Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series)

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Subham Tiwari Jan, Great 14 hour delivery by Flipkart! Keep it Up! Such a sweet article. I definitely danced around the May Pole as a child. It was part of a May Day festival at my school, and the fourth graders were the ones who got to dance around the May Pole each year. I definitely remember that we practiced for it. It was a very special day that we all looked forward to. I remember it being very beautiful!

This was in the s! We never had a Maypole dance when I was a kid, but we made little cone shaped "may baskets" out of pretty wrapping paper, and the teacher stapled on ribbon handles for us. In the back of our school was a huge wooded area, and in those days we were allowed to go there and pick violets, marshmallows and the dandelions that grew there. These we carried home to our moms in the wrapping paper cone baskets. Was the social event of the school year - loved it. I would make a basket out of paper and put candy in it. I would place it on my next door neighbors front porch a nice older lady and ring her doorbell, then run and hide.

The folklore of it is if the person sees you or finds you, you have to kiss them. We danced around the maypole in elementary school when I was a kid - this was the 70's in New York City public schools. I remember that this was so much fun! We danced at the Denver Auditorium in the '70s when I was in elementary school and it was really fun! When I was a kid in elementary school, the teachers would bring in pretty paper and teach us how to do origami folded "baskets".

Maydays, Maypoles, And Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series)

We'd staple on handles and take them home to fill with flowers mostly dandelions and violets from the lawn and the local park to give to our mothers on May 1st. As a member of the Aux. The streamers were made of crepe paper! I have a photograph of me and my fellow dancers that made it to the local newspapers. We would go with our school classes to the downtown statue of King Kamahamaha where 20 ft leis were on his statue. The day would be filled with singing and games. We had so much fun. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager.

Celebrate the Halfway Point to Summer on May 1st! By The Editors. June 28, Related Articles Holidays. Tags When is May 1 Beltane May Day spring. When the Restoration occurred in , common people in London , in particular, put up maypoles "at every crossway," according to John Aubrey. The largest was in the Strand , near the current St Mary-le-Strand church. The maypole there was the tallest by far, reaching over a hundred and thirty feet, and it stood until being blown over by a high wind in , when it was moved to Wansted in Essex and served as a mount for a telescope.

May Day Celebrations

In the countryside, may dances and maypoles appeared sporadically even during the Interregnum, but the practice was revived substantially and joyously after the Restoration. By the 19th century, the maypole had been subsumed into the symbology of " Merry England ". The addition of intertwining ribbons seems to have been influenced by a combination of 19th century theatrical fashion [23] and visionary individuals such as John Ruskin in the 19th century.

However, the maypole remained an anti-religious symbol to some theologians, as shown by " The Two Babylons ", an anti-Catholic conspiracist pamphlet that first appeared in As revived, the dance is performed by pairs of boys and girls or men and women who stand alternately around the base of the pole, each holding the end of a ribbon. They weave in and around each other, boys going one way and girls going the other and the ribbons are woven together around the pole until the merry-makers meet at the base.

There are also more complex dances for set numbers of practised dancers, the May Queen dancing troupes , involving complicated weaves and unweaves, but they are not well known today. However, such dances are performed every Mayday around the permanent Maypole at Offenham , in Worcestershire. Temporary Maypoles are usually erected on village greens and events are often supervised by local Morris dancing groups.

In some regions, a somewhat different Maypole tradition existed: the carrying of highly decorated sticks. The sticks had hoops or cross-sticks or swags attached, covered with flowers, greenery or artificial materials such as crepe paper. Children would take these hand-held poles to school on May Day morning and prizes may be awarded for the most impressive. This tradition is known as garlanding, and was a central feature of Mayday celebrations in central and southern England until the midth century.

