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If you want to stop in for a great meal, enjoy authentic Irish atmosphere, and choose from a selection of 36 draft Irish and English beer selections you don't have to go all the way to Ireland to do so. It features a Stone Courtyard Bar area that seats 70 people with three 19'4" x 7'11" bifold glass doors that can be opened in nice weather, rain or shine.

Connected to the Courtyard is a patio area that seats another 60 people. From the air you can see that Green's hangar home is shaped like a big star. Green said he likes the Schweiss hydraulic doors because they operate smoothly and open up about 90 degrees. They allow his planes to go in easily and will accept even bigger planes to enter his hangar.

Green is a money manager and financial advisor for Morgan Stanley in Flint, Michigan. He flies mainly for pleasure now, but over the years used his planes for business as well.


You probably won't see a nicer looking hangar than the one owned by Daniel Coury of Queen Creek, Arizona. He's a loyal Schweiss Door customer, who over the past year or two has ordered 13 bifold hangar doors and speculates he will be ordering 22 more in the next two years for his five-acre development holding 31 box hangars; an ongoing project at Pegasus Airpark where he now has nine hangars completed. His modern steel 80 ft. Rocket hangar doors are not your run-of-the-mill doors; there are a lot of specialized things associated with these doors that Schweiss Doors has to conform with.

Their latest orders from the Schweiss Doors factory were installed on a new steel hangar at Cape Canaveral. The largest of the two is a Bifold Liftstrap door 90 ft. The second door on that shipment is 40 ft. Each of the doors is equipped with automatic latches and are windrated to mph. After they arrived at the site they were clad in 26 guage sheeting and have 4-inch blanket insulation. If you need a really easy access storage unit, Schweiss Doors has the answer. These newly designed Schweiss containers are perfect for a number of uses such as safe and secure portable sheds, workshops, a mobile office, storage for farm seed and chemicals, hunting shack, band stage, food and beverage stands; it can be used for most anything you can imagine.

Custom-built from the bottom up, the new Schweiss Container with hydraulic doors and specially designed cylinders for Schweiss Doors only, is unlike any other container opening system you'll run across, and it's portable. The Gold Coast location features a Schweiss one-piece hydraulic glass designer door which opens wide at the entrance to the outside where customers can also enjoy their dinners sidewalk style.

You can sit right up next to the window. Once I saw this door, I was attracted to it and knew it was the right fit. I fell in love with it at first sight," said Bernstein. Stan Reiss got a first-hand introduction to Schweiss Doors after talking to owner Mike Schweiss at the Schweiss booth during the Oshkosh airshow in Wisconsin.

NYTPA Driver Profiles

He is now happy with his 54 ft. The door is windrated for 90 mph, has electric photo eye sensors and is equipped with an emergency drill-driven backup system and remote opener.

Since McCormick figures he has spearheaded groups of other pilots ranging from five aircraft to planes on vacation destinations that normally most pilots would not try to accomplish on their own. On the average, pilots accompany BPI on each destination that varies from three to 10 days. Bar Pods have only been in production for about a year for research and construction of prototypes. They are a deluxe, all-inclusive, velocity service, waste reducing concession bar for beer, wine, or mixed drinks or all three in one unit , on tap that can be adapted to customer needs.

They are equipped with the TurboTap, a patented retrofit draft beer-dispensing device made from high-grade stainless steel that slips over the end of a standard U. Located in one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth, Golden is near six of the most stunning National Parks Canada has to offer; Banff, Glacier, Jasper, Kootenay, Mount Revelstoke and Yoho. This place has long been well loved and well used by explorers, and even more recently for skiers and outdoor summer and winter enthusiasts. Situated at the base of the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, this 3,square-foot residence is a gathering place for an active family of five.

So how do you go about getting a 2, lb. It takes a tall tower crane. Schweiss Doors had to meet a critical time frame so that the crane being used by Frana Companies for the apartment remodeling project could be used to lift the door to the top of the building. The bifold liftstrap door is windrated to 90 mph, and has electric photo eye sensors and had to be engineered to meet glass deflection.

The large One dozen liftstraps, rated to carry 29, lbs. If architecture is your vocation, why not use your skills to revamp your own hangar? A strong Schweiss hydraulic 39 ft. When Belgian Airforce military personnel at Aerodrome Beauvechain needed reliable doors for their new helicopter hangars they went with the quality bifold straplift door offered by Schweiss Doors Europe in the UK.

