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Forty-eight hours after injection of crystalline particles with normal and reduced size of our drug, the effect of liver toxicity was compared by determination of liver transferase enzymes such as alkaline phosphatase, aspartate aminotransferase, and alanine aminotransferase ALT. These enzymes were examined by routine colorimetric methods using commercial kits and pathologic investigations.

Statistical analysis and pathological figures indicated that ALT delivery and toxicity in reduced size acetaminophen was significantly reduced when compared with normal size acetaminophen. Pathology figures exhibited reduced necrosis effects, especially the confluent necrosis, in the central part of the lobule in the reduced size acetaminophen samples when compared with the normal samples. Keywords: acetaminophen, size reduction, pathological and enzymatic investigations, toxicity.

The relationship between cellular adhesion and surface roughness in polystyrene modified by microwave plasma radiation. Pure polystyrene is hydrophobic and cannot provide a suitable environment for cell cultures. The conventional method for surface modification of polystyrene is treatment with plasma. In this study, conventional polystyrene was exposed to microwave plasma treatment with oxygen and argon gases for 30, 60, and seconds. Methods and results: Attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectra investigations of irradiated samples indicated clearly the presence of functional groups.

Atomic force microscopic images of samples irradiated with inert and active gases indicated nanometric surface topography. Samples irradiated with oxygen plasma showed more roughness 31 nm compared with those irradiated with inert plasma 16 nm at seconds. Surface roughness increased with increasing duration of exposure, which could be due to reduction of the contact angle of samples irradiated with oxygen plasma. Contact angle analysis showed reduction in samples irradiated with inert plasma.

Samples irradiated with oxygen plasma showed a lower contact angle compared with those irradiated by argon plasma. Conclusion: Cellular investigations with unrestricted somatic stem cells showed better adhesion, cell growth, and proliferation for samples radiated by oxygen plasma with increasing duration of exposure than those of normal samples. Keywords: surface topography, polystyrene, plasma treatment, argon, oxygen.

Manufacturing of biodegradable polyurethane scaffolds based on polycaprolactone using a phase separation method: physical properties and in vitro assay. Methods: In this study, polyurethane samples were synthesized from polycaprolactone, hexamethylene diisocyanate, and a copolymer of 1,4-butanediol as a chain extender. Polyurethane scaffolds were fabricated by a combination of liquid—liquid phase separation and salt leaching techniques.

It was observed that, by increasing the NCO:OH ratio, the average pore size, compressive strength, and compressive modulus increased. L fibroblast and chondrocytes were cultured on the scaffolds, and all samples exhibited suitable cell attachment and growth, with a high level of biocompatibility. Conclusion: These biodegradable polyurethane scaffolds demonstrate potential for soft tissue engineering applications. Keywords: polyurethane, tissue engineering, biodegradable, fibroblast cells. Journal of Genetics Indian Academy of Sciences.

Synthesis and aggregation study of optically active tetra--[ octanyloxy]-substituted copper and nickel phthalocyanines. Full Papers Volume Download this PDF file. Briefly, tissue lysate was prepared using RIPA lysis buffer, and supernatant was collected after centrifugation. Then, the protein concentration of each sample supernatant was determined using protein assay kit.

Performance analysis of a decoding algorithm for algebraic-geometry codes. The fast decoding algorithm for one point algebraic-geometry codes of Sakata, Elbrond Jensen, and Hoholdt corrects all error patterns of weight less than half the Feng -Rao minimum distance. In this correspondence we analyze the performance of the algorithm for heavier error patterns. It turns out Browse Title Index. Vol 11, No 51 , Chemical, physical, microbiological and quality attributes studies on River Nile Constable, S. Allen, H. Bromley, W.

Cleaveland, J. Cremer , R. Harper, D. Howe, T. Knoblock, N. Mendler, P. Panangaden, et al. Qiu et al. Tyrosine kinase inhibitor was discontinued from clinical development due to unexpected hepatotoxicity in cancer patients Feng et al. Some drug has clinical toxicity and exerted its hepatotoxicity via both hepatocellular injury and hepatobiliary cholestatic Effect of nitrates on embryo induction efficiency in cotton Gossypium Somatic embryogenesis and plant regeneration systems have been established from cotton tissue, protoplasts and ovules Zhang and Li,.

Regeneration procedures have been used to obtain genetically modified plants after Agrobacterium Three duplication events and variable molecular evolution characteristics involved in multiple GGPS genes of six Solanaceae species. Research Article Volume 89 Issue Nov 23, Magnesium is one of the most abundant elements in the.

Universe, and its The absorption oscillator strengths fij and radiative rate Aji for a Genetic variants of retinol-binding protein 4 in adolescents are associated with liver function and inflammatory markers but not with obesity and insulin resistance. Research Note Volume 94 Issue Pinoresinol diglucoside exhibits protective effect on dexamethasone Mixed contaminant interactions in soil: Implications for bioavailability Competitive adsorption and transport of phthalate esters in the clay layer of JiangHan plain,.

