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However, we have never been turned away, and have visited quite a few establishments both in Tokyo and further afield, like in good old Osaka. Of course, rates vary by location, and you might not want to sleep the daylight hours away, but for night owls, dancing fools, all-night karaokers , and people willing to mess up their circadian rhythms for a deal we salute you , service time just might be your jam. The site in Japanese has a fairly comprehensive listing of love hotels in Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roppongi, Ikebukuro and beyond, with addresses, ratings, pictures, and even some coupons for things like free drinks or a thousand yen off the room price.

Pro tip: See our recommendations for booking some of the best love hotels below. Love hotels can be identified not only by their fetching fronts, but by the signs advertising rest and stay prices. Choose a room, and either press the button on the board itself, or on a nearby machine. Eye contact is almost never made. But either way, your secrets are safe here. Once in, the door locks automatically.

Even love hotels have spotted the potential upside to their business that comes from catering to the needs of international tourists, so a number are now available to book online. Finally, some love hotels offer membership cards. Just like at the supermarket or the coffee shop, you can earn points, discounts and free stays with your loyalty to a certain chain. Kind of a modern notch-on-the-belt or bedpost system. This will either give you great delight, or make you realize that you might save money moving into an apartment with thicker walls and fewer roommates.

Looking for someone to take to a love hotel? We have an article all about finding that special someone , on the cheap. This article was last updated by Kylie van Zyl in April, While we make every effort to make sure our information is accurate, details may vary. This is true; however, when booking hotels online via Expedia, booking.

Based on the reviews of love hotels on these sites, there are many examples of foreign tourists who accidentally book themselves a night at a love hotel. Most of the reviewers found were amused by this, while a smaller proportion of travelers were annoyed. Payment upon check-out was for room service, time extension, etc.

I need a moment to compose my thoughts This is not my usual choice of reading material. So much so as I walked out of the room I immediately purchased the audible version of the book. They had My reaction after I completed the book: Well, that was I rate the narration 4 stars. Let's start with the fundamental concept this book revolves around: Your life is a dream. You live in a fantasy where everything you know about yourself is only true for you. Your truth is not the truth for anyone else, and that includes your own children or your own parents". Which I find extremely odd being I started this book with the preconception it is what amounts to a self help book.

Through the fog! If you can transform the program of your personal dream, you can become a dream master. A dream master creates a masterpiece of life. But to master the dream is a big challenge because humans become slaves of their own dreams. The way we learn to dream is a setup. With all the beliefs we have that nothing is possible, it's hard to escape the Dream of Fear. In order to awake from the Dream, you need to master the Dream". From the Toltec perspective, everything we believe about ourselves, and everything we know about our world, is a dream". OK now that we've established our reality amounts to one big fantasy of our own creation let's move on to the 2nd concept.

Welcome to HELL. Hell is a place of suffering, a place of fear, a place of war and violence, a place of judgment and no justice, a place of punishment that never ends. Notice I continuously revert to the ever popular HS gibberish "Whatever" throughout this review.

We create all these little demons in our mind because we have learned to dream hell in our own life. There is perfect justice in hell. There is nothing to blame. We can even say that our suffering is a gift. Whatever, let's move on. Third concept: I'm so sorry to inform you you've been infected with an undignoused disease. Let's recap not only are you causing your fantasy dream world to be hell you're now diseased. Just like the description of the infected skin, the emotional body is full of wounds, and these wounds are infected with emotional poison.

The manifestation of the disease of fear is anger, hate, sadness, envy, and hypocrisy; the result of the disease is all the emotions that make humans suffer. More than likely, most of you have picked up on the fact my review is what amounts to scoff. This material feels like a bunch of at best new age mumbo jumbo. What's worse I have paid good money to hear it. Don't pretend you don't know what i'm talking about.

