A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm)

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Any suggestions are welcome. The list of the commands that are available are significant and can be overwhelming. Any text that is surrounded by quotation marks, "" , is what you type exactly into the console. Do not include the "" when you type in the console. Typically this key is located on the top left of your keyboard. Type the following: "charinfo" "charinfo 1" for older versions of the game This reveals more detailed information about all the characters.

Most importantly, it gives you the character ID number. Sometimes typing a console command a second time will nullify the effect of the console command. You need to have a coastal city and a dutchy level or higher rank to have a merchant republic, otherwise the game ends instantly. Your character will be the target of the event if the ID is not specified.

If you want to print this out, hold down on your left mouse button to highlight the text, then use your mouse wheel to scroll up and down to get it all. Let me know if you'd like any changes made by commenting. Hopefully this will be useful. Please update for holy fury.

Hi everyone the guide has been updated significantly, thanks for your feedback. Let me know if anything needs fixing. Derp Dolphin 15 Nov, pm. How to remove tyrant? Didnt really Can you list more events? WOL intrigue. So that he can hold his own against rebelling vassals. In this game.. Wasting away your valuable realm levies fighting over each other. After a century.. Working independently to expand my Empire. Now thats savouring the sweet fruits of my labour. I will awaits my retirement watching my vassal Kings grabbing lands all over for my successor. I think its guaranteed that once my heir steps up to the Throne..

The breaking up of Empire and subduing errant vassal Kingdoms. Dejavu again. Help us save GameFAQs from junk spam posting. Lets talk about politics in historical base. I tried that and then I tried this too. Lets analyze.. A vassal should only hold one County. Hence making a Duke or later King unable to rise against you. Never makes a vassal powerful enough to be able to challenge your rule.

Tried that. Unsuitable historically and against the rules of this game, as it suppose anyway. From experience.. Caused the multitudes of traits and sureity of incompatiblity. Achieving tyranny from hunger of holdings of their vassals. Prolly their excuses will be securing more lands for their children. The AIs are designed that way.. If they hold only one province.. Defeating the purpose of your delegation. Yes, any rebels that won will be under you too.. My chosen King of Frisia.. Benefitting me.. Which one you like?

I always hold only one or two counties at most. From the ledger.. Whatta risk!!! But, a King that was granted a Kingdom by you.. The positive opinion of gratitude will be too large to overcome by even an ambitious trait. He has NO risk to be overcome by his weak vassals.. Britih Empire rules over almost everything under the sun. Happy vassals.. A respected Queen.. George will be used For the Kingdom of Aragon: If the holder is a de Barcelona, the dynasty's classic heraldry will be used Otherwise, the default flag will be used Prisoner handling Edit Move prisoners freely from house arrest, regular prison, or the oubliette using new diplomatic actions.

Lieges can use another new diplomatic action to request that their vassals transfer prisoners who are primary participants in wars with the liege. Blinding, Castration, and Zun Judgment of prisoners have all been converted into diplomatic actions for players, reducing intrigue menu clutter. Improved intrigue menu Edit Can display 7 decisions instead of vanilla's 4 Can also display an additional available and backed plot Retains the same dimensions as vanilla's menu, which preserves compatibility with vanilla's supported range of display resolutions.

New siege mechanics Prisoner handling Automatic empire disintegration. EMF 7. Attackers of Norse religion, however, may use the CB against enemies up to 1 seazone away. The Imperial Decay mechanic no longer builds special buildings in the emperor's demesne to apply its malus to demesne levies.

This end is now achieved directly via the character modifier which it already applies to emperors. Imperial Decay, previously disabled when playing Ironman for technical reasons base game save corruption issues , is now experimentally enabled regardless of your Ironman setting. A variety of performance optimizations as well as some stability improvement that's applicable when running long games without saving [and exiting] and reloading the game occasionally only an issue due to an undocumented engine limitation. EMF extends this periodic AI-society stimulation to all secret religions.

Part 16 - Azurik: Rise of Perathia Walkthrough - Water Guardian

This ensures that the correct secret religious societies are active whenever it makes sense for them to be-- in any possible scenario that may develop in any type of campaign. Vanilla features [county-tier] title decisions i. EMF expands these decisions to cover all possible religions, including those that are heresies.