Chemosphere 92 11 Loffredo E, Senesi N Jan 27, Xian- Feng Zhao. Volume 32 Issue 3 September pp Home; Journals; Journal of Genetics. Jurong Gao. Articles written in Journal of Genetics. Volume 90 Issue 3 December pp Research Article. Wheat kernel dimensions: how do they contribute to kernel weight at an individual QTL level? Li Jun. Volume 90 Issue 2 August pp Research Article. Journal of Genetics, Volume 81, Book review: The genetics of the dog, edited by A. Ruvinsky and J. Guo, Lingchen.

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Cloning, chromosome localization and features of a novel human gene, MATH2. Hire, Ramesh S. Holliday, Robin. Epigenetics comes of age in the twentyfirst century. Sensing of polymeric sensor-based rhodamine B derivative for metal Supplementary data: Wheat k erneldimensions: h ow do they TL level? X ingfeng.

Feng ,. W ang,. Gao and. W ang. Ta b le. TL with significant additive effects for thousand-kernel. Recently,Shaanxi Gold Group Inc. Influence of substrate temperature on certain physical properties Nov 12, Home; Journals; Sadhana. Articles written in Sadhana.

Volume 43 Issue 4 April pp To improve the aerodynamic There are only few reports on the chemical composition of However, literature searches have shown no report on New phenolics from the roots of YN, Yan YH Jeon YD Description of a new species of Hemiberlesia Cockerell Hemiptera: Coccomorpha: Diaspididae from China, with a key to Hemiberlesia species known from China.

The diagnostic characters of the genus Hemiberlesia Cockerell Hemiptera: Coccoidea: Diaspididae are reviewed. The adult female, adult male and all immature stages except the male prepupa and pupa of a new species, H. A key is provided to identify the Hemiberlesia species known to occur in China. Aasia maaklerfirma CLSA teeb alates Baltisaksa arhitekt Erwin Bernhardi Mulhern Brendan ; Feng, Y. Yan ; K. Shah Koonal ; M. Janssen Bas ; M. Herdman Michael ; van Hout, B. Ben ; N. Devlin Nancy. Mao, H. Chen, and D. Feng , Bull. The SerCys variation in the paraoxonase 2 gene increases the Supplementary data: The SerCys variation in the paraoxonase 2 gene increases the risk of type 2 diabetes in northern Chinese.

Table 1. Clinical characteristics of case and control. African Journal of Biotechnology - Vol 9, No 53 Issue front cover thumbnail. Volume 78, Issue 4. April , pages Thymoquinone induces cytotoxicity and reprogramming of EMT in Oct 24, Hussain et al. Hsinyu Lee. Volume 37 Issue 1 March pp Review. Effect of Yushen zhuyun decoction on rats with diminished ovarian Hum Reprod ; Research progress of pathogeny and treatment of traditional Chinese and.

Western medicine of decreasing ovarian reservation. Chin Med Hera ; Lacroix O Components of non-anthocyanin phenolic compounds in wines of Osalevad Guangzhou ja Guangzhouga seotud kunstnikud. Lutwak introduced the harmonic Blaschke combination and the harmonic. Blaschke body of a star body. Further, Feng and Wang introduced the concept of the L p- harmonic Blaschke body of a star body.

In this paper, we define the notion of general. L p-harmonic Blaschke bodies and establish some of its Lutwak introduced the harmonic Blaschke combination and the harmonic Blaschke body of a star body. Further, Feng and Wang introduced the concept of the -harmonic Blaschke body of a star body. In this paper, we define the notion of general -harmonic Blaschke bodies and establish some of its properties.

The deduced amino acid sequences among the four species and two subspecies exhibited The comparison of amino acid sequences revealed two common substitutions in A. Understanding what administrators believe influences their…. Bifurcation methods of dynamical systems for handling nonlinear Bifurcation methods of dynamical systems for handling nonlinear wave equations.

These compounds and their analogs have been reported as specific inhibitors of the growth of endothelic cells and The Michael addition of active methylene compounds to chalcones is well documented [ On the basis of Engelman, L. Organometallics , 30, How to update design floods after the construction of small Dams impact river hydrology through changes in the Feng P and Li X Bivariate frequency analysis of non- stationary African Journal of Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Proteomic identification of CIB1 as a potential diagnostic factor in Proteomic identification of CIB1 as a potential diagnostic factor in hepatocellular carcinoma.

Articles Volume 36 Issue 4 September pp Our results demonstrate the unprecedented capability of electron holographic Sadhana Indian Academy of Sciences. Immunohistochemical and Western blot analysis. Social Security for All? While China has made advances in creating a social welfare system, there are still large imbalances between urban and rural areas. Supplementary data: A complete mitochondrial genome of wheat Supplementary data: A complete mitochondrial genome of wheat Triticum aestivum cv.

Chinese Yumai , and fast evolving mitochondrial genes in higher plants. Aimin Zhang and Jun Yu. Effect of ultrasonic specific energy on waste activated sludge Mar 22, State Key Also, there are groups of animals Work is also in progress on the sipunculid,. Golfingia, and the tunicate, Ciona. Combined oil-immersion, phase-contrast and dark-ground viewing of.

Fertigation with domestic wastewater: Uses and implications. Rio de. Janeiro: ABES: 1. Genomic dissection and prioritizing of candidate genes of QTL for Genomic dissection and prioritizing of candidate genes of QTL for regulating spontaneous arthritis on chromosome 1 in mice deficient for interleukin-1 receptor antagonist.