The majority of us who attended any higher learning institution have come across the potheads who think themselves full of wisdom they're bursting to share with you. Well, I recommend you buy this book if you want to reminisce. Rating 2 stars. Some of the concepts are practical. You're only responsible for your half of a relationship. BC it's only fair, I'll include quotes below. We dream according to all the beliefs that we have, and we modify our dream according to the way we judge, according to the way we are victimized.

That is why dreams are never the same for any two people. In a relationship, we can pretend to be the same, to think the same, to feel the same, to dream the same, but there is no way that can happen. There are two dreamers with two dreams. Every dreamer is going to dream in his own way. We hunt for love in other humans just like us, expecting to get love from them when these humans are in the same condition as we are. View all 14 comments. Jun 15, Ursy rated it it was amazing. This book has very little and everything to do with creating meaningful relationships with others.

It's sole focus is about creating a loving relationship with yourself. It gives real world examples of how we create our own hell. If we can create it, we can destroy it. This book looks at how and why we've created a dream of hell and sheds light on how we can turn that dream into a dream of heaven. Although I was not big on the slightly religious undertones in some of the chapters, I do believe th This book has very little and everything to do with creating meaningful relationships with others. Although I was not big on the slightly religious undertones in some of the chapters, I do believe that we are here for a reason and if that is the case, something created us.

It may be faulty logic to some, but it could also be completely logical. It may not be the God that Christians believe in, and it may not be the God that Muslims believe in, but I can hold true to the fact that there is a creator in all of us. We are our own god. The religious aspect of the book was easily overlooked because of the depth of perception that it gives to living life the way we believe it to be. Don't believe me. Don't believe yourself. Don't believe others. Find your own truths. Definitely worth reading. Jan 13, Esmeralda Jimenez rated it it was amazing Shelves: spiritaul.

The best spiritual book I have ever read. It teaches you how you can reach happiness and love, within yourself. Once you have mastered self-love and have healed from emotional wounds, happiness is achieved and this is vital for a healthy loving relantionship. This book will have a dramatic influence in for me, just what I needed. Can't wait to start reading the Four Agreements. When you are aware that no one else ca The best spiritual book I have ever read.

When you are aware that no one else can make you happy, and that happiness is thte result of your love, this becomes the greatest mastery of the Toltecs: the Mastery of Love" May 11, paloma rated it it was amazing. This book is everything. Dec 03, Roy Khadra rated it really liked it Shelves: facebook , english-books , theology-spiritual. I guess "Don Miguel Ruiz" is the best-known to represent the Toltec philosophy.

The link that connects all his books together is based on the idea of considering Life as a collective dream that each person plays the main character in the scene, he is participating in. One's life is the story he is writing according to some images reflected by light reaching his position.

This light phenomena is better known to us by "Conscience" or "Awareness". Conflicts occur when two different stories interfer I guess "Don Miguel Ruiz" is the best-known to represent the Toltec philosophy. Conflicts occur when two different stories interfere in distributing roles. It is more complicated than this, but this is the simplest approach I can give. My review isn't about discussing the possibility of the love the writer is referring to, or questioning the Toltec philosophy. There is a lot to think about and to analyze before giving a decisive opinion. But I can say that I loved the message of this book, and here are some major points I like to mention: Time to unlearn: A child is the prove that we have to unlearn what our awareness is made of through our years of living.

Lead by his most authentic indicator: his instinct, a newborn, knows what life is about: exploring. An unspoiled child cannot find a goal of his existence if not for enjoying it. He is happy until the domestication does its job by convincing that we are here an ambiguous higher purpose and we have to follow some rules.

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A child judges honestly. Either you are good to him and you are worth his trust, or not. But, later on, he learns the most practiced among arts: manipulation. Then, he understands he must sacrifice his joyful innocent intuition to win some rounds. He wins a lot of them, but he laughs no more because he is happy.

Just as a part of the collective game, and the dreams get transformed into a nightmare called "civilization". Yes, I agree with "Don Miguel", it is time to unlearn a lot of things. Definition of adolescence: The child learning to follow. He obeys, and he is free for responsibilities. But not for so long. Bit by bit, he no longer loves this situation, he wants to break free and to be himself a master.

