The Good of the Order: Falaeria: The Kingdom of Seven Worlds

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M by the Hermans of a bo- trayul of Jermany, and al. Corey as. Prince I. The Prince waa horn in 1S While there she was the recipient of a number of splendid entertalnment. Corey waH aw. November last. She sued on the grounds of desertion. H f'tn t For toLonu H. OOO ' i. Some of those present, however, demurred because ram h life nowadays is not very thrilling. Further consideration waa left to a later date. One speaker at the meeting recalled seeing an i:mpire pageant In Km?

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One of the features of the meeting was the appearance of Hon. Foot, solicitor for the organization, and coMsiderabld Information was given relative to iiegutlatlona made with the purpo.

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Foot concerning a conference he had had with Aid. He charae- terbMd tha afternoon paper'a article aa false abaolutely, and drew the at- tention of the audience to his dental and statement published In Thursday morning's ColoniHi. In the course of his remark. The remark immediately brought a response from Hon. Coventry, who, with. Ill, I i ilv. Helnrli h Hchnee, a member of the aociety'a board. The Speaker's ehair n the Commona Chamber to eemmem ing to rraek.

Doors, dexks tables. N KKA. The Attorney- General's challenge was Issuad after It had been disclosed tiiat the oil com- mittee was investigating a report that he had de. In his public statement, which took Ihe form of an open h-lier to Senator pepper. Mr Daugherty made no specific men- tion of the reported oil stock trans- actions or of any of the individual charges made against him. Senators were denying him constitu- tional privileges which are accorded "the banesi crjmlnal. Massachusei IS.

Dooky Thought She Had Hysterics. But good fun! A group of tha forarooat Anmicsn authora got to chatung about that question. Tha raault ia as aniuaiflf s ssriss -of intimstc articles ' ' - nrint in many a moon. Pt'r B. Lilaaon acioidtng lo a thod wirrleaa diapaul lorivcd htre frosi die tradiag pest. Thia waa decided at the final aaaalon of that body laat night, tha proposal meetlpg with ualvarsal favor. The final day's- proceedings were of a very Interesting character, in- cluding uddres.

Corker and llev. Spai-kman on work anions the Indi. Joiin Aiitle and Kev. Alan ireenc on the work of the Columbia Coast Miaalon; by Kev. Ward on work among the orientals and Jewa: and by Itsv. Principal Vance on the Anglican Theological College. Two of the most Interesting reportu of the entire meeting were that of Dean Quainton on "Alcoholic l.

It was reooainiandad that all the police forces in the Province should ba re- organised and consolidated Into ona hcdy. Till' ile. RpeaUinK for Ihe com- mittee, said they were unanimous In their opposition to tha open bar. Its abolltittji repraaented a real advance. But there waa still, tha oommlttee thought, an aaeesslve eonsumptlon of aleolmllc H aaasat nnd tn tMa oaoaac- tlbn the report added: "It must be a vary diffienit thing to raaM tha temptation to encourage the sale of alcoholic liquors when ita profits wore iievotcd lo the lightealag af the burdens of taxation.

Arehbold's report on ' Narcotic Drugs' and the diaeuaalon thereon, t ie aynod psasad the follow- ing resolution: "Thai ihlM. The l. It was voted that beer or club licences only should be prohib- ited under local option. Cincinnati, one of Uncle Siim's nowerftil inoilern scout crui. The ve. Nalaon, oom- mandar of tha Cincinnati. Subaao ouently Captain Nelson returned the visit, and In conformity with the customs of International courtesy, called at lovernment Mouse ai d at the City Hall.

Mayor Hayward will naka almllar acknowladgment today. Im ohi ihii m a pronounced ail v. States cruiser de- signs and Is -of Interest to navul men ot every nation. A number of new "trlcka" are Incorporated In the shipoi and tha vessels, as a whole, ara re- garded as exceptionally useful fight- ing machines. The Ctnclnuuli, m. Feb Ijidy Hyde, In her recent petition, stated that she htid refused to ac- cept cheques from William J.

The report had II th. The alleged cable to Aiiatralla pur- ported to come from aome person aloosly la touch with Premier Mae- Donald. Feb tI.

