ocean.

Pacifi c is the accompanying book to a new television series due soon on Prime TV. The series will be called Unchartered and is a Every year I wait for the newest Daniel Silva to catch up on the latest instalment of spy Gabriel Allon and the new one has just arrived ready to take you on a tense, thrilling adventure. Daniel Silva has a unique ability to draw from current news headlines and weave these international events into his spy fi ction.

In The As staff, we were dazzled by the concept, colour, content and format late last year Lonely Planet produce quality travel guides and have moved more into the gift book range giving us a fabulous selection covering all the ways we travel, how and why. It is certainly shaping up to be the year of the debut author — so far I have read three and loved them all. He is a journalist with more than 30 years experience and has applied his extensive It was a great tool for star-gazers and those that were new to He is highly sought after for his ability to engage people within companies, managing millennials and to get things done.

He has catchphrases that inspire you to fi nd better means of communicating and to make changes to ensure better Mary Beard dazzled us with her book SPQR and brings classic history alive with her highly readable text. This new series is perfect for fans of Cherub — a high octane series for 11 years plus. Including emos, action and tech, this is the perfect thriller for readers that like fast pace action. As the This is the new edition and has been sitting in top ten best-selling lists since the first edition came out last year.

Full of sound, practical advice — not just snippets or tips nor strict budgets that are hard to adhere to. Written in a step by step style with formulas to take affirmative action. Quality and sound advice along with Mike Rolls was just 18 years old when an end of season footy trip to Tasmania was cut short with a lifethreatening battle with meningococcal septicaemia. You can throw some refrigerators, make money with the money making machine — or honey if you prefer as it This is the third part in a series that started with Nomad and followed with Exile.

Featuring tech worker Marc Dane, the thrills and deadly pursuits are set at a cracking pace. He believes Kim is that girl Thus begins a truly addictive journey, from past to present, from Melbourne to Kentucky. Al Lester is best known for his tales of hunting and bush life.

Few would know that Al was also a Detective Sergeant and this has been the foundation of this authentic collection of stories reflecting on 31 years as a Kiwi policeman. I tell it how it Australian author Shaun Tan combines his wonderful illustrations and design with simple text to produce sophisticated picture books.

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The limited narrative on each page prompts deeper thoughts and further questions and he always confronts a social, political or historical issue. Cicada is lonely and works in an office over seventeen years, unappreciated and unnoticed but faithful to his employing company — Aviators became superstars with both men and women driven to reach new heights, break speed records and try new planes and distances. This is the story of two young, wild adventurers, Jessie Miller and Bill Lancaster who flew Two summers, decades apart — two women whose lives are entwined Maggie has returned to her childhood This is Trent Dalton's fi rst book and what a debut!

There are some books that stay with you for a long time and this is one Set in Brisbane in There's lots of chatter about the future roles and shape of work and a lot of it can be scary as jobs change in a highly technical world. However, this New Zealand publication is a practical guide to managing high speed changes ahead for workers. The authors are both former CEOs of companies and share from their extensive experiences but Alexx has collated This is the life story of Anne Frank and the aim of the exhibition is to inform young people about Anne Frank and those lost School holidays are now in full force and picking up a new book is the perfect way to keep screen time to a minimum!

Mandy Hager is a prize winning New Zealand author and she always finds a tale to engage the mind with themes of politics, economic and ecological issues. Ash Rising is the sequel to The Nature of Jacqueline Wilson has delighted fans throughout the years and has a series for the younger reader, modern tales for older readers and a historical series that follow the character of Hetty Feather. Rose lives in a beautiful big London house with her artist father, complaining This is a long time favourite book and has been out of print for a considerable time — until now!

The original favourite is back to delight a new generation. The school holidays in winter can be bleak and drive us to stay indoors but there are plenty of ideas in this classic book to try, interesting facts, stories to read I was introduced to Jenn Bennett when she released Night Owls in and I thoroughly enjoyed that creative tale set in San Francisco written for the Young Adult genre. Jenn has returned with her third and newest romantic story - again, it is for older Young Adults.