But freedom comes with responsibilities and through a revolution. So, he must evolve his skills and techniques, and choose his own causes. Here, comes the era of the chaotic experiments, making plans and taking decisions. It is a critical transition phase, it is adolescence. It is not that simple, but this how I could interpret it. A baby animal watches his mother to learn the techniques of hunting, because he is doomed to be himself a good hunter, or die in hunger. The pride of a lion isn't based on the quality of his fur, but rather of saving his dignity from hunger or dying. It is for sure that our paths are deviated from the direction of our trajectory that lead to our evolution.

People get depressed, wild animals don't. I guess we are urged to ask: "Why? I guess the answer is quite easy: animals fight for their basic needs, but not for dogmas they don't understand. We exist to explore and to discover our world, not to own it or to rule it. We live for the joy of living. We must praise our creators, no matters how he looks like: a spirit, a book, an idea, a scientific fact, or an absurd matter. We must thank the source of our life, not wasting time in defining it.

Live to serve life, this is the holiest purpose. But, can we? I guess the writer believes that a human being is able unlearn what wrote thousands of years on his genes. Maybe we can, the day we understand that the skin is an instrument of perception not of discrimination. Violence: I agree with "Don Miguel" that violence is the way to release one's inner poisons.

We seek power to defeat our obedience. We break rules because we can't stand it anymore. We shout to refuse being ignored. We hurt others because we learned to express ourselves through this language. Yes, we cry because we couldn't hold it anymore. Then, we kill due ignorance and lack of security. So, violence is significant, it shows the depth of humanity's wounds. Perfection: We live our life seeking some kind of perfection.

As a child, as a student, as a worker, as a lover, as a parent and most of all, as a human. But we never notice that everything around us tells that perfection is a concept we created to suit our pride. According to our perception, even nature isn't perfect despite its accuracy, it symmetrical shapes and its charming beauty. We will always find what to be modified.

The way religion describes the compassion shows that the list-to-follow is too long, which contradicts their acclaim that Heaven is so near. Maybe, the short relieving-sentence "No one is perfect" is the most repeated worldwide. Yes, because this is what we believe. Maybe humans love challenges. We are urged to take a moment to contemplate our history, to admire how we are, and to see how perfect things are around us.

It is time to stop being manipulated with. Isn't the same person, who is inviting us to the journey of perfection, trying to convince us of its impossibility? Existence is perfect because only perfection can exist. We are perfect, and to feel it we have to unlearn the way we are programmed to judge ourselves.

To, honestly, love life and give it a beautiful meaning. Hell: If we deprive Hell from the everlasting-fire idea, the one that poets and painters created to describe its monstrosity, what would be left?! Its real meaning. Hell is said to be a place where our souls suffer endlessly. Loneliness makes us suffer. Lack of love makes us suffer. Starving makes us suffer. The non-stop-self-judging makes us suffer. Injustice and slavery make people suffer.

The lack of security summons suffer. Isn't the universe, we live in, where you can find all what is said to exist in Hell? Indeed, and plus the guilt. Some say that we have to die to get there. Yes, but death can take different forms, and here on earth we have them all. If hell is where liars, killers, and bad souls live, so must not doubt that earth has become hell.

Maybe, somehow, I misinterpreted some points. But this is how I understood it. So, my review represents my point of view and my own impressions about it. To deny it or prove it, you have to read the book. I recommend it. Jan 23, Christie rated it it was ok. Ruiz's delivery irritates me just as much as Thomas Friedman of the World is Flat. Of course, I have been in the minority before, and I don't mind being in it again. On the positive side, this book contains some healthy and true messages about how we love, and why we fail, and how so many of our actions and reactions are based on fear.

