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He also met the Blount sisters, Teresa and Martha , both of whom would remain lifelong friends. From the age of 12, he suffered numerous health problems including Pott's disease a form of tuberculosis that affects the spine , which deformed his body and stunted his growth, leaving him with a severe hunchback.

His tuberculosis infection caused other health problems including respiratory difficulties, high fevers, inflamed eyes, and abdominal pain. Pope was already removed from society because he was Catholic; his poor health only alienated him further. Although he never married, he had many female friends to whom he wrote witty letters, including Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Allegedly, his lifelong friend Martha Blount was his lover. This earned Pope instant fame and was followed by An Essay on Criticism , published in May , which was equally well received.

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The aim of the club was to satirise ignorance and pedantry in the form of the fictional scholar Martinus Scriblerus. In March , Windsor Forest [7] was published to great acclaim. Around this time, he began the work of translating the Iliad , which was a painstaking process — publication began in and did not end until In , the political situation worsened with the death of Queen Anne and the disputed succession between the Hanoverians and the Jacobites , leading to the Jacobite rising of Though Pope as a Catholic might have been expected to have supported the Jacobites because of his religious and political affiliations, according to Maynard Mack, "where Pope himself stood on these matters can probably never be confidently known".

Pope lived in his parents' house in Mawson Row, Chiswick , between and ; the red brick building is now the Mawson Arms , commemorating him with a blue plaque.

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The money made from his translation of Homer allowed Pope to move in to a villa at Twickenham , where he created his now famous grotto and gardens. The serendipitous discovery of a spring during the subterranean retreat's excavations enabled it to be filled with the relaxing sound of trickling water, which would quietly echo around the chambers. Pope was said to have remarked that: "Were it to have nymphs as well — it would be complete in everything. The grotto now lies beneath Radnor House Independent Co-ed School, and is occasionally opened to the public. An Essay on Criticism was first published anonymously on 15 May Pope began writing the poem early in his career and took about three years to finish it.

At the time the poem was published, the heroic couplet style in which it was written was a moderately new poetic form, and Pope's work was an ambitious attempt to identify and refine his own positions as a poet and critic. The poem was said to be a response to an ongoing debate on the question of whether poetry should be natural, or written according to predetermined artificial rules inherited from the classical past. The 'essay' begins with a discussion of the standard rules that govern poetry by which a critic passes judgment.

Pope comments on the classical authors who dealt with such standards, and the authority that he believed should be accredited to them. He discusses the laws to which a critic should adhere while critiquing poetry, and points out that critics serve an important function in aiding poets with their works, as opposed to the practice of attacking them. Pope's most famous poem is The Rape of the Lock , first published in , with a revised version published in A mock-epic , it satirises a high-society quarrel between Arabella Fermor the "Belinda" of the poem and Lord Petre , who had snipped a lock of hair from her head without her permission.

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The satirical style is tempered, however, by a genuine and almost voyeuristic interest in the "beau-monde" fashionable world of 18th-century English society. In the world of the poem purchased artefacts displace human agency, and 'trivial things' assume dominance. Though the Dunciad was first published anonymously in Dublin , its authorship was not in doubt.

Pope pilloried a host of other "hacks", "scribblers" and "dunces" in addition to Theobald, and Maynard Mack has accordingly called its publication "in many ways the greatest act of folly in Pope's life. It brought the poet in his own time the hostility of its victims and their sympathizers, who pursued him implacably from then on with a few damaging truths and a host of slanders and lies. According to his half-sister Magdalen Rackett, some of Pope's targets were so enraged by The Dunciad that they threatened him. Although he was a keen participant in the stock and money markets, Pope never missed an opportunity to satirise the personal, social and political effects of the new scheme of things.

From The Rape of the Lock onwards, these satirical themes are a constant in his work.

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In , Pope published his "Epistle to Burlington ," on the subject of architecture, the first of four poems which would later be grouped under the title Moral Essays — In the epistle, Pope ridiculed the bad taste of the aristocrat "Timon. Though the charge was untrue, it did Pope a great deal of damage.