NOTE: You cannot actually convert directly to a heresy this way, but if the heresy becomes mainstream through EMF's religious emancipation mechanic, through the older province heresy takeover mechanic introduced in Sons of Abraham, through special event chains such as EMF's Isma'ili Caliphate Rising, or through history scripting for different start dates.

CHANGES: Understanding 4-interest faction moods has never been easier: Hover the cursor over the name of a 4-interest faction in the Factions View, and you will be able to see the overall mood of the faction clearly. The previously inconsistent faction mood names and their associated text colors have been changed to uniformly be: Friendly green Neutral gray Opposed yellow Hostile red The decision Arrange Courtier Marriages has been removed. Toggle Marriage Decisions has also been removed due to consequent lack of purpose.

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It is also no longer possible to sacrifice her to Satan. FIXES: Fixed an issue with the monastic order for Miaphysite and Apostolic branches preventing its usage by heresies that have become mainstream thanks to majesty8 for reporting. Fixed the player-only version of the Ask Liege for Title decision not actually granting the appropriate title if the liege decides to acquiesce. Fixed the Fabricate Treason plot icon not being shown.

Fixed a very rare issue with event text localisation of the "ascetic-type noun" for Coptic Desert Father and Desert Mother characters. Decadent dynasty members will no longer attempt to ask for money from those whom have already tried to negotiate with them to drop their decadent ways. The starting troops will be twice as large if set to Aggressive. Normans in the Sicilian region now have access to a county conquest CB against non-Normans within the area.

This is particularly relevant for on SWMH. The Bektashi [Holy] Order is once again Sunni; in a relatively recent past release, it was changed to Isma'ili, but this was ill-informed. The original Bektashi Order were Sunni devout and not Twelvers; when the order was 'revitalized' after the CK2 era by an Isma'ili, things changed, but for our purposes, they're Sunni. This has the upside of also making the number of holy orders between Sunni vs.

Isma'ili even again. FIXES: Fixed a case where the event which is supposed to auto-destroy the Isma'ili, Shiite, or Zaydi Caliphate when inherited or usurped by a person that is not a close relative of the former holder would lead to an infinite loop of the two rulers re-usurping the title every game day. Druze, though part of the Muslim religious group, should now have access to matrilineal marriages. Special CB restrictions on conquest of the Sahara region again apply.

The geographical region that defines the 'Sahara Region' was accidentally deleted at some point over the last several releases, so none of the protections were in effect. It is no longer possible to plot to revoke vassal clans' clan titles as a nomad. EMF 6. Settling is done via the county title right-click on the county title to access the Adopt Tribalism decision and may be performed on personally-owned counties where either a tribal holding already exists or one can be constructed there will need to be an empty holding slot, and the province either needs to contain a castle, contain a temple if the nomad is Muslim, or the nomad's capital must contain a 2nd-level Baghatur Council.

The process works roughly as before, save for the fact that all clan vassals will be given the option of either also going tribal and remaining your vassal or staying nomadic and becoming independent. They are only likely to go independent if they personally hold at least three provinces and their capital is in the steppes. Settling in a province which isn't also your current capital now properly converts nomadic buildings to tribal in the newly-constructed tribal holding.

The new tribal realm has some starting Tribal Organization. For pagans, it is Low. For non-pagans or reformed pagans without a castle in their capital province, it is Medium. For non-pagans or reformed pagans with a castle in their capital province, it is High. Altaic tribal rulers who are independent, have Prestige, and are either Duke or King tier now have a decision which allows them to go nomadic.

Over the next few releases, we'll be fleshing it out to be more comprehensive. Rule settings: Default: EMF will strike a compromise between a historical sandbox and aggressively promoting in-game historical outcomes. This is, more or less, what we've always done, with some exceptions the default is now slightly less aggressive. Aggressive: EMF will aggressively try to promote historical outcomes in your campaign where possible and within reason and where we've actually been able to implement code to do so.