Williams, Karen A. John M. Stuart and Weikuan Gu. Williams Karen Chunhua Zhao. Fulltext PDF. Cao et al ; Li et al Hydrated calcium borates are still in the research and development stage, nowadays Wang and Feng ; Zhao et al ; Bao et al Several techniques have been developed to synthesize bulk hydrated calcium borate.

Gender, Games and Space. We report here a study of spatial learning and action videogame play based on Feng et al. Students with above-average scores on measures of spatial abilities, such as mental rotation, prove more successful in Science,…. Honggang Wang. Mining microsatellite markers from public expressed sequence tag. Mining microsatellite markers from public expressed sequence tag sequences for genetic diversity analysis in pomegranate. Research Note Volume 91 Issue 3 December pp Carlet and K. Feng , An infinite class of balanced vectorial. Preparation and characterization of plasticized high molecular C at the rate of Matthew K.

Yocum, Dattatreya Mellacheruvu, Yuanyuan Feng , Sundeep Kalantry. A double inequality for bounding Toader mean by the centroidal mean. Yun Hua Feng Qi. Shandong Province , China. Inner Mongolia Notice is also given of the filing of Dated: September 27, Spetsialist Siret Seeder tutvustab intuitiivse e vormikoolkonna bagua 8 tsooni teooriat.

Initial effect of taping technique on wrist extension and grip strength and pain of Individuals with lateral epicondylitis Alireza Shamsoddini; Mohammad Taghi Hollisaz, PhD. Farshad Bahari, PhD. The comparison of the role of vision on static postural stability in athletes and non-athletes Zohre Meshkati, Ph. D ; Mehdi Namazizadeh, Ph. D; Mahyar Salavati, Ph. D Leila Meshkati.

Effect of the mechanical activation on size reduction of crystalline acetaminophen drug particles. In this study, we investigated the size reduction influence of the acetaminophen C8H9O2N particles by mechanical activation using a dry ball mill. The results of the IR and XRD images showed no change in the drug structure after the mechanical activation of all samples. With the peak height at full width at half maximum from XRD and the Scherrer equation, the size of the activated crystallite samples illustrated that the AFM images were in sound agreement with the Scherrer equation.

According to the peaks of the AFM images, the average size of the particles in 30 hours of activation was 24 nm with a normal particle distribution. The ICP analysis demonstrated the presence of tungsten carbide particle impurities after activation from the powder sample impacting with the ball and jar. The greatest reduction in size was after milling for 30 hours. Keywords: acetaminophen, mechanical activation, structure investigation, nanoparticles, ball mill. The relationship between cellular adhesion and surface roughness for polyurethane modified by microwave plasma radiation.

In this study, conventional polyurethane was exposed to microwave plasma treatment with oxygen and argon gases for 30 seconds and 60 seconds. Attenuated total reflection Fourier transform infrared spectra investigations of irradiated samples indicated the presence of functional groups.

Atomic force microscope images of samples irradiated with inert and active gases indicated the nanometric topography of the sample surfaces. Samples irradiated by oxygen plasma indicated high roughness compared with those irradiated by inert plasma for the different lengths of time. In addition, surface roughness increased with time, which can be due to a reduction of contact angle of samples irradiated by oxygen plasma.

Contact angle analysis indicated a reduction in samples irradiated with both types of plasma. However, samples irradiated with oxygen plasma indicated lower contact angle compared with those irradiated by argon plasma. Cellular investigations with unrestricted somatic stem cells showed better adhesion, cell growth, and proliferation among samples radiated by oxygen plasma for longer than for normal samples.

Keywords: surface topography, polyurethane, plasma treatment, cellular investigation. The anomalous magnetic moment of the top quark may be measured during the first run of the LHC at 7 TeV. For these measurements, it will be useful to have available tree amplitudes with t bar t and arbitrarily many photons and gluons, including both QED and color anomalous magnetic moments. In this paper, we present a method for computing these amplitudes using the Britto-Cachazo- Feng -Witten recursion formula. Because we deal with an effective theory with higher-dimension couplings, there are roadblocks to a direct computation with the Britto-Cachazo- Feng -Witten method.

We evade these by using an auxiliary scalar theory to compute a subset of the amplitudes. Top quark amplitudes with an anomalous magnetic moment. For these measurements, it will be useful to have available tree amplitudes with tt and arbitrarily many photons and gluons, including both QED and color anomalous magnetic moments.

Bounds from LEP on unparticle interactions with electroweak bosons. By examining single photon production at LEP, we bound the strength of these interactions. We apply our results, along with those of Delgado and Strassler [A. Delgado and M. Strassler, Phys. D 81, Caracciolo and S. Rychkov, Phys.

Rajaraman, and H. Tu, Phys. D 77, We find the maximum allowable cross section is of order a few tens of femtobarns at the 14 TeV LHC, and lies well below 1 fb for a wide range of parameters. Observation of a new surface mode on a fluid-saturated permeable solid. Almost ten years ago, S. Feng and D. We found that, due to surface tension, practically closed-pore boundary conditions can prevail at an interface between a nonwetting fluid e. Surface wave velocity and attenuation measurements were made on alcohol-saturated porous sintered glass at kHz. The experimental results show clear evidence of the new ''slow'' surface mode predicted by Feng and Johnson.