A lot I always look forward to the newest title by Dame Fiona — and there has been an extensive list to read. Her honourable title is well deserved and she is ranked amongst the best in New Zealand authors. In This Mortal Boy, Fresh from her book tour with Matilda Rice and Art Green, Simone has an inspiring story to tell in her debut book. Confronting her weight peaking at kg, Simone began posting onto social media little steps she was taking to lose weight healthily and used He has lived a long life and has earned the right to a decent short story styled biography.

The master of storytelling has compiled these short non-fiction stories that have inspired his famous fiction books. This is a celebration of rural New Zealand — a collection of cartoon and paintings all now in one edition. His works captured country life and the people who live and work on the land.

This book brings his She is the mistress of reinvention and always produces a quality read for her loyal followers. Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet? Or do Now they write about food and gardening using their We can boast of a flourishing olive oil industry in our region and enjoy those that work hard to bring us quality product!

David Walshaw moved from a successful career in finance and decided on a life change — to grow olives for olive oil. This is part memoir and part industry advice from set up to processes. He shares the This new and expanded edition is number one in our Top Ten in our gardening area. Apart from the Top Ten range, we have fabulous new garden tools and a beautiful display of books about growing, flowers, design and some gift styled Te Rerehua and Sam stay with their grandmother and love to walk the grey stones of Te Mata Hapuku beach.

Until, one night out eeling, as they lay on the stones, looking up into the inky dark sky they discover the stars of A new series to meet the insatiable demand for all things that feature unicorns. I never grieved you, nor yet deceived you. But now, I fear, you are slighting me. Oh, are you gone, and left me now? It was not me, it was my step-mother, That spoke to you from her bower-window.

Says " Come with me, my lovely one. And we'll be wed, my own sweet lover. And let them talk when we are gone. Ten thousand miles it is too far For to leave me here for a-whiles, If I goes away I'll surely come again To all my friends what's near, my dear, To all my friends what's near.

I s'pose the sea should never run dry, Nor the rocks melt with the sun, And then you and I shall never part Till all our days are done, my dear, Till all our days are done. The tune with the first ending is in the Aeohan mode : with the alternative ending it is in the Dorian. Glover sang sometimes one ending, sometimes the other, and had no especial predilection for either.

The words are very corrupt, but are evidently one of the many folk-songs from which Burns derived his " Red, red, rose. K Lento. Nott, who is an old man, said of this song: " It is very difficult to sing, for you must show the two voices. At first we thought that the two changes of key in the middle of the song were un- intentional, and I accordingly noted that passage, as it was undoubtedly sung on its repetition at the end of the verse.

But on the last occasion we went to the piano in 58 the next room while Mr. Nott sang the song twice over, and we found that he sang it as here printed and that he kept his pitch with perfect accuracy. I do not think there are many singers who could do the same. Compare " Quoth John to Joan, wilt thou have me?

With my love swiffling round me, I took her to be a swan, So I shoot my dear darling with a ratteling gun. Baring-Gould has published a harmonised version of this ballad in sheet form, called " The Setting of the Sun " Weekes and Co. I noted the second version — which is but a fragment — from Mr. Clarence Rook, who heard it sung twenty years ago by a very old man at a Harvest Supper at Homestall, Doddington, near Faversham, Kent.

This shows that the ballad is sung in the extreme East of England as well as in the West. The supernatural element enters so rarely into the English Ballad that one is in- clined to see in its occurrence an indication of Celtic origin. In the present case this suspicion is perhaps strengthened by the presence of certain Irish characteristics in the tune.

The incidents related in the song are a strange admixture of fancy with matter of fact. Some members of the Society having expressed a wish for a list of those books most often quoted on the subject of traditional music, Mr. Frank Kidson has kindly com- piled the following short list, for ordinary working purposes. It includes chiefly such works as are both desirable for the formation of a small Folk-song Library, and, at the same time, inexpensive. Songs and Ballads of the West.

A collection made from the mouths of the people by Rev. Baring-Gould and Rev. Fleetwood Sheppard. Large 8vo. Reprinted in i volume. A Garland of Country Song. Collected and arranged by Rev. Large 4to. English Folk Songs. Collected and arranged by W. Novello and Co. Sussex Sojigs. Arranged by H. Birch Reynardson. Stanley Lucas and Weber now Leonard and Co. A reprint, with additions by L.