Hower ordered a 45 ft. He learned about Schweiss bifold and hydraulic doors through various publications, but while at the Oshkosh Air Show he overheard another person comment on how he liked his Schweiss bifold liftstrap door. That influenced my decision. JT Strange and his family are in the process of building their new home alongside their just finished hangar in the Obannon Creek Aerodrome Airpark located in Goshen, Ohio.

The newly-built hangar needed a big 45 ft. You might say that Dr. Michael Stephens, a dentist since in Muskogee, Oklahoma, is enjoying the twilight of his profession. He also makes the most of his time off hobby hitting the race track. Racing is normally known as a young man's game, but Stephens, age 72, says he slowed down to get into a faster mode of racing - drag racing. John Stasny of Silverdale, Washington decided awhile back that he had enough of the four sliding doors on his hangar home. After a bunch of research, which included checking out door manufacturers, periodicals and talking to other pilots and friends he decided a Schweiss hydraulic one piece door was the only way to go.

They are fast becoming a prime installer and promoter of Schweiss hydraulic and bifold liftstrap doors as well. The architect and a project coordinator from China assigned to this lavish hotel wanted to see firsthand the workings of Schweiss Doors, so they boarded a plane in the middle of the winter to tour the Minnesota factory where their three doors were built.

What they saw here, along with the information provided on the Schweiss website, reaffirmed them without a doubt that Schweiss Doors craftsmanship was up to their stringent standards. Nowadays, its treasures, which includes works by Rembrandt, Goya, Rubens, Velazquez and Bosch to name just a few, are exhibited in two adjacent buildings: the Villanueva Building where the majority of the works are housed, and the Cason del Buen Retiro.

Founded as a museum of paintings and sculpture, it also contains important collections of other types of works visited by approximately 3 million visitors annually. What used to house high-flying aircraft, now houses hundreds of energetic youth-minded people, some of whom can now exercise a different style of high flight. There's nothing much more frustrating than when you discover someone scratched or rubbed against your vehicle or aircraft because it was parked too close to another while in storage. Newmarket, Ontario, Canada is a 80, population town projected to grow to approximately 98, by Due to these growing pains Newmarket was overdue for a new municipal operations building.

Such is the case at SilverWing at Sandpoint. This unique fly-in airpark community, set between Schweitzer Ski Mountain and Lake Pend Oreille, one of the West's largest lakes in northern Idaho, spans over 18 acres adjacent to the Sandpoint, Idaho public airport. This airpark has been in development since land was purchased in Now, several years later, the airpark is ready for people to move in.

Active organizations have a way of getting things done - done on time, done on budget and done with the help of individuals and the community they live in. Although relatively small they are non-the-less definitely an active "get it done" organization. Dryden, Ontario, Canada, is where the rugged beauty of Ontario meets the bright lights of city life.

It is a vibrant urban community surrounded by the unsurpassed beauty of the boreal forest, freshwater lakes and spectacular vistas. The settlement was founded as an agricultural community by John Dryden, Ontario's Minister of Agriculture in Aviation Experts SARL is an established year-old French aviation maintenance business and aerial photo survey and mapping business that services not only France and Europe but is called out to far reaching overseas locations. The headline is a bit ambiguous, but it sure sounds good.

In all actuality, there really are Schweiss Hydraulic one piece doors on the Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame - they were installed there, not formally inducted, and are for functional applications, not for sporting accolades. Just the same it's still an honor for them to be in this new and long awaited sports complex where visitors from all over the world come to pay homage to their Louisiana Schweiss designer doors have gone on numerous exclusive hotels stretching from China to Europe.

To others, traitorous rebels. But, on to the story A 60 ft. Shane Kellogg of Forest, Ohio needed a big door like this on his farm plus three other 40 ft. Bifold doors keep getting better thanks to Schweiss Doors. With proven Lift Straps and Auto Latches the door travels up faster and smoother. Say no to cables! Schweiss Patented Lifts Straps are the latest and greatest improvements to bifold doors that have been around for years Bifold Doors just keep getting Better!

Schweiss boathouse doors have a reputation of showing up at some of the most beautiful lakes in America, but perhaps the most beautiful of them all is the ft. What you see at the David Burroughs fourth generation farm north of El Paso, Illinois, located halfway between Cedar Rapids, Iowa and Chicago, isn't your run of the mill ordinary hangar - it has class, inside and out.