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C, i KlDAV. And the demand for Keystone Brand has increased every month during the present school year. Rolled Uau. M snnalads, Previsiona and Frsik Mstla. TS 3 IVs. New 1 V lb. Montrral I 'rfii f m a nl. He aald an f. Ml, I riicf] h. I fl In the H hen. Mttgia II I ' '1' 1! John s Church last Wednesday evenlnc be- fore a large and appreciative audi- ence In St. John'a Sunday School. HVu Chow Sun, the Chinese witness for the piaintilt.

A treat surprise was eajeyod by tho ;iudlence when it warn revealed that Kev. Vo pa inn were spared ;n maUlnir the nfTair a omplete buccc. The followlBff la a oaot of charac- ters: Judge DrPenaonbr. Josephine Ketch- emawl, plalntifT. S r Hswkins: Theophlliis I'erkinH. Hawklna; Keu Chow Bun, 'cond witneaa for plaintlft, Mr. Hallam : I'ercy Pompadour, flrst witnoaa for defendant. Miss F. Meorehead: Hiram InkFllnjer, clerk of the court, Mr. Mlis N Warburtnn: P.

Jury, Mn, Pullor, Miaa M. Mlas E. Prlneeaa Pat," with a record of four yeara' aervica at tho front, a aiek wifa to support, and a pension of thirteen dollars a month. I hMve no healtatlon In saylnir Ih. Ms la. Ua eaoM to Vlotorla add caahod tho oboauaa with local mer- chanta.

Tho owner of tha chaauaa. He plead- ed miilty yesterday tO thO third dSd remaining charge. HlraJtfi iiih. The accuaed had enlisted In the princess Pats in IS The accimed had bei n wounded In the head, the body and laga. His skull had been fractured by a gunshot wound. OMd for "What do you think phould be done in theae oaaae. A crime has been committed, and you say that the man l. You do not Ihmk the ni. Tell us What rou think oualit to bo done.

The aeeuaed wa. Characteristic of his attitude was hla interruption when Dr. Miller aald that he was not entirely re- sponsible for what he had done. Nova Scotia. Stralth in- formed the court, 'and we. Re waa aarerely wounded at Hill CO, and was admit ted as a casualty to a military mental hospital in Krance. He sustained a fractured skull, caused hy a ;riinshot wound In the head. He wa.

In this olty. Hia pension of a month is aubject to a deduotlon of IS. II Clearihue, lep , partner of. Clearihue was re- tained by friends of Mr. I had read a. Publications, Including H o c h 1. Niehi Nichl. Feb 21 -Ho w an obscure lover's Jealousy pre Ipltated a na- tional political cri. J to- day by a police statement regarding an attempt to wreck a train near Nagoya. January II, whloh led to. Bnragad iMcause his sweetheart had Jilted him, so the explanation goes, a farmer named r a''iis,.

Daruse is being held for trial In a Na! A stormy aaaalen of tha Diet termi- nated, January The disordera followed premier Klyoura's refusal lo reply to tne Op- position's demandn that he expl. We are savinf many mothers money on their clothing bills for the boys by our motVratr price system.

In blacks IcM, patent eolt, brown calf and iawn suede. LTA J. In a demonatration of hia "micro- phone acethoooopo," ProfeaMr AhhoU walked to and fro on the platform before the phyaldana and tbe fluc- tuating of his heart, like the ticking of H clock, could be heard plainly, Increasing or. The Mall aaya thei4 la every poaalblllty of the late earl's legaeiea being aottlod in full.

Tcr Ih 25c 19c S. I'r, ;i, Loin Chops. Per fh idr and Roaeta. Now 1 45c lb.. They h. In house are. Drawing, Dining. Pantrtci, F. At rear of lot is garage with three rooms over H i water heating. Improvement Taxes Fully Paid — Terms if Required This is well built and has extra bolid concrete footings all round and all is in good condition. LwM fMliy mhI woodroom off ktMicn. OO Western Electric Co.