After that time, it began to be replaced by formally organised school-centred celebrations. It still occurs from place to place but is invariably a reinstatement of a local custom that had lapsed decades earlier. While not celebrated among the general public in the United States today, a Maypole Dance nearly identical to that celebrated in the United Kingdom is an important part of May Day celebrations in local schools and communities. The earliest use of the Maypole in America occurred in , where William Bradford, governor of New Plymouth , wrote of an incident where a number of servants, together with the aid of an agent, broke free from their indentured service to create their own colony, setting up a maypole in the center of the settlement, and behaving in such a way as to receive the scorn and disapproval of the nearby colonies, as well as an officer of the king, bearing patent for the state of Massachusetts.

Bradford writes:. They also set up a May-pole, drinking and dancing about it many days togaether, inviting the Indean women, for their consorts, dancing and frisking togither, like so many fairies , or furies rather, and worse practises.

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They changed also the name of their place, and instead of calling it Mounte Wollaston, they call it Merie-mounte, as if this joylity would have lasted ever. But this continued not long, for after Morton was sent for England, shortly after came over that worthy gentleman, Mr. John Indecott , who brought a patent under the broad seall, for the governmente of the Massachusetts, who visiting those parts caused the May-polle to be cutt downe, and rebuked them for their profannes, and admonished them to looke ther should be better walking; so they now, or others, changed the name of their place againe, and called it Mounte-Dagon.

Governor Bradford's censure of the Maypole tradition played a central role in Nathaniel Hawthorne 's fictional story " The Maypole of Merry Mount ", Maypole traditions can be found in some parts of the country, e. Liberty trees were erected in the southern part of the region in Ripatransone and Ascoli Piceno.

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In , the first congress of the Second International , met in Paris for the centennial of the French Revolution and the Exposition Universelle. A proposal by Raymond Lavigne , called for international demonstrations on the anniversary of the Chicago protests. After the institution of the International Workers' Day the maypole rite in southern part of the Marche became a socialist ritual.

At the top of the tree poplar appeared the red flag. In the second half of the 20th century the rite of the maypole around Ascoli remained a rite of celebration of spring but it became also a political symbol of the peasant movement mezzadri that struggled against the landowners to have decent living conditions. Every year, even today, on the night of 30 April, in many villages of the zone like Appignano del Tronto , Arquata del Tronto , Ascoli Piceno , Castorano , Castignano , Castel di Lama , Colli del Tronto , Grottammare , Monsampolo del Tronto , Porchia Montalto Marche , Monteprandone , Offida , Rotella , Spinetoli , San Benedetto del Tronto , citizens cut a poplar on which they put-up a red flag and the tree is erected in village squares or at crossroads.

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  5. After we've gone to get the pole in thirty or forty people, we placed it like a six month child. We walked in procession with this tree and not even a single leaf had to touch the ground. We had to raise it without making it touch the ground, holding it in our arms like a child. For us it was the saint of the 1st of May. The same ritual is known for Lamon , a village in the Dolomites in Veneto, where however it is likely it predates the Napoleonic period. Here, a number of quarters and hamlets erect a maypole in the form of a larch whose branches and bark are almost completely removed.

    Only the top branches are left.

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    A red flag is normally attached, although Italian flags or flags of other countries Colombia, Bolivia for example or artists Bob Marley are also attested. Around the maypole, quarters and hamlets give feasts with music, food and alcohol which usually last until the dawn of the 1st of May.

    The maypole is locally called 'Majo' May in the local dialect. In Canada, maypole dances are sometimes done as part of Victoria Day celebrations which occur in May. Poet Jonathan Swift in his poem " A Maypole " [34] describes a maypole as:. Deprived of root, and branch, and rind, Yet flowers I bear of every kind: And such is my prolific power, They bloom in less than half an hour;. The story revolves around a young couple feeling influence of nature and natural influence gets betrothed in presence of a Maypole and how do they face puritan ire.

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    Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series) Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series)
    Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series) Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series)
    Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series) Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series)
    Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series) Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series)
    Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series) Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series)
    Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series) Maydays, Maypoles, and Morris Dancing (Folklore History Series)

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