The extra Norse adventurers which spawn after the start of the Viking Age will be more common. Passive: EMF will only passively promote historical outcomes. This is essentially a sandbox and shouldn't be expected to lead to particularly historical outcomes. No extra Norse adventurers will be spawned after the start of the Viking Age. Sunni Caliph will never order the murder of the Manicheans in Baghdad.

The Seljuks' scripted invasion of Anatolia following their conquest of Armenia which leads to the formation of Rum if successful -- this event will never fire at all with Passive. Rollo's scripted invasion of Normandy will not happen. Non-seafaring duchy adventures now receive ships. The Drunkard trait now has a Killing a dynasty member at a coronation duel will now earn the Kinslayer trait, and the family of the fallen will not forget the brutish incident.

Only the duel challenger is subject to these repercussions. The Convert to Attacker Religion decision is now available for unreformed pagans under wider circumstances, and when a religious war defender chooses to take the decision, they will also be subjugated by the attacker when possible. Rare case where a non-independent crusade victor that also chose to keep the crusade title could sometimes gain vassals belonging to a different character who was a previous crusade victor has been fixed.

Fixed an exploit with plots where a player could switch to another plot target immediately upon receiving the plot success event and the effects of the old plot would apply to the new target. Rollo's existing children will now also change to his new dynasty when he converts. Fixed Pope's targeting of investiture laws to only look at primary titles. Annual maintenance event checking for existence of coronation traits on kings and emperors added solves issue regarding imperial vassal kings, which do not receive coronations, not getting the Uncrowned trait if they gain independence and thus become feudal.

The Rollo in the history files is now removed at game start for the Old Gods scenario, to avoid the possibility of having two Rollos in play at the same time. Reaper's Due Upgraded all instances of new character spawns that had a randomized culture to only randomly select from cultures that are actually present on the map. This prevents very weird appearances of period-inappropriate or simply irrelevant cultures in the game.

Fixed a bug with the trigger for the "Duchy with none of its de jure Counties under holder" case for the Plot to Gain Vassal Title. Fixed a couple typos in our new "Spouse is informed of divorce" event which prevented some intended divorce-related opinion modifiers from being applied credit to Toa Kraka for the report. Fixed several instances of vanilla's type of Administration laws being referenced when EMF's set of Administration laws should have been referenced instead in imported vanilla code.

You will not know you have them and will not know if, say, the character you intend to marry has them. It's possible for characters, when sick or when giving birth, to reduce their "rank" of fertility e. A married woman who has no children and is sterile might begin to suspect that she is barren, which will present the option of attempting to "treat" her condition.

Treatment might remove the hidden Sterile trait replacing it with merely Infertile but also has a chance of making her sick, injuring her, or even killing her.

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  2. Blood Drive (Read A Movie)?

Hopefully, her husband learns nothing of these endeavours, but of course, there is a chance that he will. A husband who has been married for more than three years without a pregnancy may become suspicious, receiving the option to have their physician or lord spiritual investigate. This might: Uncover the hidden sterility of either marriage partner revealing the previously hidden Sterile trait.

Piss off his wife, of course! Make her sick or even permanently reduce her Health. Factions: When rulers are invited to join an upcoming civil war and choose to do so, they will now immediately join the correct faction in order to participate in the war as a rebel.

Similarly, players no longer need to manually join a faction after pledging to the rebel side; that is now automatic. Multiplayer: The Grant County Administrator and Grant County Military Governor title decisions now, like their singleplayer counterpart Grant County , require either 25 gold or an eighth of your current yearly income, whichever is greater, if the province in question does not already match both your culture and religion. Improved robustness of search for an allowed fallback kingdom title as well as the handling of vassal king independence when empire has Imperial or al-Mulk government type.

Plots: You may no longer plot to revoke baronies in your capital county; we recently added this, but we've since decided that mechanism isn't appropriate for what we wanted to achieve. If the ability to do this returns, it will work differently. More unavailable plots are now no longer shown at all so not even a failed tooltip , primarily in cases where they could never realistically become available. The tooltip for the Plot to Gain Vassal Title is now even more clear and succinct in its summary of the cases which the plot allows. You may now plot to revoke vassal kings' titular kingdom titles if you like, although with current EMF rules regarding titular kingdoms, this doesn't come up much; it likely will again in the future, however.