Full Text Available As one of the most fundamental natural elements, water has had a great share in the formation and architecture of architectural buildings. This research examines the effect of water and its presence in contemporary houses. Architecture is not merely a tridimensional compound of forms in space, but a manifestation of a sense or a thought in it. According to Feng Shui, the building where we live in can be the cause of balance and health for human being.

As a whole, anything around us has active and mobile energies; by designing a building in a way that positive energies can follow around easier, one can easier bring happiness for the dwellers. Feng Shui is based on the harmony among five elements of water, wind, soil, fire and metal. Because of its stream, water removes negative energies and revives and mobilizes positive ones thereby having a great impact on the current of energies. Conceptual, functional and aesthetic basics of water have been examined first via library studies and note taking from various papers and books.

Then, the three qualities would be analyzed in Iranian architecture, and the properties of past people will be examined to emphasize material, spiritual and psychological aspects of water. Then, I will assess the philosophical basics of Feng Shui in using water for interior spaces via a qualitative method and content analysis, usage of water based on Feng Shui in interior design and decoration of homes.

Considering these concepts, natural possibilities of water in interior architecture and its limitations in interior space design would be assessed and recognized.

Shadow King

Finally, some patterns would be presented to use water in interior spaces of contemporary apartments. Francis Group, pp. International Journal of Communications Systems. For example, in a rat trauma -hemorrhage model, estrogen attenuated splenic macrophage interleukin IL -6 and Therefore, aeromedical evacuation is critical to the health and recovery J Cell Physiol. Estrogen modulates. Nevertheless, success stories in the automotive and Significance and Relevance to USAF Single crystal nickel turbine blades are being utilized in turbine jet engines throughout industry because of their.

Prostate Cancer 5b. No hexavalent half-arc-transitive graphs of order twice a prime Mar 19, Wang and Feng Discrete. In this paper, we extend this result to prove that no hexavalent half-arc-transitive graphs of order 2p2 exist. Half-arc-transitive; bi-Cayley graph; vertex transitive; Diagnosis of malaria is generally performed with a blood smear or by rapid diagnostic tests.

Human immunodeficiency Feng C. China Report Economic Affairs No. Retrofitting models of inflation. I use the method of retrofitting, developed by Dine, Feng and Silverstein, to generate the scale of inflation dynamically, allowing it to be naturally small. This is a general procedure that may be performed on existing models of supersymmetric inflation. I illustrate this idea on two such models, one an example of F-term inflation and the other an example of D-term inflation. Feng Electrical Engineering, Case Keywords: silicon carbide SiC ; radiation effects; ion implantation ; proton; stopping and range of.

Toxicity evaluation of biodegradable chitosan nanoparticles using a zebrafish embryo model. Feng et al. Various types of flavonoids are the major constituents of this plant and some of which exhibited strong tyrosinase inhibitory Recently, we purified and identified two prenylflavone derivatives.

Percutaneous kyphoplasty combined with zoledronic acid infusion in the treatment of osteoporotic thoracolumbar fractures in the elderly. They bear witness to the continuing existence of. A method for minimum risk portfolio optimization under hybrid uncertainty. In this paper, we investigate a minimum risk portfolio model under hybrid uncertainty when the profitability of financial assets is described by fuzzy random variables.

According to Feng , the variance of a portfolio is defined as a crisp value. To aggregate fuzzy information the weakest drastic t-norm is used. We construct an equivalent stochastic problem of the minimum risk portfolio model and specify the stochastic penalty method for solving it. Massive supermultiplets in four-dimensional superstring theory. We extend the discussion of Feng et al. Massive spinor helicity methods shed light on the interplay between individual polarization states.

Lower bound on inconclusive probability of unambiguous discrimination. We derive a lower bound on the inconclusive probability of unambiguous discrimination among n linearly independent quantum states by using the constraint of no signaling. A 64, ], and when the optimal discrimination can be reached, these two bounds coincide with each other. An alternative method of constructing an appropriate measurement to prove the lower bound is also presented.

Zirconia powders Frequency and pattern of Chinese herbal medicine prescriptions for urticaria in Taiwan during analysis of the national health insurance database. Large-scale pharmaco-epidemiological studies of Chinese herbal medicine CHM for treatment of urticaria are few, even though clinical trials showed some CHM are effective. The purpose of this study was to explore the frequencies and patterns of CHM prescriptions for urticaria by analysing the population-based CHM database in Taiwan.

We calculated the frequencies and patterns of CHM prescriptions used for treatment of urticaria, of which the diagnosis was defined as the single ICD-9 Code of Frequent itemset mining, as applied to data mining, was used to analyse co-prescription of CHM for patients with urticaria. There were 37, subjects who visited traditional Chinese Medicine clinics for urticaria in Taiwan during and received a total of 95, CHM prescriptions. Subjects between 18 and 35 years of age comprised the largest number of those treated There was an average of 5.