Broadvvood, of a collection made by Rev. John Broadwood. His may be considered as the first serious collection of English folk music. English County Songs. Collected and edited by Lucy E. Broadwood and J. Fuller Maitland. Leadenhall Press, and Cramer and Co. Popular Music of the Olden Time. Edited by William Chappell. Old English Popular Music.

By William Chappell. Edited by H. Wool- dridge. Chappell and Co. In this recent edition the traditional airs, obtained by Chappell and his friends, are omitted. Edited by F. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. This is an extended edition of the same author's " EngHsh and Scottish Ballads " 8 vols. Professor Child has compiled an invaluable standard work, giving every possible version, literary and traditional, of ballads in the English language, besides copious notes and comparisons with ballads of other nations.

Wit and Mirth, or Pills to purge Melancholy. Collected by Thomas D'Urfey. Reprinted without publisher's name about 18S0. Shakespeare in Music. A collection of the chief musical allusions in the plays of Shakespeare, made by Louis C. David Nutt. Traditional Games of England, Scotland ajid Ireland. Collected by Alice B.

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Children's Singing Games, with the tunes to which they are sung. Oblong 4to. Old English Singing Games. George Allen. Wiltshire Folk-Songs and Carols. Collected and edited by Rev. Geoffry Hill. This little book contains nine airs and songs : obtainable from the collector at Hanham Vicarage, Salisbury. Traditional Tunes. Oxford: Taphouse. Nursery Rhymes and Country Songs. Collected and arranged by M. Metzler and Co. Minstrelsy of England. Glasgow and London : Bayley and Ferguson. A second series in the press. Nursery Rhymes. Edited and arranged by E.

Christmas Carols. Folk-Songs from Somerset. Gathered and edited with Pianoforte Accompaniment, by Cecil J. Sharp and Rev. Charles L. Simpkin and Marshall. Music of the Waters. Sailors' Chanties, etc. Kegan Paul, Trench and Co. Laura A. London : D Stott. The Besom Maker, and other Country Songs.

Collected and illustrated by Hey- wooD Sumner. Longman Green and Co. Northumbrian Minstrelsy. Ballads, melodies, pipe-tunes of Northumbria, edited by J. Bruce and John Stokoe. Published by the Society of Antiquaries, Newcastle-on-Tyne. Songs and Ballads of Northern England. Collected and edited by John Stokoe, harmonized by Samuel Reay. Newcastle-on-Tyne : Walter Scott. The contents are principally from " Northumbrian Minstrelsy. Words by F. Music arranged from traditional sailors' airs by F. Large 8vo, Boosey and Co. Old Sea Chanties. Collected and arranged by John Bradford and Arthur Fagge.

London : Metzler and Co. Journal of the Folk-Song Society. Popular Rhymes of Scotland. Edited by Robert Chambers. A new edition. Edinburgh : Chambers. The first edition was issued in and the third in The work contains a few airs. Songs of Scotland prior to Burns, with the tunes. Edinburgh: Chambers. Originally published Traditional Ballad Airs of Scotland. From copies procured in Aberdeen, Banfif, and Moray. Christie, M. The Songs of Robert Burns, now first printed with the melodies for which they were written, by J.

London : Frowde. The Celtic Lyre. A collection of Gaelic Songs with English translations by Fionn. Edinburgh : John Grant. Vagabond Songs and Ballads of Scotland.

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Edited with notes by Robert Ford. Series i and 2. Paisley: Gardner. A new edition has been lately published. Edinburgh : J. John Glen. Edinburgh: J. Edited by G. Farquhar Graham. Glasgow : Wood and Co. A condensed edition issued in is sold by Messrs. Bayley and Ferguson, Glasgow, at 4s. With notes by G. Farquhar Graham, revised and enlarged, i vol. London : Cramer and Co. An admirably annotated book, with accompaniments by excellent musicians. Consisting of upwards of songs with notes by WilHam Stenhouse.

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James Johnson. New edition, 4 vols. Edinburgh: Blackwood. A reprint of the original edition of Mei'iy Melodies for the Violin. Glasgow : J. A large collection of Scotch and Irish airs, many of them traditional. Songs of the Gael. A collection of Gaelic songs with translations by L. Small 4to. Edinburgh : Maclachlan and Stewart. Two hundred songs arranged for voice and piano, with his- torical notes by Alfred Moffat.