The Cameron Lumber Co. Krnest Miller, coun- sel fur Mr W. A ItuwHfr. Millar pointed to the dettnlte charga agalnat hla client. Sir Charles muintutned Mr. BoWSar would prove "a moel valuable wtt- naaa. Ill !. C: Mr. McNeill, K. C: and an addition in the per. KrneHt Milter appeared for Mr I'. W itf It. Among thoee who watchtd the procaadings were Premiar Oliver. Woodward, Dr. Inglla and Mr. Andrew Wrtglit. Joatia Oilbart aa official ataaographar. Rlr Charles Hlbbert Tupper. My boy la aow two jraarS old. Aa a sMthar.

I'm t namea of thoaa to! Taylor, K. Ha held that the rommlsalon under whii h it! So llie matter stood us charges to be invest igated The CoNernment, lie held, wa. Ua held tha pro- cedure ahould ha analogoua to pro- cadure la tha courta. Taylor's aritumenf, aasert- inK that It. To i-i upon the f! He quoted author- ities to prove hl. We are willing on. Taylor that it was not the dc-iire of the iovernment to take any tech- nical position that eould ba taken on a trial.

Taylor to HIr Charlea' requeat for tha laau- anre of blank subpoenaes for wit- nesses, a step not unusual he held. Referring to tha fact that Mr. Miller took I. Bowser will b-- here and he will prove s most vain able witness," said sir Ch. Bowser in the poaltlon of a wit- ness against himself" queried Mr, Miller. The BUggeotlon that the charges In the petlUon. Bowaer and Hon Mr Hioan, thpse referring to the.

Oavbtlaaa of la Watarhaaag riovernm spent since a raqueat for tha Prlca- mUtt. They adhere in every way to the. In shadc. SO, Jfl7. Made with re- inforced gusset. Made with ftrap shoulder and opera top styles. Splentiid quality aad fooid value at. Reduced for today's scll- iiiR at. Trimmed with braid and two pOClMila.

M-ii Sir I'liarteaaa well RH ". Available To. Nrill K. It w rt. Nl, cm. Keb, : I Mr Henry I,. I- TAIT. The need of econo- tniea it more imperative than ever. Victbria lias a fify C.. Seemhiffly Chit ia not being ione. Mayor Hay ward has promiaed to aac hia utmoat cndaavora to effect a reduction in the mill rate during the preacift year. Some of our aldermen do not seem to be aufficicntly imprcsaed with the needa of tha aituation.

Expenditures that could be dispensed with arc being authortacd. Other expenditurea, for which there is little or no public demand, arc on the tapis. The goal pf reduced taxation is not being kept [n view, and it is obvious if the estim- atea remain on ihc proposed level — Jnd the likelihood is that they will e increased — the property owners must expect another addition to tiieir tax Liils.

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The aituation is. The crying need oi the time in every arena of pubi;c. In re- gard l!! A rcmlitntion of this fact led to prcs- anrai.. The matter was placed before Parliament by which the C. Following this, and beiorc the Government had made any move. American interests banded fhrnisclvcs together, raiaed a campaign lund and determined to do all that lay in their power to prevent any nnbariro being placed on the flow of pulpwood from C anada to the United States.

This exemption it is held wovid apply to practically all pnl pwood. Lawyers engaged on Uic American side of the caae have been aetive throughout its iiinrr. On the otW Imm4. It will be int er aa lin g to iiotr dm III;; I's sessi. Ultimately the re- ;M,n-ihilii V rests with the Dominion t. Broome and his associates arc con- cerned in their forthcoming round- tlic world flight.

Squadron- Leader. OUO milea of the proppaed 24,mile flight, which, in actual flying time, is expected to occupy but little over twelve days. There IS no pecuniary gain in it. It is the adventure of a small group of sports- iiicn who fimp'y want to acc nnplish the task for the honor ,uid gjory ot their country. The roond-:lie-world f i;4;lii will.

I aeroplane travel.

This Province has a special interest in the adventure since British Columbia and the Rockies must be crossed in the course of the fliKbt. Howard Carter at the tomb of Tutankhamen. It is pursu- ing a conrsf in this respect whi. Mr Carter, with, and in aacceasion to Lord Carnarvon, has labored long and zealously to uncover one of the great secrets of the Valley of the Kings. What lio has accomplished has been purely in the interests of archaeoloi; ical rcacarch. His devotion to the task was the cause of his snhmittinR f.