Bai-Xian-Pi Dictamnus dasycarpus Turcz was the most commonly prescribed single Chinese herb while Xiao- Feng San was the most commonly prescribed Chinese herbal formula. In view of the popularity of CHM such as Xiao- Feng San prescribed for the wind-heat pattern of urticaria in this study, a large-scale, randomized clinical trial is warranted to research their efficacy and safety. What is a Bonus Issue? Key Takeaways A bonus issue of shares is stock issued by a company in lieu of cash dividends. Shareholders can sell the shares to meet their liquidity needs. Bonus shares increase a company's share capital but not its net assets.

Compare Investment Accounts. The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Related Terms Stock Split Definition A stock split is a corporate action in which a company divides its existing shares into multiple shares to boost the liquidity of the shares. Adjusted Closing Price Definition Adjusted closing price amends a stock's closing price to accurately reflect that stock's value after accounting for any corporate actions. Learn what a Stock Dividend Is A stock dividend, also known as a scrip dividend, is a dividend payment made in the form of additional shares.

Dilution Definition Dilution occurs when a company issues new stock which results in a decrease of an existing stockholder's ownership percentage of that company. Dividend Reinvestment Plan DRIP A dividend reinvestment plan DRIP is an arrangement that allows shareholders to automatically reinvest a stock's cash dividends into additional or fractional shares of the underlying company. It is offered by a public company free or for a nominal fee, though minimum investment amounts may apply. Partner Links. Related Articles. Financial Statements How do dividends affect the balance sheet?

Dividend Stocks Facts About Dividends. The Marshes are now on Dr Strange. The topic is the punk-rockism of being pro-choice. No really, keep reading. Actually, I guessed right when she told me that something was really wrong. They had sex, as they often do. Well, protected until the condom broke. Which brings me around to my thoughts.

Why is being pro-choice so punk-rock anyway? Most I know think that way. It seems to contradict all of the other little punk rocker rules and regulations. Most punkish people I know, are obviously anti- racist, like me, care about the poor and needy, like me, and the environment and all like me, but are pro-choice. All of those other things, so punk rock as hell, have to do with giving everyone a chance.

Giving minorities and women equal rights. Helping the poor so they can survive like the rest of us, and have a better chance at life. Keeping the environ- ment clean so generations to come can have the earth and live, too. So, why then are they all for killing people before they ever are born? Taking away their biggest chance to do anything in life, taking away life itself.

So what if it can be hard or discomforting for the parents What do you know about what that decision is like? Are you implying abortion is easy? Planned Parenthood has a hour information line, in the U. If you want to know more about this issue, they are a good place to start. Jeff M. My name is Rev. Richard J. I am a minister of the Universal Life Church, which does mean that I am a fully ordained minister, but that I do not have a congregation, established church, and I live much like any other lay person in America.

I am writing to you to bring a recent event to your attention, and to pose a moral dilemma — what would you do in the following situation: It is Friday night, about 8pm. You are with friends at the normally crowded corner of Newbury St. Nearby, a protest with which you are neither particularly in agreeance nor disagreeance, starts. A large crowd gathers, police arrive, arrests are made. Tension and confu- sion are high. To your left, you see a man trying in vain to walk a bicycle away from the activity through the crowd.

There are police nearby, but they are not responding they seem focused on other activity. What do you do? A police officer came to my right side, took my arm and asked if I wanted to be arrested. I reiterated what I saw, what was going on, and that I was uninvolved in any other part of the activity. At no point did anyone address the fact that the man pushing, shouting and swearing was also a policeman.

It was some time later when I learned that he was an officer of the law. Despite numerous re- quests and attempts to talk with various officers at the scene and at the Area D Police Station, I was only able to find out his identity by directly asking him in person. Look forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely, Rev. My band Dropout played with them in Birkenhead a few weeks ago and they sucked. Apart from turning up late, they strutted around with an obvious inflation to their own importance.

After their set, GBH demonstrated what true tossers they are, as the guitarist smashed up his guitar on the monitors in a fit of punkness, probably to make up for the lack of punk during their set. Neither was the huge brawl which erupted after this, but at least GBH had the sense to leave the drummer and his mate behind as they took I a pasting by the pissed off locals. The moral of this story, my friends, is never go near these sad old wankers.

Bookthe UK Subs instead. They played a few weeks before GBH and ruled. Grow old with dignity, you pricks. Magill psygnosis. The day we arrived in L. We my friends and I were really amazed that we will be able to see AF live again after their more or less unnecessary reunion.

But this is up to themselves.. So we went to L. ID required for entrance! We made some fun of what that guy was telling us but we shortly realized, that it was meant seri- ously. We showed ourTicketmastertix com- mercial tickets for a HC show oh well and there he was, a 10 foot bodyguard bouncer telling me rudely that wallet chains are not accepted!

No chains. Get lost! The only reason why we released our chains was, that we made that big mistake to buy tickets earlier. Anyway, our heads shaking we went back to our car and put our chains inside. And what we saw inside was a bunch of kids totally pierced and tattooed - just the coolest and toughest bunch of guys I ever saw. At second sight we saw two big monitors and about three pro- fessional cameras is the Whiskey involved with Paramount? Wow, how punk are they?! Fuck that! Strife was playing so we made ourselves comfort- able at the floor when another Security-Skin stepped in front of us commanding to stand up immediately reason: we were sitting on the white line.

