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Forget email drafts, notes apps and to-do list managers: Notion does all that and more

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Anniversary of Battle of Cherbourg offers lessons on how we can live and thrive in a global community. The state has had a successful program for autos since , yet still has U. If you keep doing that, the market will drag you where you should be. Shortly after launch, Notion got its first real update—the ability for users to comment on Blocks.


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Almost everything in Notion is a Block. Images, text, spreadsheets, and to-do lists are all created using Blocks. All users had to do to comment on a Block was simply right-click on it and add their feedback. The following month, Notion announced its first integration, which allowed users to connect Notion to Slack. Notion wanted to replace dozens of tools with a single, elegant workspace. The only elements Notion never really wanted to go after were email and instant messaging.

There were already dozens of email tools available, and convincing people to switch email clients would have likely deterred many prospective users. Going after Slack would have been suicide—but integrating with Slack was brilliant. The following month, Notion released its iOS app, which was a major turning point for the product. Users had been clamoring for an iOS version of Notion since launch. However, having been burned by an unstable tech stack in the past, Notion smartly opted for an invite-only release to ensure the product remained stable as the number of users increased.

We were studying the history and all the dead products on the path. Do we make them more productive at work? Do we solve their daily needs? Having realized that his vision for Notion conflicted with the needs of the market at that time, Zhao correctly took Notion back to the drawing board to see where the company and product had gone wrong. After successfully course-correcting and relaunching a revitalized product, Notion began in a very strong position—momentum the company leveraged to great effect in the coming years. Although Notion 1.

To Zhao, Notion 2. What Notion had to do next was build out more powerful functionality to appeal to more use-cases. It finally delivers on our promise—a singular tool that handles all your work outside email and Slack.

Are the Notion Pricing Plans Good Enough to Make the Switch?

When Notion 2. First, Notion 2. The article precipitated a dramatic spike in users, most of whom continued using the product long after the initial hype died down. At this point, Notion had a grand total of less than 10 employees. This, in turn, led to a feeding frenzy of venture capitalists hungry to invest in Notion. That was in addition to the multiple calls Zhao received every single day.

Notion was being courted so aggressively that the company decided not to update the office address in its Google listing to try and stem the tide of cold-call in-person drop-ins. Zhao soon became notorious for declining to even speak with interested VCs himself. That said, Zhao and Last have always been strongly product-focused founders. They had to be. This demanded not only a lot of faith in the product itself, but the courage to wait things out and see whether the world was ready for—and needed—what they were building.

It also demanded a keen sense of self-awareness about Notion as a business and how Zhao and Last wanted to run their company. They wanted to focus solely on the product and how to get it right before worrying about seeking capital investment to scale. However, while the price was definitely right, the product itself still had some issues. Creating even a simple note presented the user with multiple templates and options, which made simple tasks such as jotting down a quick note much more intimidating. Testing Notion over the past couple months, it could feel like I was using a Lamborghini to do a task better suited for an electric scooter.

From the beginning, Zhao had wanted to empower people to create applications without using code. On the surface, Notion looked and felt a lot like a document-editing and collaboration tool. Under the hood, however, was where the real muscle was.

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This feature allowed users to connect and create rollups of relevant data gathered from multiple relational databases to create custom views of tabular data. Rollups launched with fourteen different types of rollup, including Sum, Median, and Range. October was a big month for Notion. Shortly afterward, Notion introduced Gallery View, which gave users a handy visual overview of their data.

Next, Notion added Pages, which offered users even more document templates for a broader range of use-cases. As its name implies, this feature allows users to import all their Evernote notes and notebooks directly into Notion with a single click. The calls-to-action beneath the illustration made it practically effortless for Evernote users to import their notes and data into Notion.

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Once the extension is installed in Chrome, all users have to do is click it to clip a page to Notion, where it can be saved to a specific location, annotated with comments, shared with colleagues, or converted to a task. But for team-based work, you need a super-powered structure to make things collaborative, and less ambiguous. One thing that Notion and Evernote share, however, is their focus on lightweight use-cases—the casual, individual users who fall in love with an app, then bring it with them to work. Slack utilized this strategy to great effect during its earlier growth stages.

Evernote attempted to do so, but missed the mark. As of last month, Notion had more than 1M users—a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that Notion has just eighteen full-time employees. Notion has grown incredibly quickly in a short time, and seems poised for even greater growth in the future. Where could Notion go from here? Having come perilously close to disaster, Notion rebounded and pivoted to become a beloved product with a strongly loyal userbase.

2018-Present: Building a Better Way to Work

Self-awareness is critical. Notion 1. Although packing up and moving to Japan might have seemed extreme, it was a great example of founders doing whatever it took to move beyond a discouraging experience, refocusing on their core mission, and building a product that people really wanted. Predicting future trends is as much an art as a science. Prior to developing Notion 1. Their initial instincts may have been a little off, but they managed to refocus and create a product that solved a real problem in an elegant way.

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  6. Adding more people can actually slow you down. In some cases, more people can be more of a hindrance than a help. However, even educated guesses are just that, guesses. The only problem was nobody wanted that tool. It was no choice at all. Source: Notion During development of their original product, Zhao and Last had collaborated extensively using Figma, a collaborative design and prototyping tool.

    Just a Notion Just a Notion
    Just a Notion Just a Notion
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    Just a Notion Just a Notion
    Just a Notion Just a Notion
    Just a Notion Just a Notion
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