Tl;dr: ...a book of humor and satire.

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Whether he's deciding if a wife should be freed of her lifelong agreement to let her husband order the toppings of the pizzas they order or whether it's okay to meditate at work , Hodgman delivers very serious rulings to very absurd debates that'll leave you in stitches.

Sometimes the best way to deal with news is to laugh at it, and for anyone who wants to poke fun at current events, there's Lovett or Leave It. Each week, host Jon Lovett is joined by comedians, journalists, and more to "deal with whatever bullshit came flying over the transom in our broken, insane political nightmare factory.

Episodes are recorded live in front of an audience and include a mixture of discussions, pop quizzes, and games, which means you'll be just as informed as you are entertained. You know those conversations with your best friend that get crazy because you hold absolutely nothing back. That's exactly what The Read is.

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The show is a pop culture podcast hosted by friends Kid Fury and Crissle. Each episode is composed of a few segments: "black excellence" where the hosts shout out good news that's happening to the black community , "hot topics" which is a discussion of what's happening in the pop culture , "listener letters" where Kid Fury and Crissle give advice to people who write in , and the titular segment "the read" where the hosts each rant about something that's weighing on their hearts.

But what makes the podcast so funny is that Kid Fury and Crissle will drag literally anything and everything. Passionate and irreverent, listening to The Read feels like hanging out with your friends. Have you ever watched a movie that's so bad that you asked yourself "how the hell is this even real?! Each week, actors Paul Scheer, June Diane Raphael, and Jason Mantzoukas watch movies that are so bad they're amazing and talk about it. And you know that feeling you get when you watch an objectively bad movie and just spend the entire time making fun of it with your friends. That's exactly what this podcast is, for episodes and counting.

You've heard of fantasy football. But have you heard about a fantasy breakfast food draft? Or a fantasy "Mike" draft you know, who's the best person named Mike. Enter All Fantasy Everything. As the name implies, the show makes a fantasy drafts out of, well, everything. Then, host Ian Karmel along with a rotating cast of guests debate each topic until a champion is crowned. Take it away, Tulio! Thank you, that was such a big surprise! The idea for this piece came while I was taking a satire workshop your workshop, actually, so this was definitely thanks to you!

In terms of writing it, once I understood that every line had to be a self-contained and contradictory statement, I just listed as many as I could and then started tweaking and picking the ones I liked the most. In this case, the more weird specifics I found, the more fun it ended up being to write.

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Were you nervous at all to submit? A little. On one hand, getting rejected would make absolutely no difference in my life, but I was afraid my piece would be SO bad they would blacklist me forever. How fast did you hear back? The response was fairly quick, I think I had heard back from them in about a week. They really do reply to everything, and Chris the editor is friendly and his edits were on point and made the piece better.

How long was the time between acceptance and publication? It ran about a month after it was accepted. But it was also probably why it was delayed a little more. I did submit a piece recently to the timely submissions email, and the reply was quick and the rejection was swift and merciful. You also write and perform character pieces in addition to writing satire and performing improv.

Performing characters has been such a fun and unexpected experience. Plus, doing funny voices and accents is just the best! I also did an old dildo teaching a newer, cooler dildo the ways of the world. Some insightful and penetrative stuff, for sure. What is the writing process like for those, compared to a satire piece? I have to find a clear premise and make sure my character speaks to what I am criticizing or satirizing. I usually write a beat outline and the 4—5 key points I want to make, then I write a bad draft of the monologue, not really caring about premise yet.

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What usually happens is these drafts end up having more than one premise or target. What are some beliefs that are important to you that you feel emerge in your work? I believe we have a ridiculous relationship with social media and performative culture. I also believe reality is randomness and chaos, and we may even be in a computer simulation right now, so we need to take ourselves way less seriously.

Like a Black Mirror episode, or Jesus. What are you up to now? Trump ruined Twitter and everyone else ruined Instagram. Thanks, Tulio! I want to be a five star general. They go up to five stars, right? I was writing these weird, Judd Apatow-y stoner comedies while other people were trying to make their versions of a Paul Thomas Anderson film.

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After college, I moved to Brooklyn and took all the sketch and improv classes at the UCB, and started writing humor pieces for websites that I liked like The Hairpin and Reductress. I was also doing a music podcast at that time, and that got me into music writing for BUST , where eventually I became the Music Editor. You were in NY and then moved to LA somewhat recently.

There have been two conferences on Wallace at one of the universities where he taught, Illinois State, which seemed as much a place for devotees as academics. One way or another, DFW now sits securely at the centre of culture. To know about him is a badge of awareness.

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It would be easy to dismiss this sort of renown as trivial. People have always wanted to seem smart by admiring what people they think are smart admire Mindy Kaling has just announced she needs to read more DFW. But I think this misses the point. A great many of those who care about him have had struggles of their own — whether depression or addiction or just a sense that the world is spinning more and more insanely away from the bearable.

His death impinged on the chances for their own happiness. Relentlessly self-critical, Wallace would never himself have thought of his role as that of a seer; he was not by nature a lecturer. What is essential in Wallace is not the goodness, anyway, but the struggle to get to that goodness. What made me want to write his biography was my curiosity about what it felt like to dwell in his twangy, inbetween psychic state, full of intense ambition and equally stubborn flaws.

But really the canonisation of St Dave is not my main issue. There are worse things than to simplify or purify the life of a well-known person in search of our own wisdom, comfort, security. I have more than once used DFW in this way myself during an uncomfortable night of the soul.

The more problematic part for me is where all the hero worship leaves his books and us as readers for them.

tl;dr: ...a book of humor and satire. Tl;dr: ...a book of humor and satire.
tl;dr: ...a book of humor and satire. Tl;dr: ...a book of humor and satire.
tl;dr: ...a book of humor and satire. Tl;dr: ...a book of humor and satire.
tl;dr: ...a book of humor and satire. Tl;dr: ...a book of humor and satire.
tl;dr: ...a book of humor and satire. Tl;dr: ...a book of humor and satire.
tl;dr: ...a book of humor and satire. Tl;dr: ...a book of humor and satire.

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