Reaper's Due Shut The Gates! Tributaries are no longer automatically released when their suzerain dies if they are still valid targets for a tributary CB e. They're given the option to either continue their tributary status or refuse to be bound by it. If they refuse, their suzerain may decide to immediately launch a war to force them back into line. MINOR: Reaper's Due Invite to Build Hospital targeted decision used on holy order grandmasters to allow them to construct a castle in your capital in exchange for a free hospital now properly precludes making such deals with holy orders you've already expelled vanilla oversight.

We figured that Frail was a more appropriate representation of his ailment. As a result, this historical character finally has a decent chance at becoming "King" of Poland, as is historical. Fixed issue which could cause invasion's initial war to succeed but still fail to actually usurp a title in order for the Mongols to become landed. Added robust retry logic for invasion's initial war if it neither succeeds nor fails for some reason e.

Educating a child while the Groom an Heir ambition is active should now prompt the child to get more than just the Ambitious trait. The tournament-ending event no longer fires if the tournament has been previously cancelled by war or death. Fixed a title history issue with the Form the Saint-Empire Romain decision which would not show the initial holder of the restored empire due to a 2. X change. The former must still be enacted before the latter, respectively. Conclave DLC The Title Revocation law now applies a temporary year opinion malus upon raising the law setting, just like the other Crown Authority sub-laws.

The maximum liege levy bonuses of High Crown Authority and Absolute Crown Authority have been removed, although the minimum liege levy bonuses and demesne cap bonuses remain the same. Conclave DLC King-tier vassals may now join or create factions conspiring against their liege regardless of whether they're on their liege's council, how much power the council has, or whether it's discontent. Mercenary companies which usurp land will now lose their mercenary title after five years provided they are at peace. Employment decisions now produce less overpowered courtiers though they still have a chance of producing a good one , have a minimum cost, and may now be used only once every three months.

Prestige costs of doing so have been lowered, and in the case of religion, so has the piety reward. FIXES: The settlement decision for converting a tribal holding to a castle, city, or temple holding should now work again. The EMF Crier module, which among other things does flavorful-mechanical announcements of sacrificed religious heads, now works again with the new sacrificial death reasons added in 2.

Some tweaks done to the events which prompt Seljuk's appearance, so there's less chance of something invalidating the event chain. No more Famous Beauty horses. Fixed some vanilla issues in prosperity events. Nomad Wargames now use the tournament system, in addition to the regular Grand Tournaments and Furusiyyas - the main difference is that they are cheaper and only have a single winner instead of top three.

Independent dukes may now hold Grand Tournaments and Furusiyyas as well as kings and emperors.

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All tournament types may be held once every ten years. They are canceled by war and if the ruler holding the tournament dies. The cost of a tournament is now variable, with regular tournaments being Wealth or a year's income, whichever is higher Nomad Wargames are 50 Wealth or 6 months income. All members of a ruler's realm will be invited to a tournament, and they can choose to take part in the fighting if they are eligible or they can spectate.

This includes the ruler who called for the tournament. Women are allowed to fight in the tournament if they are eligible to be marshals or would be if they were vassals, in the case of independent rulers. Spectators receive the same update on fights occurring during the tournament as a fighter, and they have a different group of events they are eligible to receive. All those attending a tournament have a chance of becoming ill from the crowds, with a greater chance for those who spectate rather than fight.

An event chain will pick the 'beauty of the realm' attending the tournament, if one is present, and she will receive the Famous Beauty trait. Former beauties will lose their trait and may become jealous. Tournament romances between those who fight and those who spectate are fairly common, and there is an entire chain devoted to them.

Mongol Empire: When the Mongol Empire reaches a certain size enough to allow for fair-sized successor empires and the current Khagan dies, it will split into three different realms -- with the heirs assuming new dynasties and abandoning claims in the other realms. Now, it is finally possible for the Golden Horde, il-Khanate, and the Chagatai Khanate renamed to Moghul Khanate if no member of the Chagatayid dynasty forms it to dynamically form and for Genghis's dynasty to break up into the houses of Jochi, Tolui, Ogedei, and Chagatai.

