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We call this homesickness. It is a period of adjustment and growth, when parent-child relationships undergo a transformation and we become involved in teacher-student or employer-employee relationships. As these peer relationships are added to our kindred relationships, the need to understand the principles of selflessness becomes increasingly important. In order to understand selflessness we must also understand its opposite, self ish ness. Selfishness is closing the door on service to others, and refusing to allow others to serve us in love.

At the same time, we attempt to serve ourselves or wrongly exact service from others. That which a man serves himself upon the platter of selfishness and greed may appease his mortal appetite, but it will leave him spiritually starved and malnourished. There is no happiness in selfishness; it is a sin. Its product is misery and loneliness, and it alienates companions and develops enmity in human relationships. Selfishness and greed, put into the heart of Cain by Satan, caused our first parents, Adam and Eve, to mourn before the Lord for him and his brethren.

Being selfish in some areas can allow you to be more generous in others

Selfishness debased the children of Israel as they drank and played and corrupted themselves around the idol of the golden calf. And only selfishness could have induced Judas to betray the holy, selfless Lord. Under his skillful management, this sin manifests itself in such a myriad of ways that virtually no one escapes its influence. Its magnetic tentacles stretch out and draw to itself every indulgence that can block the path to exaltation. Greed, envy, covetousness, lust, rebellion, thievery, idleness, lying, hypocrisy, backsliding, immorality, infidelity, pride, arrogance, gluttony, and most other evils are the products of a selfish life.

If we place sin in the sunlight, it will cast the shadow of selfishness. As a thought precedes an act, so does selfishness precede sin. Immorality of every kind is founded in selfishness. Why else would a person commit an immoral act, if not to satisfy his own pleasure?

We’re not as selfish as we think we are. Here’s the proof | George Monbiot | Opinion | The Guardian

Selfishness breeds corruption as men scheme and bribe and take unfair advantage to satisfy their wants and obsessions. It becomes pride as men forsake things of eternal value, even marriage, family, and God, for supposed high position and fame. Selfishness draws men into a spiritual vacuum where, absorbed in self service, they shut out all others. Since Satan has decreed to do all possible to stop righteous endeavor upon the earth, what better way than to cause men to procrastinate? Within the Church this is manifest in a failure to faithfully comply with callings.

Home teaching goes unattended; tithes and offerings go unpaid. There is neglect in keeping personal histories, compiling family records, and doing temple work. There is an unwillingness to give service in the missionary effort. Of all influences that cause men to choose wrong, selfishness is undoubtedly the strongest. Where there is selfishness, the Spirit of the Lord is absent. Talents go unshared, the needs of the poor unfulfilled, the weak unstrengthened, the ignorant untaught, and the lost unrecovered. Viewed in its true sense, selfishness is the absence of empathy and compassion.

Just as selflessness can carry us to exaltation and eternal lives, so can selfishness lead us to destruction and eternal damnation. Life too often seems a competition with others. We compete for companionship, for recognition, for possessions, for status, for money. And as we size one another up, we too often forget that our sanctification depends in part on our service to others. Then the Savior told him he lacked but one thing. Or are we like the widow who cast her two mites into the treasury?

If we would be truly happy, our acts must be acts of selflessness, turning sadness into joy, radiating kindness, and dispelling hypocrisy. Selflessness fosters love, confidence, and trust. Indeed, those men and women who righteously share themselves, their talents, and their means in benevolent service to God and humankind, are blessed with freedom, growth, nearness to Divinity, and worthiness to have the companionship of the Spirit.

Selfishness is nature - Roy Erkens - [email protected]

By selflessness we demonstrate our true relationship with the Savior. It is the one great virtue that binds together the family of God. Why is it necessary for us to feel the influence of opposition in our mortal lives? Think of times in your life when you have experienced great joy and great sorrow. Would the circumstances have been any different if you and others had been more selfless?

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More selfish? Discuss specific ways in which you or your family can grow toward greater selflessness. Review the scriptural accounts of the rich man Mark —22 and the poor widow Mark — What important distinctions does the Savior make between the qualities of a selfish and selfless character? Our view. Sign the petition. Spread the word. Steve Coogan. Rugby union.

Being Selfish

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How Selfish Are People—Really?

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    Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1) Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1)
    Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1) Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1)
    Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1) Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1)
    Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1) Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1)
    Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1) Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1)
    Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1) Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1)
    Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1) Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1)
    Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1) Selfish Beings (Selfish Beings, Book 1)

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