An Essay on Man is a philosophical poem, written in heroic couplets and published between and Pope intended this poem to be the centrepiece of a proposed system of ethics that was to be put forth in poetic form. It was a piece of work that Pope intended to make into a larger work; however, he did not live to complete it.

The poem is an attempt to "vindicate the ways of God to Man", a variation on Milton's attempt in Paradise Lost to "justify the ways of God to Man" 1. It challenges as prideful an anthropocentric world-view.

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The poem is not solely Christian, however; it makes an assumption that man has fallen and must seek his own salvation. It consists of four epistles that are addressed to Lord Bolingbroke. Pope presents an idea on his view of the Universe; he says that no matter how imperfect, complex, inscrutable and disturbing the Universe appears to be, it functions in a rational fashion according to the natural laws. The natural laws consider the Universe as a whole a perfect work of God.

To humans it appears to be evil and imperfect in many ways; however, Pope points out that this is due to our limited mindset and limited intellectual capacity.

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Pope gets the message across that humans must accept their position in the "Great Chain of Being" which is at a middle stage between the angels and the beasts of the world. If we are able to accomplish this then we potentially could lead happy and virtuous lives. The poem is an affirmative poem of faith: life seems to be chaotic and confusing to man when he is in the center of it, but according to Pope it is really divinely ordered. In Pope's world, God exists and is what he centers the Universe around in order to have an ordered structure. The limited intelligence of man can only take in tiny portions of this order and can experience only partial truths, hence man must rely on hope which then leads into faith.

Man must be aware of his existence in the Universe and what he brings to it, in terms of riches, power, and fame. It is man's duty to strive to be good regardless of other situations: this is the message Pope is trying to get across to the reader. The Imitations of Horace followed — These were written in the popular Augustan form of the "imitation" of a classical poet, not so much a translation of his works as an updating with contemporary references.

In January , a total of Armenians were charged with membership in the revolutionary Dashnaktsutyun Party before Russia's supreme court, the Senate. Kerensky was one of the lawyers for the defense. Founded around to defend the Armenians against Turkish massacres, the Dashnaks had turned against Russia in , when Prince Golitsyn insisted on the Russification of the Armenian educational system.

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Determined to prove that all forms of Armenian nationalism were equally culpable for revolutionary excesses, the Russian authorities put "the entire Armenian intelligentsia, including writers, physicians, lawyers, bankers, and even merchants" on trial. Only fifteen or twenty spectators were allowed in the gallery and the newspapers were forbidden to describe the evidence. The original investigators had been encouraged by the local administration to use any available means to get convictions.

Kerensky, despite warnings from the court as to his fate should he be mistaken, insisted on an expert examination of the pre-trial deposition of one of his clients. Kerensky was entirely vindicated. I meet you in every dream—and when I wake I cannot close my eyes again for ruminating on your sweetness. I believe in my soul you are an inchantress; but I have tried in vain, if not to break, at least, to weaken the charm—you maintain your empire in spite of all my efforts—and after every new one, I make to withdraw myself from my allegiance my partial heart still returns and clings to you with increased attachment.

To drop figure my lovely girl you become dearer to me every moment. I am more and more unhappy and impatient under the hard necessity that keeps me from you, and yet the prospect lengthens as I advance. I had hoped the middle would have given us to each other; but I now fear it will be the latter end. Among other causes of uneasiness, I dread lest you should imagine, I yield too easily to the barrs that keep us asunder; but if you have such an idea you ought to banish it and reproach yourself with injustice.

A spirit entering into bliss, heaven opening upon all its faculties, cannot long more ardently for the enjoyment, than I do my darling Betsey, to taste the heaven that awaits me in your bosom. Is my language too strong?

Alexander Vol. 1: First Love Alexander Vol. 1: First Love
Alexander Vol. 1: First Love Alexander Vol. 1: First Love
Alexander Vol. 1: First Love Alexander Vol. 1: First Love
Alexander Vol. 1: First Love Alexander Vol. 1: First Love
Alexander Vol. 1: First Love Alexander Vol. 1: First Love
Alexander Vol. 1: First Love Alexander Vol. 1: First Love

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