The Mongol invasion AI code has been further tuned to improve the pace of invasion and general menace of the Mongols while also ensuring more plausible invasion targets and reducing the potential for border gore during the invasion itself. This helps promote cleaner, more desirable outcomes for the aforementioned Mongol Empire split mechanic.

When Temujin spawns, many more of his historical relatives are spawned as well. Tribal Holdings: Tribal rulers will occasionally get pious courtiers asking for help to build a temple in one of their demesne provinces, help which can come in the form of wealth, piety, or prestige but which is considerably cheaper than building the temple on one's own. Building can take up to twenty years or more, provided no events occur which delay the process.

Should the pious courtier die or otherwise become invalid, the ruler can appoint another valid courtier to take their place. Tribal rulers can now use the Settle Province job replacing Settle Tribe on demesne provinces of their own culture to attempt to build a city there. Once the steward finds a suitable spot, construction on the city can take up to ten years provided no events occur to delay or derail the process. Rule Republic CB Restrictions partially replaces the customization Rules for Merchant Republics ; the latter's functionality regarding unlocking higher levels of Crown Authority than Limited Crown Authority has been dropped.

While vanilla does tend to have a higher value per province than SWMH depending upon the region , it doesn't call for an across-the-board demesne cap bonus. The base levy maintenance cost factor has been significantly reduced, although it is still higher than vanilla. This is primarily to allow the tribal AI to avoid auto-bankruptcy whenever they raid. Note that this change unfortunately affects non-tribals as well, as there is no way to separate the two groups' maintenance directly. Note that there are future plans to address this toward the end of furthering EMF's goals for war difficulty and realism.

Paulicians no longer receive intrinsic morale bonuses for their levies. Zealots may only be raised by Paulicians and Kharijites once every three months rather than once a month. Cathar Perfecti may no longer be Spymasters or Marshals or lead armies. The Invite Holy Man to Court decision now has a chance of recruiting a woman if your religion is feminist.

It also recruits a monk or nun for most Christian faiths, a perfecti for Cathars and Bogomilists, and a desert father or desert mother for Coptics and Monophysites. Characters who commit suicide are no longer permitted to become saints. Nomads: Nomad stewards may now use the Settle Province job replacing Settle Tribe to change province culture in your demesne.

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  • Nomads' clan limit has been reduced to the vanilla 9 from Now, virtually no nomadic realms should already be over their clan limit at the start of the game. Expect to see some significantly different outcomes on the steppes than you may have grown accustomed. Dynamic Mercenaries: Some adjustment to AI willingness to make close relatives mercenary leaders -- they'll tend to only send those who are actually militarily-inclined. Women can now be made dynamic mercenary leaders if they are also permitted to lead armies. The 3rd-Party Claim CB-- used for pressing the claims of those under you-- has new vassal rank restrictions regarding whether they'll remain your vassal after the war is successful.

    You are the de jure liege of the target title. The claimant is already a vassal ruler either directly or indirectly , AND: NEW Their rank is no less than one rank below that of the target title. It will not suffice to grant a courtier claimant a barony or county in this case. Automatic Empire Disintegration: Now checks all special title creation requirements upon potential fallback kingdoms before selecting one to be given to the soon-to-be-demoted Emperor.

    Requests to a liege to transfer dejure vassals may now be made once per year, although the AI will do it only once every five years. History's Forgotten Daughters now applies at all start dates not just prior to Recruiting vassals into a Court, Prosperity, Glory, or Tradition faction will now take effect instantly. Players may now be recruited as well, if they choose, and do not need to manually join the faction. Base provincial supply limits have been slightly lowered.

    Claimant faction is now much less likely to support rulers outside their independent realm. The Magyar migration CB should not invalidate any longer if you occupy all the target's provinces in the eastern carpathian region. The Change a Province's Culture ambition should now also succeed if culture changes due to the new prosperity event chain or through the Magyar migration. The previous release's neato new feature regarding bishop selection for performing coronations now actually works [bishops sequentially ask to perform the ceremony in a rational order of importance to you].