Augener and Co. Minstrelsy, Ancient and Modern. Paisley : A. It contains a number of interesting old ballad airs. Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. Sir Walter Scott. The edition issued by Cadell in contains some ballad airs. Ancient Music of Ireland, arranged for the pianoforte. Edward Bunting. Bunting issued two other collections, one in , the other in The Irish Song Book, with the original Irish airs. Edited by Alfred P. London: Fisher Unwin. Ancient Music of Ireland. From the Petrie Collection, arranged for the pianoforte by Hoffman. Ancient Irish Music. One hundred Irish airs hitherto unpublished: collected and edited by P.

DubUn : McGlashan and Gill. A 4th edition, , Dublin : M. London : Simpkin and Marshall. Minstrelsy of Ireland. Two hundred Irish songs for voice and piano, with historical notes, edited by Alfred Moffat. A Selection of Irish Melodies. Thomas Moore. Ten numbers and a supplement issued between and Many modern editions have been published, notably Sir Charles V.

Stanford's, , in which the airs are restored.

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Edited by John O'Daly. Small 4to, ist edition, Dublin: James Duffy.

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Contains a number of Irish airs with versions not elsewhere printed. O'Daly's name does not appear on the title-page of the last edition. Peti'ie Collection of the Ancient Music of Ireland. Arranged for the pianoforte. Edited by George Petrie. I, large 4to. Only one volume of this edition was published. In 1S82 a further volume was begun by M. Gill and Son, Dublin, entitled " Music of Ireland collected, edited and harmonized for the pianoforte by the late George Petrie," but it only reached 48 pages.

Edited by Charles Villiers Stanford. To be completed in three parts. London : Boosey and Co. One thousand eight hundred airs, unharmonized and without words, from the MSS. Parts i and 2 are already published. Irish Melodies of Thomas Moore.

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The original airs restored, and arranged for voice and piano by Charles Villiers Stanford. London : Boosey. Sir Charles Stanford points out that there was " scarcely a melody which Moore left unaltered," and he has restored their original tonality, etc. Songs of Old Ireland. Arranged for voice and piano by C.

Fifty airs from the collections of Bunting, Petrie and Joyce, practically " new to English ears. Irish Songs and Ballads. London: Novello and Co. Thirty airs. Words by A. Journal of the Irish Folk-Song Society. I, No. Manx National Songs, with English words. From the MS. Collection of the Deem- ster Gill, Dr. Clague, and W. Arranged for voice and piano by W. Boosey and Co. Alawon fy Ngwlch.

The Lays of my Land. Collected by Nicholas Bennett, of Glanyrafon. London and Glasgow : Bayley and Ferguson. Contains about airs obtained from harpers, etc. No words. It has been proposed that a very full bibliography of the subject should be undertaken. It is only fitting that a tribute should be paid to the memory of the late Mrs. Kate Lee, the virtual founder of the Folk-Song Society, whose death took place on July 25th, , at Stubbings Vicarage near Maidenhead, after a long and exceedingly painful illness.

She was the daughter of the late H. Lucius Spooner and niece of Mrs. Tait, wife of the Archbishop of Canterbury. While still in her teens, she gained a vocal prize at the Royal Academy of Music : but it was not till after mar- riage with Mr. Arthur Morier Lee, at the age of seventeen, and a subsequent course of musical training at the Royal College of Music, that she took up the profession of a singer, her mezzo-soprano voice being of great beauty, and her style of interpreta- tion such as to bring home to her hearers the full meaning of what she sang.

It was this quality, as well as her characteristic energy and earnestness, that made her so ardent in the search for folk-music, and that enabled her to win the confidence of the rustic singers among whom she collected so many songs. Subsequently she sang occasionally in opera, undertaking small parts at Covent Garden during the German and Italian season.

Shortly after the publication of " English County Songs," many of which she sang with inimitable gusto and humour, she formed the idea of establishing a society to undertake the work of collecting songs from different parts of England and the world in general. The scheme took shape in , and to her untiring energy its success was greatly due. Her lectures on folk-song, delivered in many parts of the country, were of the greatest service in inciting other people to collect as oppor- tunity arose, and her sympathy and good humour carried her through many diffi- culties, such as collectors of folk-songs know so well.