They're long and sleek - over 60 foot long and stand The fun part of Skydive Midwest's operation mostly takes place the minute you go airborne to the time you step out of the jump plane and then safely land on terra firma. That's mainly what the jumpers look forward to, however there are many behind the scenes tasks that begin and end at the all-important hangar. The hangar, a place to pack parachutes, check weather and park planes; most airports can't get along without one, and wouldn't want to.

If your heart is into aviation, and you have money, there is no end as to what you can accomplish, including building a first-class aviation museum, and filling it with some of the finest examples of World War II aircraft. Mills Fleet Farm, founded in by the Mills family, is a growing company with a retail chain of 34 stores in Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

It's newest store recently celebrated its grand opening July 29, at Ankeny, Iowa - a midstate location of approximately 45, residents located along Interstate 35 and U. Route 69 approximately 10 miles north of downtown Des Moines bordering on an agricultural and suburban-based economy. When time is of the essence and lives are at stake, air ambulance crews have to make every minute count.

These type of operations, no matter what part of the world they are located in, look to Schweiss Doors for dependable hydraulic one piece doors and bifold liftstrap doors for their hangars. Its most recent door popped up at the historic London Zoo. The Schweiss fully versatile Container Door. It's now the hottest door on the market, why, because it maximizes the use of containers that have limited access. Schweiss has even taken it a step further, if you don't have a container we can custom make that for you too, any size, with as many doors on it as you want on it.

For over 36 years, over , fans each year have flocked to the rolling hills of eastern Ohio to take part in the longest running and most popular country music festival in America.

As Google cars roll out, Deere reminds us of its thousands of self-driving tractors

What's different at this school is not all the doors are the same, and that goes for its unique curriculum as well. Edison Language Academy is a bilingual magnet school that is one of only 10 dual-immersion K programs in the United States. Since Greystone Construction Company of Shakopee, Minnesota was formed in , earning and receiving awards has been nothing new for them - their list of national and state awards for excellence, performance and merit are enough to decorate a large office or trophy room. When daylight hit after the evening of Oct.

It was on that Friday that Mother Nature decided to reorganize the countryside. Brad Utesch, who farms 2, acres and produces 6, head of cattle a year, with his brothers Craig and Kirk were faced with a massive cleanup after what more than likely was a tornado set down At certain times of the day the glass on Bruce Hamon's garage door reflects the beautiful Denver surroundings he lives in.

While it allows others to see within, the big advantage is it allows him to see out as if looking through a picture window inside his home. And it adds a real touch of class to his residential property. Who you gonna call when you need three top of the line glass bifold straplift doors for a bike transit station in California? You have two choices. You can go directly to Schweiss Doors in Minnesota or call a company that sells and installs Schweiss Doors.

Traditional Thai food has a reputation of being very spicy and hot enough to satisfy anyones taste for heat. A newly opened restaurant in Austin, Texas does that and more. Austin is a city of big flavors, but interestingly enough there are few that specialize in Thai food. That's where the long-awaited Thai Restaurant called "Sway," meaning elevated, delicious tops the bill. Fame is where you find it and in many cases others try to feed off it.

Their hometown hero was the most highly decorated Canadian pilot of that war with 72 air victories to his credit.

The administration at Scripps Ranch High School in San Diego, California, with the assistance of Casco Equipment Corporation and its assigned architects, knew exactly what they wanted in the four designer doors they ordered for their school. They wanted something that conformed to "green" standards and that would serve a useful classroom function as well. Ciudad Obregon is the second largest city in the northern Mexican state of Sonora. It is a historic and beautiful city of , population located near the Gulf of California about miles north of Mazatlan and miles straight south of Tucson, Arizona Read More And See A lot More.

Gene Fuchs, 81, has been taking to the air since the age of 15 and bought his first airplane four years later. He has two Schweiss Bifold hangars doors and one large 45 ft. He bought his first bifold door in the s and hasn't had a lick of trouble with any of them. Washington resident Herb Korthuis needed a tall garage door to fit his large motorhome into.

A city zoning ordinance said he couldn't do it at first, but thanks to Schweiss Doors he now has a 16x12 ft. Back in , Marty Kiehm, age 23 at the time, built his first structure, a 70' x ' hangar with a 48' bifold hangar door at the Delavan, MN airport. Though not yet a licensed pilot, aviation blood was already trickling through his veins.

His dad was an aerial applicator so 'flight talk' was a fairly routine part of family conversations. However following in his Dad's footprint wasn't his ambition. Schweiss Designer Doors don't get much better than this. Under Armour Corporation in Baltimore, Maryland ordered this very attractive and unique metal perforated hydraulic one-piece canopy door as a showpiece for their store and office building in Baltimore, Maryland.