    A bug was preventing any bishop selection from happening at all. Maronites may now go on pilgrimage. Tondrakians will now go to Constantinople rather than Axum. Absorbing nomad clans should now result in a proper attempt to overthrow the khan again. Removed erroneous crusade tooltip which mentioned claimants getting the crusade title. Fixed a case where a poorly-translated bible could result in massive MA adjustments to Christian faiths.

    Jihads should now be eligible to begin before Christian crusades are valid. Immortals will no longer lose swordsmanship skill due to advanced age. Despot minor title can now still be handed out even when the Conclave DLC isn't active. Removed an old event from Project Balance that was blank regarding the return of Benevento to the King of Sicily.

    The Catholic and Orthodox faiths will no longer be able to emancipate their religions after the schism has been mended. The emancipation decision now works if the parent religion head is a player - it now permits that player to decide whether a crusade will be called. All EMF-unique religious, cultural, and government type setup is now supported for conversion. While we were at it, we incorporated the mod Vanilla Converter Fixes v0. Vassals of neighboring realms are no longer invited to a coronation - they are either in the same realm as the ruler being coronated or they are independent.

    Only one such request fires each day until the coronation is performed and they stop the moment you accept one. Added more checks to adjust the time it takes for a child to increase their training skill. Once a child levels up in either Fighter or Diplomat training, they will not do so for at least another year. Female children do not receive Fighter training unless they are eligible to lead armies.

    Female children do not receive Diplomat training unless they are eligible to be chancellors or are independent rulers. Educators are now increasingly better at training children the higher their own Fighter or Diplomat skill is. Chancellors can slowly increase their Diplomat skill over time.

    CK2Plus/laraqanutazi.tk at master · Parsidius/CK2Plus · GitHub

    Fighter skill can now decrease more than one level after age 45, but after it decreases it won't decrease again for another 10 years at least. The Become a Saint ambition should now take longer to complete, and there will be far fewer AI characters who attempt it and succeed and thus fewer saints being declared overall.

    The Become King ambition will no longer be selected by rulers that are outright disqualified from creating their capital kingdom title due to special creation requirements, which are present at least in some form for every kingdom title , if it is not already held by another ruler. When a player ruler dies, their successor will immediately have their current focus and ambition cleared, if any.

    Within the first year after a player's succession, the focus of any of their children who are in their court may be cleared once via the new Clear Childhood Focus diplo-decision. Military: Increased raised-levy maintenance cost factor a bit from a factor of 2. Slightly decreased warscore-worth of normal battles from a multiplier of 1. One may no longer plot to fabricate a claim upon their liege's primary title if it is king-tier or higher.

    Gaining a claim on an Imperial throne can no longer be done by mercenaries or holy orders, and the claimant must now be of the emperor's religion. Fixed one Imperial courtiers event where you could become a friend of the wrong courtier. Game rule Gender Equality replaces same-named customization decision. Agnatic Succession is now the baseline default gender succession law rather than Agnatic-Cognatic Succession. The ERE top empire title only and titles with holders of the culture Occitan or the culture group Iberian after the year will still default to Agnatic-Cognatic succession, and any titles scripted via history to have particular gender succession laws will override these defaults.

    The Invasion CB such as that used by William the Conqueror in the bookmark now sets the succession law of the target title to that of the attacker's primary title upon success. Also, all new vassals of the attacker will be subjugated for 10 years and thus unable to join factions against their new liege. Reaper DLC only Adjusted the chances of symptoms turning into serious illnesses healthy characters become seriously ill less often, weak characters more often , and adjusted the chances of some illnesses such as gout and cancer to be less common.

    Congenital trait inheritance from grandparents now more robust and properly reflects the traits of newborns' real fathers, if different from their effective father. EMF 5. They also no longer begin with event troops, nor do they begin at war with Bulgaria. When and if the Magyars are reduced in their holdings, they may eventually decide to migrate across the Carpathian mountains - provided there is a valid target there, with lands immediately on the other side of the mountain ridge. The Magyars immediately receive their event troops, and the target realm must then decide whether or not to let the lands go to the migrating horde, or whether to fight them.