There were some messages in this book that I needed to hear, but I could have removed a lot of fluff of the analogies and stories. They either just felt off the wa Ruiz's delivery irritates me just as much as Thomas Friedman of the World is Flat. They either just felt off the wall to me, or not really well told. I even skimmed through some sections instead of reading them properly. I would like to say that I will re-read it to get more out of it second time around, but I doubt that I will.

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  • In the meantime, I will tote it around with me at the bottom of my backpack for the next two months, so obviously I think there is some value in it. She's also the daughter-in-law of iconic fashion designer Ralph Lauren. Brandon: That's a special lineage right there. Jen: That is a heritage is what that is. She's more than even all that, all that awesome upline. She is a woman determined to put a dent in the world's hunger problem.

    The Lovers' Guide

    So she started the FEED handbag company about a decade ago and committed the proceeds from the sale of her handbags to feeding the hungry in nations around the world. Every single bag has a number stamped on it that signifies the amount of meals or micronutrient packets that will be provided using the proceeds from the purchase of that bag. Obviously, all of their products are produced using fair labor conditions, of course. They're committed to the use of environmentally-friendly materials, and they partner with really established collaboratives in, let's see, Columbia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, El Salvador, Peru, providing sustainable livelihoods to those craftsmen.

    And then also through partnerships with orgs like United Nations World Food Program and No Kid Hungry, if you see that on the Food Network, Feeding America, the company has provided meals, you guys, to millions of kids around the globe in 10 years. It has done such an enormous amount of good. So we've got a couple of suggestions for you that we really like out of what they create. Our first suggestion is a great gift idea for the person on your list who likes to make just a little statement. It's a Hand-Painted Floral Bandana.

    Do you know that bandanas are in this year? Brandon: When did they go out? Jen: Well, I mean, for girls in a certain way. Jessica Honegger, of course, my good friend at Noonday , taught me about how we're tying bandanas around our necks again this year and frankly I'm glad for it. Brandon: I do that all the time when it's cold and I'm riding my motorcycle. Jen: That's not the same thing.

    This is like stylish and fancy cuteness for girls. It comes in two colors. Oxblood, which is this beautiful rich deep red, or Honey, which is this nice neutral kind of warm beige color. They've got a limited edition floral print and hand stamped phrase "Help Feed the Children of the World. You can wear it in your hair, you can tie it around one of your little furry friends. It's just a great conversation starter because every single bandana provides ten school meals, which delivers healthy and nutritious meals in micronutrients to help kids learn and grow and thrive, but it also has a dividend on their education because research shows that when children are given school meals, their attendance doubles and their performance just vastly improves.

    So not only that, but girls with just a few years of education are shown to have fewer children, have them later in life, and are better prepared to care and educate them. The impact a purchase like this has, has a pretty far reaching effect. So there's the bandana. Then for something a little more substantial, we really like the Field Messenger Bag.

    And I mean, really like. I mean, look at this thing. Brandon: And when we say we, we mean we. It actually is a really cute bag. Jen: Look at this. This bag is so cute. Brandon: It's holiday green, really cool leather strap. Jen: When I— Brandon: Probably double stitching. That's solid. Jen: Yeah, it is solid. Brandon: That's solid. Jen: When I took this out of the package, I was like, "Woo, goody. It's kind of a carryall tote bag. It's really, really durable. It's got a really cute leather top handle, if you just want to loop it over your arm.

    But it also has a cross body strap. Brandon: Leather. Jen: If you want to go that way. Also leather. It's got this real functional interior build out too. For my southern listeners, it can be personalized with your person's initials, or you can pick from one of their. And if you get your order in by December 9th, you guys, you get it in time for the holidays. Here's the best thing about this: every bag provides 50 school meals. Here is the offer. Again, we will have all this at JenHatmaker. Do not freak out that you can't remember any of this.

