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Douglas' scenes with Benedict are both tender and cruel, as Douglas posits himself as the epitome of friendship and hope while furtively sealing Benedict's doom.


Hole is funny throughout, but as the film heads into noir tragedy, the laughs grow increasingly guilty, uncomfortable, and rare. Fifty-six years later, the film's tough-as-nails evisceration of the media still feels bracing and prescient. Barring unprecedented spiritual evolution on mankind's part, it'll probably still feel that way another half-century from now. Key features: An engaging documentary that's essentially a filmed interview with the always-droll Wilder; an affectionate, informative, but heavy-handed commentary from scholar Neil Sinyard; and a plethora of other nifty extras.

The A. Nathan Rabin. Stewart Kirk Clawson as Federber Boy. John Stuart Fulton as Boy. Bob Kortman as Digger. Joe J. Merrill as Digger.

Wild Card: Ace in the Hole

Edith Evanson as Miss Deverich. Ralph Moody as Kusac, the Miner. Claire Du Brey as Spinster. William Fawcett as Sad-Faced Man. Bill Sheehan as Man. Frank Keith as Fireman.

Basil Chester as Indian. Bert Moorhouse as Morgan.


Ken Christy as Jessop. Martha Maryman as Woman. Lester Dorr as Priest. Larry Hogan as Television Announcer. John 'Bub' Sweeney as Reporter. Stanley McKay as Reporter. Frank Andrew Parker as Reporter. Charles Griffin as Mr. Jack Roberts as Newspaperman.

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Oscar Belinda as Barker. Martin Bendleton as Barker. William N.

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  • Peters as Photographer. Chico Day as Photographer. Aug 29, Full Review…. Jan 9, Full Review…. Feb 9, Full Review…. Sep 9, Full Review…. Apr 15, Full Review…. Jul 10, Rating: 4. May 13, Rating: 3. View All Critic Reviews Oct 17, It's an overlooked, rarely mentioned film, but it's probably Billy Wilder's best, and darkest, satire.

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    Kirk Douglas is outstanding. And the movie is more relevant today than ever. Find it. Watch it. Joe S Super Reviewer. Jul 25, Controversial at the time of its release, and considered a classic today, Ace in the Hole not only benefits from one of Kirk Douglas' best performances, nor from Billy Wilder's exceptional direction, both in terms of performances and visuals. Rather, Ace in the Hole rings so true today because its screenplay remains as relevant today as it did back in Its commentary on journalism, and the emphasis that we place on stories rather than individual human lives, is effectively unsettling.

    Furthermore, the amount of subtext that the film has on issues such as feminism, human intimacy, and greed are equally as powerful. Ace in the Hole lives up to its name. It is a timeless masterpiece that should be seen by everyone. Joey T Super Reviewer. Mar 10, A harsher indictment of modern culture might be impossible to find. Even the innocent in this film are bottom-feeding leeches who're no better than stopping traffic so that they can get a selfie of themselves at the scene of the accident.

    Douglas plays a guy not only aware of this but fully convinced that that's the way it should be.

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    Billy Wilder had a axe to grind and he polishes that bad boy to a mirror sheen here. Not only a film but a humanities class as well. Close Thesaurus. Secrets and secretiveness: secret , confidentiality , stealth Explore Thesaurus. Synonyms and related words. Advantages and benefits: advantage , benefit , good

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