    Former Magyar vassals are absorbed into the liege's court and will ask for a county in the new homeland. A player Magyar realm has access to a Cross the Carpathians decision instead, useable prior to so long as they have not grown in size or converted away from Tengri and there is a valid target on the other side of the Carpathians as with the event chain, which immediately starts a war as if the target had refused so they always have to fight in order to migrate.

    Avar provinces owned by Magyar rulers will convert to Hungarian culture much more quickly. SWMH only If the Magyar realm is large enough, certain Avar provinces in the realm will convert to Szekely culture instead, and will spawn a number of Szekely courtiers when they do. AI Magyars are much less likely to convert away from paganism prior to settling. Prior to becoming non-pagan, Magyars will now produce far more raiders once they've crossed the mountains into Carpathia.

    Once the Magyars become feudal, their original event troops if not already lost will be removed, and the AI will be prompted to become Catholic if it is still Tengri. The Create Hungary decision has been removed. Player Magyar realms will need to feudalize and form the Kingdom of Hungary normally. The tribal Magyar title is destroyed if ever owned in conjunction with the Kingdom of Hungary title.

    Dynastic decadence is now strictly dependent upon dynasty members within the same sub- realm. The "realm dynasty head" is any ruler who has no liege of their dynasty in the realm above them regardless of whether they're independent. Realm dynasty heads are responsible for convincing decadent dynasty members in their subrealm to "straighten-up," and it is they who will receive the tiered "Decadent Dynasty" traits depending upon their dynasty's realm decadence rating.

    The "official" [global] dynasty head i. Unfortunately, due to modding limitations, note that we cannot instead show the portrait of the realm dynasty head if different in the Religion window. The dynastic decadence rating is no longer a simple function of a few flat thresholds of decadent dynasty member counts; instead, the proportion of decadent realm dynasty members is now critical. This means that large dynasties are no longer doomed to highly-decadent status, because the rating scales with the realm dynasty's size.

    Likewise, small realm dynasties will suffer more than otherwise from fewer amounts of decadent relatives. A decadent duke matters more to the realm dynasty rating than a decadent count, who in turn matters more than a decadent baron, who in turn matters more than a decadent courtier. This works both ways, so, e. With this new definition of decadence, certain traits now have different impacts upon decadence: The Content and Ambitious traits are no longer relevant.

    The Homosexual trait is no longer relevant. While it'd certainly be apostate in the eyes of Muslims in the Middle Ages, such a private status on its own doesn't imply a negative impact upon right governance. Nomads are no longer subject to the EMF decadence mechanic. Neither are rulers of landless titles such as mercenary bands or holy orders.

    Extended Mechanics & Flavor (EMF)

    When a character becomes Decadent , all same-dynasty players in the subrealm of their realm dynasty head are now notified in addition to the realm dynasty head. For a quick relations boost with the title holder if any , you may now renounce that claim by right-clicking a CoA for the title i. The title decision Grant County will allow you to grant any non-capital county and any subholdings which you own in it to a new steward or military governor either of your own culture and religion or of the local provincial culture and religion.

    NOTE: In multiplayer, we instead feature 1-click Grant County Administrator or Grant County Military Governor title decisions, and there is no option to grant to a character of the local provincial culture and religion -- only of your own. This is due to a long-running CK2 multiplayer OoS Out of Sync limitation related to chained events which grant titles to new characters. Zaydi is no longer a Shi'ite heresy, but it is instead a separate faith within the Muslim religion group. The Furusiyyah event texts and effects have been updated to reflect new decadence mechanics and offer some fresh flavor.

    The Bektashi Order is now Isma'ili rather than Sunni for historical reasons. A new Sunni holy order will be added, although they still have the Arsiyah on their side. The empire not chosen will be destroyed without penalty. No "de jure merge" of the titles happens automatically; they must de jure drift normally.

    The AI will always choose to keep their original empire title for ease of understanding its behavior, largely. Exception: If the AI can upgrade from a titular empire to a de jure empire, it will always do so.

    A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm) A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm)
    A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm) A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm)
    A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm) A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm)
    A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm) A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm)
    A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm) A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm)
    A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm) A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm)
    A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm) A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm)
    A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm) A Demesne Rises -- 7 (Guardian Of The Realm)

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