We found out that this line is used as a passage where people walk. Wow, punk again! The later the evening the more we realized that this place sucks bad ass! The audience was just slamming around rudely hitting others faces and stuff like that, when an announcertold the audience show hosted by Larry King, huh?

Or not?! So why the fuck were wallet chains not allowed? But anyway, today I was going to see Ignite which l missed evei y time they were on European tour. America should keep the money for education and other important domestic stuff. After he said this, the audience was clapping their hands and our world in which we consid- ered Ignite to be was destroyed. Poor guys. We were like shouting at Ignite to fuck off and get lost. My grandma is a lot more HC than you guys are.

Fuck Ignite. Fuck patriotism. Fuck nationalism. Just be proud of a country that separates and discriminates the whites from the blacks. I could easily continue to talk about the US politics for hours but just notice that America is: a one of the most depoliticized nations in the industrial world, b one of the most deeply indoctrinated societies, and c one of the most conformist intelligentsias! It nearly is the same with Germany! So taking all this into consideration: Can you still be proud of yourfucking country?!

To end this letter up: Hey punks or whatever you call your- selves in LA, think about where you are going to and to whom you are giving your money away!

New Releases!

As a punk band who is on tour, there are surely other clubs non profit ones who are outside the snobbish Holly- wood! Always keep in mind that punk is not about getting totally pierced and tattooed! Follow the Dl Y ideals and build up more volunteer run clubs! Some helpful suggestions: 1. Bands - If you are sending some- thing to MRR for review, please! If your label is in charge of the record, have your band member that does the PR hassle the label to put in the price and an address. It only takes a quick phone call, note, or e-mail! I also think more people would be willing to check out your music if the price and address are right there; the readers have a central location to find their favorite tunes!

I believe everyone involved would benefit greatly, having the important info needed to order. In turn, mak- ing your music that much more accessible. There are many points raised within that column that, I think, are necessary to be discussed at length. I feel that this singular column and the ideas be- hind it, both good and bad which I will discuss shortly , are very important for activ- ists to think about. Some sort of discourse about these issues should be brought up by people from varying backgrounds and who are involved in many ways on different lev- els, but my declining faith in the scene is making me very willing to bet that an inter- view with Race T raitor will draw more letters in than this guest column.

Now, I would like to comment on several of the points raised in the column I may contend that it is not even a paramount cause of inactivity. Through ev- erything from television to indoctrination in- stitutions schools , we are taught, begin- ning at a very young and impressionable age, that radicalism is an evil.

We are taught through a very complicated web of misinfor- mation and skewed perspectives propa- ganda that the status quo must be main- tained, and that those who struggle to change it are un-American and, therefore, bad. James W. Textbooks credit the federal government for the achieve- ments that were actually gained by those involved in the Civil Rights movement on the streets.

He also points to a study that shows that high school civics teachers suggest to their students that the only way individuals could affect local and federal governments is through voting. Neverthe- less, the point that the majority of current political action and dialog is boring holds to be quite true, but I think that is only a partial cause of inactivity. Not only are they failing to unite the working class, but they are failing to unite the Marxist working class. Claiming that politics and protests are irrelevant and ineffective is incorrect, even empirically speaking.

Studies by politi- cal scientists show that even today with the massive fragmentation of the left that pro- tests, rallies, etc. They put the issues on the table to be discussed at length. Sometimes they are not discussed, sometimes they are. One example I could give is of the protest against the fashion school at Kent State University.

Through a letter written to the school paper the day before, the protest itself, and several guest columns to the paper afterwards, the activists helped set the agenda, the terms for the discourse to follow. People involved in this protest and in the organizations involved were complete strangers to the several individuals who had written in to the paper with their personal experiences and emotions relating to the is- sue.

One woman was a size 24 nude model, another, a plus-size fashion model, along with several "others. All these women were em- powered enough to take a personal stand on an issue that was brought to the table by less than a dozen people, and, in the end, an entire campus was forced to think, at least for a moment, about the issue.

This is only one small example out of thousands that people all over the globe could share that testify for the effectiveness of protest actions. Everyone involved in political movements is there for several reasons, and for many a key motivating factor may be feeling of duty. If someone is counter-protesting against Operation Rescue outside an abor- tion clinic, and providing for escorts for pa- tients, they are not only helping to affect long- range goals like ensuring that someday women will have access to a safe, legal abortion without having to apologize for it; they are also helping the patients realize there are people out there who are not there to demonize them for wanting to control their bodies, but are there for support and encouragement for women who are exercising choices funda- mental to women existing free of sexist con- trol.

Many of the criti- cisms are hard-hitting, solid observations; many are unfair and unfounded indictments. On the other hand, the ideas laid out for effective kinds of political action are great - totally solid across the board. Rather than throwing out the concept of the protest, how about thinking about and implementing ideas that make protests fun and effective, rather than dry and repetitious? Hopefully a dialogue about this can be opened in our local orga- nizations, in our social circles, and in the pages of this fanzine and others?

There are few organizations I consider effective, but one I suggest people check out is Anti-Racist Action. There are around 70 chapters in the US and Canada. I would have to say that is the best advice that I have ever heard in my entire life. Let me also take this time to thank Tim Yo for getting someone that is actually in the mili- tary to give his views for the Quality of Military Life column. I am an Aviation Ordnanceman. As of now I am on a six month WestPac aboard an aircraft carrier. Although I do spend a good amount of time swindling the government. They are so stupid.