    Their website is feedprojects. This is the code for almost all of them. This expires on Christmas, December 25th. It's feedprojects. If I got this I would be thrilled, no doubt about it. Valid through December 25, Brandon: All right. The next organization we're taking a look at is called Gifts for Good. We're always looking for innovative, smart ways to give, smart ways to buy products that are doing good. Gifts For Good. One of the things I love about Gifts for Good is, they work with a ton of different organizations around the world that do good. It's kind of like a place you can go and you can even go in and select a cause that you love and you can find products that support that cause and then buy a gift from there.

    Their products are so well done. Everything that I'm seeing here and have seen are just really well done, from their leather binders and their journals and things like that, it's just super, super high quality. I guess you could think about Gifts for Good as like an online marketplace that sells gifts that just give back. Jen: Yeah, exactly. Brandon: They work with over 40 nonprofits and social enterprises in 19 states and in 65 countries around the globe.

    This is not just international. So many times we hear, "What's going on domestically? Brandon: "How are we partnering together not just across the ocean but also here? So a lot of good that they're doing. Many of their cause partners are non-profits themselves who make products and directly employ the marginalized or disadvantaged groups, whether that's transitioning out of homeless, out of human trafficking or even domestic abuse and they're helping people in need around the globe to redirect their lives and become contributing members of society. Some of the products we like. There are two great items we want to put on your radar.

    Jen: I knew you were gonna say that. Brandon: I mean, I love it. I could sit there and. Jen: I'm the same. Give me a grainy mustard all the livelong day. Brandon: There you go. It's solid premium white oak. It's the strongest of domestic hardwoods. It's just super high quality, six inches by eighteen inches long. Here's the bonus.

    Love is in the Air (February 12 - February 26) - Guides - Wowhead

    You can have these engraved with your company logo, your brand name or custom message. It does come for a little extra fee but you can purchase them as-is as well. That's one of the cool things. If you own an organization, a company, anything like that, have a handful of these and give them away as a gift. It's a great gift. Second pick, another great employee or coworker gift idea, also great for friends, family members. It's just great. That's not with any personalization but they're worth every penny. And I just want you to know that for every single board that is purchased, the company provides one hour of dignified solid labor for a person experiencing homelessness or extreme poverty in the greater Los Angeles area.

    So those are made with sincere love and have a serious impact on its craftsmen. Brandon: Yeah, that's good. Thank you for— Jen: Adding that back in. Brandon: Yeah, that's important. Jen: It is important. Brandon: For taking notes. The little cord that wraps around it, and there's an organizer inside of it with a brass snap enclosure.

    Again, high quality stuff. Managing all of your charger cables, earbuds and all of those things. These sets are made by the students and graduates of their vocational schools in Honduras and Haiti. The proceeds go directly back to provide three days of school for each child there in Honduras. Jen: This is seriously, if you have a writer or a dreamer, somebody who loves to journal, that leather book is gorgeous.

    I'm staring at it right this second. The stitching is beautiful. Brandon: It's kind of distressed looking. Jen: Okay, tell them where to go. Code, again, ForTheLove. Jen: That actually goes through January 31st. Brandon: Oh, I'm sorry. Yeah, you're right. January 31st. Extra bonus month. Jen: Yep. Brandon: You can shop the site by whatever cause you want.

    I mentioned that earlier. You can go in there, check it out. You have a cause, you could start with that and then you could find the product that helps support that cause. I think it's pretty innovative. You will lose a dozen hours on that site, just I'm warning you. Valid through January 31, Let's move on to our next company. This is one that I have loved for some time and have worked with. I want to talk about Create Hope Cuffs. You have seen me talk about this company before. In fact, I think we talked about this last year. Let me tell you about them.

    If you're on my email list, for sure, you've seen me shout out to this company before. They have some of the cutest accessories. I want to buy up every bit of it and make it all mine all the time. It's very much in my wheelhouse of style and aesthetic. Create Hope Cuffs. This is Create Hope Cuffs. It was started by Danielle Brower in , so it's still pretty young. This was a means for her to bring her passions of faith and family and caring for a world in need of hope all together into a project.