Whatever is the ostensible reason for the cancel- lation by the Egyptian Government of the concession held in the name of the Counters Carnarvon the true cause is to be found in the desire of the Egyptian Government to de- prive Mr. Carter of the honor of un wrapping the idummy of the Tharaoh Tutankhamen after he and his asso- ciates have engaged in long months of labor at heavy expense. In the circum- stances world sympathy will be with Mr. Carter in that he is not being al- lowed- to finish his great work. The Provincial Government has a vacancy for positions of assi.

There are possibly some candidates from Vic- toria who would like to sit for this examination, but to do so they must leave the capiul and go to one of the two centrea mentioned. In the result preferehce is to he given to returnd soldirs with the necessary qualifica- tions. Within recent years there! Note and Comment By R.

The reaaon for this extra ordinary ffump. Hut the fact appeara to be that the French placed too niiuli faitli in the cap. The statesmen of Prknee thought they coold compel the Ceriii. There are vast obligations to be met; millions of francs are owing to Great Britain and other millions to the United States, besides the necessity for the process known as balancing the domeatfe budget.

The I'oincare Government Is In a peril- ous [losition. Tile oeriipation. The Germans are just aa obdurate today as they were at the time they de- clared they could not meet the de- mands of the Allies. They are a doi;v,e l aii'l determined people They are plodding along and demonstrat- ing that losing a war does not neces- sarily mean suffering the most seri- ous consequences of defeat. Without a currency that is of any particular value they are carrying on business.

So far as the rest of the world knows, there is little unemployment in the I'atherland. Everybody is busy there ;ind no one goes hungry. The nianu- la'cturcrs arc building ships and the merchants are sending them forth to do a profitable hiisincss in all parts of the world. German goods are on the markets everywhere, and are findint; purchasers. German mer- chandise is making its way into Great Britain and displacing the products of the fteople who si orned t.. German pro- ducta have even penetrated into the protected markets of the United States and of Canada, and there does not appear to be any particular pre- judice against them.

Such is the situa tion; and what is a perplexed world going to do -about it? A Toronto gentleman of much practical wisdom antf knowledge says he believes British Columbia will soon be the foremost Province in the Dominion of Canada. British Colum- I'la is m..

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The skylark. The flow- ers have been blooming for aome time. Hence here is one respect in which Vancouver Island, to speak specific- ally, leads all the American continent, illowever, the Toronto prophet was speaking in an industrial sense; ami we have no doubt his prediction that British Columbia will lead C anada in that respect will be verified in the course of a short time — if marauders are not permitted t. Three dittfaiguished persons are visiting Vancouver this week.

We are not ao aare about that. Ilka talm mkIi Irl. Wfm awlUn eartk. By the Way— fkt, Narth rapaaar AlUaaaa rim peyote bean caueeo intosloa- tlon without prop. Trution of any kind. Tlifin- wliu. Ita terflMo ettecU are so well known that It la geaamlly feared. AlwuyH the nlKlitmare of Increaaad taxiitiun in Invoked. At the last meeting of the City Council. I jKdiited out that the Im- Iii rlal ;.

Juat why do they do It? Is it not be- cause governmenta, publle and pri- vate ifirpor. This la the comparlaon: poraona at IfO p e. If all were w orkinc at p. I havs stated that T am net an ardent admirer of the Provineiai Gov ernment plan, but it is the nnly IpkmI ore at present that. It Is simply an attempt t.. The rjiirstlon is. Are the eh. Is of light or angela of.! Is tha Uovarnmant that is on triui Jj.

To Rive. Menaiea an opport iinili of nIiow- ing that he haa not been guilty exaggeration, we suggeat that 1 name twelve persons who wci present at the meeting and who ar. Tour readers may net be aware notwith- standing what Mr. Menaies says in rrp;. Mocial gatheriiigH were being held. Becauae of these and for other reasons many were pre - vented from attending. If Mr. Menzies Is aa anxious as he woi. The trouble with Mr. Menzics i. We wish i. Mr Menzles that, notwithstan. Nso tamcn consumebstur. James Reatty. Its pre. The future of radio.