Someone in Special Ed. Just about everything I own has one way or another came from the military. But I also have no remorse because I am missing out on everything that is going on in San Diego right now. If anyone out there is thinking of joining the military let me just give you a few pointers to help you on your journey. Refer to 1. Just ask yourself this one question. Ponder that for a while. Desi wanted to keep this as short as possible so that you can shove it in somewhere. First of all, Book Your Own Life is a great resource, it has all sorts of good contacts, which get you con- nections.

I got a mess of bands on my compilation right through the California section, now if I had gone through the whole thing I would have gotten shitloads of stuff. Well, I guess that Mr. Well MO, unfortunately not. It takes time, bands and labels to just become successful, it takes work to just establish a reputation. Bicycles are clean, quiet, body-exercising transport. They are relatively inex- pensive. They are easily stored in a garage or even closet.

They are even fun. I frequently ride my bike, always with both eyes wide open and a helmet on my head. I use hand signals and consider my bike to be a vehicle just like a car or truck. Accordingly, I obey all stoplights, signs, lanes, and whatever else a car must. I used to live in Belgium and in that country there are bike paths on the sides of most roads. Even with these paths, many roads arenarrowerthantheonesintheUSA. I was never hit by a car or involved in any type of accident.

When on the paths I felt quite safe and I did not bother the cars. The roads there are narrower and so are the cars. People tend to drive compact cars, if they choose to drive one at all. There are many bikers in Belgium. There are bike clubs and it is gener- ally an accepted mode of transport.

You see old ladies doing their shopping on a bike, men and women riding for fun or fitness or both. Here in the United States of America, if you are going anywhere you will do it in your car. You want a book, get in the car. To PI the dentist, car. Pack of gum, car. I just moved here about a month ago and I was really shocked by the sheer amount of pavement in this country. Every airplane-hanger-sized shopping metropolis complex superstore has an equally absurdly sized parking lot. Roads are wide, to accommodate the unnecessarily ugly, large, gas chugging barge cars.

People sit on their fat asses for hours a day, driving from one place to the next in their dispersed sprawl of a city. It is where the Blues used to play hockey. I really felt good going in there and just looking at it, seeing some history. I used to live here. Now, there is some even more big huge new ugly place for the Blues to play and the Arena will most likely be leveled to make a parking lot. So it seems to me that here in America people depend too much on their cars to take them places and they have built their towns around this dependence: everything is 35 miles apart.

They think all this land was made for some polluting, noisy, ugly, expensive, shit machines to take them to their boring jobs and the kids to soccer and all that crap. Perhaps and this is not in jest you live in San Francisco, in which case you could indeed walk places.

ComiXology Submit Releases - (EU) Comics by comiXology

Most of the USA, however, is so sprawl- ing that this is impossible. That just plain sucks. One last thing: there are many compa nies and people who make and ride bikes who just do it because they think bikes are good things. Gary Fisher is one of those people. He started making bikes out of spare pieces and he and his friends would ride 'em down a mountain. Now he has a company and it makes some very fine bikes. Selling good stuff for cash is all right. I will spend my money on it if it is really worth it.

Cheers from Min- neapolis. I write after reading your bicycling column in MRR 1 Where even to begin. I can have no idea what inspires you- is this your issue of the week? Missing that spotlight lately? A demon- stration of supposed individuality, as a signal to potential mates? Or have you simply grown tired of telling us about them? Some of us tire as well. So you never learned how to argue effectively, fine- thing is, you insist on trying regardless. The point is simple- you need a more complex analysis. You offer us your opinions AZ. A clue for you, Mykel- anecdotal evidence does not an argument make.

Rather, it suggests a lack of any foundation. Especially when taken to exotic and spectacular levels- seems to be a specialty of yours. In any case. Or did you just pull it straight out of your ass? What sort of cave do you view the world from? A Buick, perhaps? Are you really so jaded? The truth comes out for a sentence! Working as a bike mechanic for two years, I observed the exact opposite trend.

What did you say your experience was here? They actually cause more. About one year ago, I crashed myself into a hour coma, complete with a months-long head trauma recovery. Sucked, but if I had not been wearing a bike helmet, I would be dead. So I tend to disagree with you here. The crash was brought on by that last 6-pack of Elephant, I think. You should stick to what you know. Bike ban? Oooh, controversy. How fucking brave- Mountain Dew with that? I submit that you should stop writing about public policy. I encourage you to give up and do something else.

Write about Mongolia, or New York. Anti-bike pieces such as yours probably end up helping our cause, because the hysteria is laid out so clearly. I think you did. Get on a bike, Mykel! You know you want to. Fact is, a whole bunch of us ride every- where we go just for the fuck of it. You can get in on that, too You have a good day. MRR, I would like to address one particular statement made by Mr. Rebel in his letter to MRR.

Now Mr. Johny Rebel does indeed have a trade- mark for the name Padded Cell. There- fore, may I simply say that Mr. MRR readers are welcome to peruse the exchange of letters between Mr. Rebel and myself for their own amusement. I will also include a transcript copy of their officially registered trademark from the U. Government Patent and Trademark Office.