    She started her own line of upcycled, repurposed leather bracelets and cuffs. She was asked, in fact, earlier this year, to create a line of sister survivor bracelets to be given to the honorees of the Arthur Ashe award for courage at the ESPYs. Isn't that awesome? What an honor. They are not just inspirational but they are so cute, you guys. Not only do Create Hope Cuffs products bring hope to those who wear them, but proceeds from her sales also create hope in Swaziland, Africa through Children's HopeChest.

    You may have heard of that. It's an orphan advocacy org. That's who she partners with. So every single bracelet helps an orphan or at-risk kiddo stay in school and just sort of reach for a better future. I just love it. You know I love that. That's so near and dear. There's no end to the products that we like but you know that I bring a strong earring game, so let me start there. People are always asking me where I get my accessories. This is one of the places that I always mention. One of my favorite from her current collection is the Navy Leather Boho Earrings. They come in what I would consider petite.

    Jen: Obviously. I laughed. When I got these, one of them is the petite two-inch and one is the larger three-inch. These are both petite. Let's just be real honest. If they do not skim your shoulder blades, then they are petite. But the petite size has the option to add a little charm. These are cute, aren't they? The ones I'm holding right now on top of the navy leather have this metal turquoise feather.

    Really, really, really strong. You can choose from a silver arrow or a silver feather or the patina feather like I just mentioned. Gosh, I love them.

    เลิกเปรียบเทียบตัวเองกับคนอื่นได้แล้ว - สอนจีบสาว Ep.19

    A little tip for you essential oil users. Leather is a fabulous diffuser, so because there are leather earrings, you can drop a little dab of oil on the back of these things for a little pick-me-up that'll last you all day long. Another favorite that I love. I was just looking at this with my sister. This one's really, really cute. Brandon: It is. It's made with recycled and upcycled leather belts and each one's kind of unique. They're not all the same. Because they use them like that, your cuff may be distressed or even have some buckle holes in it, which I love.

    I'm thrilled when I get a buckle hole. That just adds to the charm to me. These feel really, really vintage and special. They range from one-inch to one-and-a-half-inch wide. They have two different snap settings, depending on what your wrist size which is great because I think I kind of have a big wrist.


    You can either tighten it up or loosen it up, whatever you need. Again, oil people, drop some oil on the back of your leather cuff and just be zen all day long. I think that's how that works. Our last pick is their men's or women's. They come in a half inch wide style, so they're smaller. They've got little gunmetal snaps too for adjusting the size. This one can be customized. It's stamped with one of the words from their list. I like these for anybody but they're a particularly cool idea for your fashionable guys. Here's what you do.

    You go to createhopecuffs. Here's your code. It's a little bit different than the first ones we mentioned. The number, one five. Love it, love it, love it. They fund their mission by creating an amazing cup of coffee. Go to groundsandhoundscoffee. Jen: You want to take the next one? Brandon: Sure, sure. Here's the deal. I know when you think holiday guide, then you think Brandon Hatmaker. You are thinking succulents. Jen: That is so true. Brandon: There is no doubt you're thinking, This guy's gonna talk about succulents.

    Jen: I've heard it a million times. Lula's Garden. Brandon: The irony of this conversation is, it's kind of true. Lula's Garde n is an organization that deals in these well-packaged, amazing set-up. I'm honestly not a succulent guy but. I used to think they were all cactus, right? Did I? Jen: That's literally what you said 30 minutes ago. Brandon: I said, "I want to talk about the little cactus. Let it go. Brandon: But here's the deal. Theses little guys who are so adorable. Jen: They really are adorable. Brandon: They're freaking packaged amazing.

    Jen: I cannot wait for people to look at this 'cause they're not gonna believe us until they see it. Brandon : I know it. But they're simple, it's unique. You think about a gift for a teacher or someone like that. But here's why I love this. Because my daughter Sydney loves succulents. Jen: Like crazy. Brandon: So in her windowsill. You know those people in your life that have those little green things sitting around on their desks and in their windows and things like that? Here you go. All right? This company has some fun ideas that work for any of the people that we were just talking about.