He in- stanced the ease ef the radio tn Kng- land. That nonaales Heights waa blamed for a lot that It was not responsible for. It waa bound to fores Maalf In to a eertsfn evtent. He complimented Mr. Fancy Docontted China I liiiidmls of I. Dreaaer Sets; 5 pieceJt. Sale Price Cups and Saucers. Sale Price '. Reg ' Sale IVice :? Sale Price. Sale Price Sale Price l. Salt Price i.. Jb Potato Mashers. Viciorlii had conversation with London. Nobody NoticeU. Me," and "She's Always Cry- ins tor More.

AddUtoiial events. Howard 8. Meven- Aon. Henry KluR. Errfr H. March At the Kfnpress Hotol from 9 p tn i" 2 a. Herman Jyaklrt. As eoaipleted. The remainder are dividsd aa g pl l awa; I. Voull And the priets modcr U4. Suddtnly ha Bluiiipcd In his Mat drnd. MInlBC M i. I',,- life of HUCh a plant lo be of itiiffuient duration to allow for the nmalleAt pnaslble annual depre- ciation, in addition to returns on cap- ital investnaent. Has this been done, beeaose If net, it is a first essential. It la alsd necessary to prove beyond doubt that In addition to the maanl- tude of proved ore, the quality ia of Nuch A nature aa to be able to pro- duce plij Iron of a Rrnde and at.

View Product. An Executive Order. When a white supremacist group in league with Al Qaeda bombs three major cities in Andrew Jackson vs. New World Order. It's an adventure yarn, which pits Andrew Jackson, the young American fighter for freedom, in It's an adventure yarn, which pits Andrew Jackson, the young American fighter for freedom, in a battle against the predatory Brits, the scheming BCRAM cartel, and its evil mastermind, Dr.

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Cup of All Good Things. Author's description. A bizarre mirror world of stark reality Through a series of devastating events, Michael Seymour wonders if he will ever make it back home. Diitoment la thus difiutcd throttxh ererjr daa. The bracks from him even JnTlreat Britain, or in any other country oi me crauiuiiKiui biblcuj, uu hi a sums time , premature.

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TOtmi f the rrotxwedact ar dtnVrentrr of trAaf it is that he has gained, " The Trocadero' was exceedmeljrtIresome by a constant recurrence tothepbjj.. Rosxian Consulate, London, August, the sighing bereraie. Some eril-Jrtpoted penoa endearottred to ercite diaanecuon Imperial chiralry. She fa deeply read in the Scottish novels,aa FreetnanVconrt. This island stretches or a foreigner, residing either in Russia or abroad, and wishing scription of whose dress and person by Dr. Dryatia de. Colonel Barreno.

Henry Belford Job. It neraliaaimo. There is it the fort of St. Louis the whole case may applicable to upon ; bold the official situation of Rusian 1re4xiul in the under the pretence of studying rraniology, but with the As hw?. Jr'r,'0,w"nu- Ml Uajev Birth Dar. There is, again, to the north of to transmit you herewith the declarations above alluded to, requesting of his mistress. He is an adept in chemistry, and has ii 2JiS?

The the Comtitutlorul troop who left Orenae, has been attended with cadero on the south, and the bar of Cadiz on the cast. The concert an I all other Mr; Liston , a dyer of itr, who offers to " rnomx extensive scale, and will con. The at the head of the 33d of the Line, at Galle de Campo.

The enemy either ofthe declarations inquest to certain dyeing works in Dcrhyihire, for the purpoa, tSr? A capitulation was ujmed, by anil oti it fh. This dyer is no other than 'Ut' sTilJu 7hical Theatre. Tw Shade. Itemlrfnie Krenlnc star. AdmU- of and to be conducted into' France. The standard of the up of a were Duagox war, regiment was also taken, as well as 15 barrel of cartridm, peninsula, the common denomination of lrocauero: tne consideryonrself any longer in the service of his Impenal Majesty winter's nisht-and is buriel in the snow.