Simply send your request to the address listed above. Stamps, or even a buck or two to cover the cost of postage, although not required, would be greatly appreciated. First, I check all the short letters. I skip it. When you start reading one, you usually have to read with the assumption that the subject will not be gotten to until somewhere in the second paragraph.

That was the stupidest fucking letter I read in that column; a childish hassle over the use of one name for two different organizations that went on to encom- pass a broad view of the marketing of punk in America. This may be dismissed as coincidence. Give it up, Padded Cell people!!!! Next time, strip your points down to their four- sentence essence, or go one step further and realize that nobody cares about your mind- less feud!

Love, Andy Wrench! Any- one who wants to write me or book us Detroit- area! Too poor to tour! The tentative result is I have sent a COA to the postal authorities reverting his address with my name, the title of the publi- cation to my proper address for receiving mail. Tentatively I hypothesize unsuspecting people will send the mail to his address. Even though my publication is non- profit status, and proven so, as you know, it is my responsibility to make sure every order is rendered and the zine is sent to whomever orders it.

Tentatively, I envision some com- plaints from anybody anywhere who claims they ordered an issue and sent it to the wrong address. In other words, my ass has been hung out on the line. It is only fair for me to know who typeset the wrong address in case, just in case the postal authorities try to hang my ass, I want to point my finger at the individual who is responsible just in case anything fucks up.

Finally, anybody who sends an order to the proper address is unconditionally guar- anteed a copy. Is that fair?? Please explain to me how this works? Why would we as punks not want to be political? To be political means to have an opinion, to be aware of the things happing around you. If this is the case please put those Crass albums down slowly and back away. The last thing we need right now is igno- rance. Use phone for ad reservations. An LP of Heavenly-esque girl pop. Male and female vocals and every song less than two minutes.

All checks are payable to Lance Hahn. Honey Bear. Send a S. BOX Perfect for patches or silk-screening. As far as live albums go, this is a great one. The recording quality is better than some studio albums, and the banter is short and fun. Good, raw recording, tight playing, and good punk rock tunes. Another strong RC release! This does a great job in capturing the fun and furious Punk Rock that is an RC gig.

You get songs from pretty much all their releases, all played at breakneck speed. Well worth getting while we wait for another chance to actually be at one of their gigs. Good stuff indeed! Cool liner notes and tracks that span all the bands releases including a big slap of covers SLF, Cheers theme, F. Argentina 31 -Buenos Aires. Casualties, Abstain, D. Los Crudos - Caneiones Para Diskonto - Destroy! LP S9. Minimum order is S10! Foreign orders add S3. Please list alternates. Labels get in touch. Please send a stamp for catalog.

Please mention this add with your order. Hewitt, N. In the vein of Captain 9's or maybe Sewer Trout. Ltd press of , and they're going fast. Features hit song "Girlfriend's mom. A good overview of what's going on in the RI punk scene. It has a certain early 80's skate thrash sound to it. It's a short one. That's tat SHE said. I'm laying on my back. She's naked, sitting straight up, strad- dling my loins.

Staring up, I see her breasts hang cone- like as she leans forward. Lower- ing my gaze, I can see the slit V on the back of my caput minoris peak out from beneath her pubes. She shakes her head. It's a lap dance turned ninety degrees. Her engorged clitoris presses against my own engorgement. A little side to side. She laughs, plays with it, smearing the sticky whiteness on my belly. She laughs again. Lifting her leg from my left side she dismounts and heads for the bathroom.

She's soon back with a too-cold washcloth to clean me up. We're in a motel in South Beloit, Illinois. I'm in town for my 25th college reunion. She's in town to meet me in person. Up till now, we've only known each other through the internet. Maybe those police warnings were right.

After the nookie, she comes with me to join the old farts in the class of ' She drives me to the campus in her car. Later, a man on crutches limps up to us. The toes of his left foot peek through the blue walking sock. He's John Gwin Jr. You go skiing? But otherwise, he's pretty good. Then he notices my companion. Then, I turn to her and place my lips against hers, sticking my tongue down her throat, reaching between her legs, stroking. That shuts him up. After he leaves, I explain our history to my new crush.

I don't know how many times he was on the verge of throwing me out. Someone burned down the Recorder's Office. They accused me, but I didn't do it. Later, someone put plaster in all the keycard slots so people couldn't get into their dormitories.

Zezenia Everath - Fuhrman's Switch Key Quest ( Acess to Zor'Varuk Lair )

The dean accused me of that one too. Actually, I did it. Power to the people, and all that. You know? I can't figure it out. Of course.

Varuk: Issues 1 and 2 Varuk: Issues 1 and 2
Varuk: Issues 1 and 2 Varuk: Issues 1 and 2
Varuk: Issues 1 and 2 Varuk: Issues 1 and 2
Varuk: Issues 1 and 2 Varuk: Issues 1 and 2
Varuk: Issues 1 and 2 Varuk: Issues 1 and 2
Varuk: Issues 1 and 2 Varuk: Issues 1 and 2
Varuk: Issues 1 and 2 Varuk: Issues 1 and 2

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