    You're thinking babysitter, neighbors, your kid's teacher, mail carrier, whatever. It's Lula's Garden. They're based out of L. They provide, obviously, eco-friendly long lasting plants, primarily succulents. They do have some cactus. They really do. They're gift boxed. Jen: Stop trying to pull cactus in. Jen: Okay, all right. Brandon: I don't know which one of them it is, but it's a cactus. Jen: Think of this a little bit like sending flowers, you guys, except cooler and longer lasting and they're gonna actually be able to keep them instead of throw them away in a week.

    Brandon: Yeah, and you won't kill them in a week because— Jen: You don't know that I won't. Brandon: You don't kill them. This organization was inspired by drought conditions in the western U.

    So again, creative ways to give great gifts that are making an impact. I'm telling you, when you give these gifts to people, they will appreciate the gifts themselves, but in some way, it's strange how it just really makes them feel good that you're able to do something, maybe if it's something that they like that is doing some good in that area as well. Your recipient does not have to pot these plants. Brandon: Mm-hmm. It's ready to go.

    Jen: It literally comes ready to go in cute, clean packaging. This requires zero skill except for opening up the gift box.

    The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship --Toltec Wisdom Book

    Brandon: Right. And placement. Jen: And put it— Brandon: Proper placement. Jen: In the window that you like. Brandon: Or wherever. There's lots of great products to choose from, so you can shop by your budget and maybe start small with one of their Petite Gardens that includes smaller size of succulents. So they're very, very reasonable. Couple products we like. I'm looking at it now. It comes with three small-sized, pre-planted zebra plant succulents. When I say three, I mean that there are three potted together in a row in a single planter.

    These plants have thick, dark green, triangular, spiky leaves with a white horizontal stripe, so really pretty. They resemble a zebra striping. We also like their Trio Garden , which is three individually planted succulents, so they each have their own separate container. You can buy one of these and you have either three great gifts for three different people or three bonus gifts to one person. Jen: Right. This is how we win at Christmas, buying smart and be. This is the one that has one cacti. Brandon: But it's one of these cool little plants. Also they do have a holiday line, has all the special packaging.

    Here's what I think. These are the kind of things, just order some, have them, when your kid comes to you, they forgot a coach, a teacher, whatever, this is perfect.

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    Jen: I would like it. Brandon: Pre-wrapped, ready to go. They're gonna last, they're durable. Jen: Tell them where to go. Brandon: Go to lulasgarden. These are ready to go. Put a bow on them and run them down to your neighbor. Jen: They're just different. It's just different than the stuff you always get.

    It's just completely interesting. Okay, thank you. Offer valid through December 31, Jen: I want to talk about the next company. It is called Sudara. Here's the deal Sudara's story started with their line of loungewear pants. Loungewear pants are also a very deep value to me. Brandon: Love language, if not.

    Jen: It's a love language. Brandon: What does that even mean? Jen: I don't know but I love it. They've expanded their line now to have even more styles. All these clothing items are hand sewn, you guys, by their partners in India. It's a part of a program that provides living wage jobs and skill training for women who are either survivors or at risk of sex trafficking.

    This is very near and dear to our hearts, for sure. These are really high-risk targets because they've lacked either the education or the resources and skills to really have a choice with what they do with their lives. The jobs these women are provided are doing a whole lot more than just teaching them a new skill and giving them a paycheck.

    It's creating a pathway, really, for women to support themselves and their families and have respect in their communities and break generational cycles of trafficking and poverty. Every single print is named after a woman in the center, in honor of her life and her bright future, which I just think that touch is so incredibly special. Hundreds of women have found freedom through living wage employment with Sudara and its partners. It is a really phenomenal company. Let me tell you about a couple of the products specifically we like that they are putting out this year.

    One of them, this is for your men, is a t-shirt. It's the Globe Men's Tee.

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