The 28' 10" wide x 12' - mph windrated door features two distinctly lighted Under Armour billboard-style logos which can be seen for miles around. I spend all day here and I enjoy every minute of it.

Tractors At Work - Ploughing

And where he comes each day is to an 84' x 84' steel hangar at the Spring, TX airfield. But what a hangar! For 14 years this spot was only a concrete slab, the only remnant from a Texas tornado that wiped out the hangar which used to set on this hunk of concrete. But not so today. There aren't many airports in the U. In a three-phase project a total of 80 Schweiss liftstrap and autolatch bifold doors have been put onto hangars there.

In just the last order alone, 34 Schweiss bifold doors ranging in size from Contemplate this description of a popular Mankato, Minnesota facility: Daycare, rehabilitation, grooming spa, spacious suites with in-floor heat, raised beds, exercise program, pool, reservations required, therapeutic laser class treatments, post operative care, hydrotherapy, kindergarten, parties and social activities.

Extreme sports enthusiasts are a key demographic for energy drink makers, and Red Bull's new North American headquarters in Santa Monica, CA was created with that audience in mind. Among the , sq. Aircraft enthusiasts from more than 70 nations go to the world famous Oshkosh Air Show with their eyes to the sky.

It brings in more than 10, aircraft and displays nearly 2, aircraft of all makes and sizes. Dave Sirota, President of Bassuk Brothers Property Management firm in Oro Valley, Arizona, a bedroom community adjacent to Tucson, didn't go there to look at aircraft, he had another mission in mind. Schweiss Doors can't take all the credit for the envy. Ryan also goes first class with the Chris Craft Continental boat that cruises in and out of his boathouse. And for those not living on this lake, known worldwide as Lake Vermilion, that's also envious.

Many Country Club amenities and 39 custom townhomes and pool on privately-owned airport add first class appeal for pilots and families Read More And See A lot More. When you think of wallabies and kangaroos the first thing that comes to mind is Australia, "The Land Down Under. The term "mancave" has in recent times entered the American vernacular.

It refers to a place where the guys can get together, lay back and talk about whatever is on their minds and solve the world problems and such over a cold one or two. Mancaves seem to be quite popular amongst football fans. Only about 30 miles due south of downtown Chicago and surrounded by fields of corn, soybeans, wildlife habitat and even a few tree farms sits one of the newer and more intriguing airfields in America.

Called Bult Field Airport and identified as C56, this country airport however dates back to when Paul Sanger, a Monee, Illinois aviation enthusiast started his 'grass strip' air field three nautical miles southeast of town. Helena and Napa, almost straight north of San Francisco, California. Johnson was part of the design team behind the whole footprint of the Opus One building expansion. Most every contractor at heart wants to do the best job for their customer. Sometimes that means going above and beyond the call and at other times being able to offer the best product for them.

There's nothing cheap about building anymore but this project turned out wonderfully. The Schweiss door fits perfectly. We dressed up the shop and office area with some window shutter trim. It was a 70 ft. It showed up bent, and when raised it would bend, very poor weld quality, with welds missing in places.

It was a piece of crap, I've never seen something so poor, there was no engineering done on it. There was no quality control. RiverEdge Park and Music Garden is a venue that not many people in the United States have heard of yet, but they will. It is becoming the centerpiece in a year master plan for the city of Aurora, Illinois, that state's second largest city with a population of close to , people, making it the th largest city in the United States. Aurora is located about 45 miles west of Chicago and is accessible by commuter train from there. Since Introducing "Red Power" Hydraulic Doors to the market this Spring, sales of Schweiss Hydraulic Doors have escalated, and as a result truckload-after-truckload of ready to assemble doors have been moving out to destinations within all corners of the United States and other locations around the globe.

This eye catching farm shop is indeed a beautiful facility. All four exterior steel walls are white, however red is the accent color around the edges of this big hydraulic door, all windows in the door, plus other access doors into this incredible building. Twenty-seven years as an aerial applicator provides an historical perspective each spring for Rich Sigurdson, Olivia, MN.

For cantankerous he simply responded,"This spring brought in a little more work than normal. This is the latest for putting crops in the ground since I've been in the business. Getting doors installed at one location speaks rather strongly about the quality and reliability of your door provider. This means structures big enough for Army tanks and other special military tactical vehicles. Why Schweiss? Said Halver, "I found out about Schweiss by just being around a few folks at airport hangars.