Nothing speaks more eloquently of her personal ardour in the work, than the fact that during her illness the society's activities were in abeyance. In this last period of her life she made some successful experiments as a writer of graceful songs. MARCH, President : The Right Hon. Doc, F. Principal of the Royal Academy of Mnsic. Sir C. Doc, D. Professor of Music in the University of Cambridge. Committee : Sir Ernest Clarke, Chairman. Walter Ford, Esq. Laurence Gomme. Graves, Esq. Frank Kidson, Esq. Fuller Maitland, Esq. Cecil Sharp, Esq.

Principal of the Hampstead Conservatoire of Music. Todhunter, Esq. Gilbert Webb, Esq. Ralph Vaughan Williams, Esq. Doc Hon. The Committee shall have power to fill up occasional vacancies in their number. Four Members form a quorum ; the Chairman pro tern, shall have a casting vote. No Member whose subscription is in arrear shall be en- titled to vote or take part in the proceedings of the General Meeting. All contributions of Members and others, whether literary or musical, accepted by the Society shall be considered, as far as any other publication than in the Society's Journal is considered, the property of the contributor, and the Society shall not reprint such contribution without his consent.

The proposed alterations to be approved of by at least three-fourths of the Members present at such meeting. Arkwright, Godfrey, E. Ashbee, Mrs. Bailey, Rev. Baring Gould, Revd. Sabine, Lew Trenchard, N. Barnes, Harold A. Barrett, F. Billson, C. Capel Shaw, Esq.

Bispham, David, Esq.. Bath Club, 34, Dover Street, W. Blackburne, Mrs. Bodleian Library, Oxford E. Nicholson Esq. Berwick, Leonard, Esq. Boulton, Harold, Esq. Bouverie, Honble. Stuart, 12, Upper Brook Street, W. Bowes, Robert, Esq. Britten, James, Esq. E Broadwood, Miss Amy, 70, St. James' Court, Buckingham Gate, S. Burne, Miss C. Burne, Esq. C, and 5, Tverna Gardens, Kensington, W. Carr, Mrs. Childs, Cuthbert, Esq. Clague, John, Esq. Cleghorn, Mrs. Cobham, The Right Honble. Viscount, Hagley Hall, Stourbridge. Cohen, Rev. Francis L. Coltman, Mrs. Pocklington, Hagnaby Priory, Spilsby, Lines.

Cooke, Mrs. Henry Mudie, 65, Queensborough Terrace, W. Craig, T. Culwick, J. C, Esq. Curwen, J. Spencer, Esq. Dawnay, Honble. Norah, Dingley, Market Harborough. Alexander, F. Dobie, Mrs. Drake, Hammett, Esq. Easterbrook, Mrs. Edwards, F. Doc, Plas Gwyn, Hereford. Ellis, Mrs. Fahy, Francis, Esq.

Finlayson, Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Forbes, Nevill, Esq. Forsyth, J. Cam reaches out to her, offering his help. Cam, on the other hand, has doubts, as well. Moira, being a doctor, now lives in a different world from his. No activado. Volver arriba. Gana dinero con nosotros. Todos los derechos reservados.

Do Swallows Sing Love Songs (Marie Sparks Swallow Series Book 1) Do Swallows Sing Love Songs (Marie Sparks Swallow Series Book 1)
Do Swallows Sing Love Songs (Marie Sparks Swallow Series Book 1) Do Swallows Sing Love Songs (Marie Sparks Swallow Series Book 1)
Do Swallows Sing Love Songs (Marie Sparks Swallow Series Book 1) Do Swallows Sing Love Songs (Marie Sparks Swallow Series Book 1)
Do Swallows Sing Love Songs (Marie Sparks Swallow Series Book 1) Do Swallows Sing Love Songs (Marie Sparks Swallow Series Book 1)
Do Swallows Sing Love Songs (Marie Sparks Swallow Series Book 1) Do Swallows Sing Love Songs (Marie Sparks Swallow Series Book 1)
Do Swallows Sing Love Songs (Marie Sparks Swallow Series Book 1) Do Swallows Sing Love Songs (Marie Sparks Swallow Series Book 1)

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