MfcNT of. This remaining two forts are St. Joseph and Matagorda, the last f the Emperor,ray august master I remain. Dryasdusts description. Andrew Rnhlnm Und hl under tetiant. I " tliat these new works will, be the death of him," id ilr. John Bnrka. Also undivided of the Manor trJ of ,hook, and of eoprhnia and on quit rent, third and all part other appurtenance, WAR. Itlede Leon with Cadiz, and the northern extremity of f mason's Lodge, called held at t but in f unlcnown," confirms Mitt Cranberry in her btlieftlut' thereto bebwurlngt aim r the lawn which are in pasture, u -Mr Iinl.

Hi Koral Hlihness hi instructed meto inform Some which forms the site of the town. Thb neck is washed coner4ra of his Imperii very' dnj lmoci ihery In the river thi. The ave estate u beau-tlfuHy KxcelVency, that in of the convention concluded altnate, at Mook. Murria and VeJen-' by the harbour. But Matagorda is th. Having been rather a 0j acre of coprbold land held at the will of the lords. Thi and Ciudad Real, has made his submission, as well as the tat la alr near to the erand Work folng on at Gle the troops under his command. The distance Given under my hand and seal at thi day.

August T1U in Dcwahury. Som tn orl an other clrcunmance thl property the army. This army hairone into its new cantonments. Plan, and either in the empire of Russia, or in any other country whatsoever ; of the dia'ocue was gross, and drew down srrdng "trencral. Andrew ItoblnwnV. In tlie end. Old- Cranberry in Hook. In Reedncwj ier n.. Ail let! Uby j produced little tflict : not one of the officers of the Etat-Jlajor of j. Jr- 'P. So far as can be of the farce. We more jusdr saw a , Carthawna with. Murcta and Iorra. The inhabitant of Totana, 'at the ap- j jutlgetl from the despatch, nothing more was tried than an The followinz extraa of a letter from Thorn d on" Islarid.

So truth, roacn oi our noons, iook up anr. M'e continue with frreat activity Uie prena- ' "! It may be otherwise, for any thing we know ; ant intellince from them. Shortly after, w rule standing runner his part to memory. This is not right. The performer T. M the early aj,r,n culture" and View f Literal Rcouoniy.

Huadron, hasbccn. As the GaUinipper was at this time at least a self in. W-'rthcr or intended mfmlert of the proied ills excellency the suxisTEU or war. Tmie inltlaKiry documeiit. When the sun was about three Quarters of an in all the glories of a crimson type, were despatched far and near, era nr Lecture the Immediate lin-lBMiltl sula of, tlie Trocadero fallen, it must have involved the hour that the vessels would be started the Commodore wniraouo- ace. Jw teytora perfect aoiuaintaiice In future with every livinje arfanirements,and the troops marched on the 28th.

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I directed the surrender of a much larger garrison: St. Joseph and with a spring on the cable to bring their guns to bear on us, three o'clock precisely," from Blackfiiars-bndge. It waa coe-tioned that should off the Powder. A rapM. Matagorda must, if we have rightly construed the We. Tromelin, ronsitint of the 16th and 60th refri-ments Grant that they are carried what then has been effected Sir.

Nothiinr could exceed be anrrrurion aemtienof th Pttlnioglral S Hety. The undersfimed will rct eontehted with the hum- of the Line a juadron of the 6th 1 1 ussars,and another of the towards a successful siege of Cadiz kself? Nothing whatever,, ' Inman he intended to board, and gave orders not to fire until close match began. Pleasnre boats, ten and eight-oared cutlers, fannies; "nu" 18th Cha-soiM, and two held-piccrs, inarched on Mount Olivo.

The Good of the Order: Falaeria: The Kingdom of Seven Worlds The Good of the Order: Falaeria: The Kingdom of Seven Worlds
The Good of the Order: Falaeria: The Kingdom of Seven Worlds The Good of the Order: Falaeria: The Kingdom of Seven Worlds
The Good of the Order: Falaeria: The Kingdom of Seven Worlds The Good of the Order: Falaeria: The Kingdom of Seven Worlds
The Good of the Order: Falaeria: The Kingdom of Seven Worlds The Good of the Order: Falaeria: The Kingdom of Seven Worlds
The Good of the Order: Falaeria: The Kingdom of Seven Worlds The Good of the Order: Falaeria: The Kingdom of Seven Worlds

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