So often Schweiss doors got into the conversation. Then I went to the Internet. I checked out a variety of hydraulic doors. The more I looked the more impressed I was with the information on Schweiss hydraulics. There are some second class manufacturers out there and the last thing I wanted was a bad experience. I researched over a year what I wanted to do. After meeting the guys and looking more closely at their product the choice was obvious.

It simply was the best fit, the best design, the best door and in terms of value, the best deal. Here are some shots of Fagen's warbirds. All mighty nice, mint condition airplanes! Just one of many unique planes that will be on display in the New Fagen Museum. It'll be the hot spot in Granite Falls, Minnesota to see some of the most beautiful Flying machines imaginable. Obviously a guy doesn't spend several thousand dollars for a big hydraulic door because it opens and closes in 37 seconds.

But surprisingly 'door speed' is a bit of a factor, at least for Terry Albright, Renville County farmer who also runs a fleet of 'over the road' semi rigs. A slick, new 75' x 80' farm shop with special lighting, in-floor heating, a huge 40' door and a burgundy and beige color scheme is getting all sorts of attention on the farm of John Dulin, Kenton, Ohio. So it's a real treat for me and my farming partner son Dana, to show them the works," explained Dulin, who is also maintenance manager for six school buses in their local special education district. It doesn't house horses and horse buggies.

It doesn't house antique autos. Instead it houses his R44 helicopter. And that chopper gets to the Carriage House by first landing on a helio pad on the end of his ' dock. A small electrically driven dolly then gently lifts the chopper with operator then guiding the chopper to its proper stall inside this remarkable 4-star carriage house. Hugging the southwest corner of Long Island, New York, Brooklyn's earlier identity was mostly hitched to Coney Island beach and the Brooklyn Dodgers of baseball immortality.

Today the city is enjoying a renaissance of rediscovery by artists, retailers, ambitious contractors and creative landscapers including the Andre Kikoski Architect firm which just wrapped up the complete renovation of two empty, abandoned warehouse buildings on Wyckoff Ave. Consolidation is that aggressive word which has been enveloping agricultural business for several years now. In simple terms, it results in fewer but bigger. And that certainly is the recent history of the farm implement business, which used to pride itself on having eight, 10, even 12 or more dealerships per county.

Today three or four farm equipment dealers per county is more the usual. But ownership of farm implement stores today often includes multiple locations throughout an entire state. Flying since he got the bug when working the fishing canaries in Alaska, Eric Hutchins, Grand Rapids, MN, has a rather diversified agenda these days.

For example he runs a year-round Dairy Queen in this bustling tourist center town. He also does some part-time law enforcement work and occasionally flies fire detection with the MN DNR. When time permits, high on his agenda is getting together with his snowmobile buddies for a few miles through the beautiful lake and woodland country of Itasca County. Our first step was to remove 60 years worth of lead paint from the existing steel substructure and miles of asbestos-containing material. When the building was safe to work in, our demolition subcontractor started on the roof system. It's big, 43, square feet.

It has a special floral display unit out front courtesy of the employees and the general contractor. You walk into an 'eye catching' ' x ' 'Consumer Display' section complete with a 10' high shelf showcasing various John Deere 'consumer goods'.

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  • Bifold Doors.
  • Pleasure: A Short Story.

And greeting you at the retail counter is a colorful prairie scene with an old country barn, woodlots, fields of corn and wheat plus a depiction of the original 1-bottom plow that launched the John Deere machinery company. A show place of sorts? Yes, indeed. Well, it's all of the above for year-old Daniel Shaw, a plumbing contractor at Geneva, Fla. Who has given new meaning to the term "hangar home. The Renville County Board approached Schweiss looking for a way to open up the event building located at the county's fairgrounds. The event building is used to host live bands, beer gardens and public auctions by Henslin Auction Services.

Hydraulic doors seemed like the perfect solution to open up the building and allow easy access to the building for large groups of people. The powerful hydraulic doors are the newest product from Schweiss. The farm and construction industry is likely to welcome this new Schweiss package. We're no longer just selling iron. Today we're selling precision farming products and that requires special training of both our personnel and our farm customers," says Paal Haug, general manager of Haug Implement with stores at Willmar and Litchfield Read More And See A lot More.

The creativity of customers continues to be a driving force for many manufacturers. Take for example North Star Imaging, Inc. How do you make the loading dock area for your store secure, yet still easily accessible and stylish? This Target store in North Carolina found the answer with two 39' x 17' bifold gates for their loading area. Give us your idea and we will get you the door. What looked like a near impossible situation without some totally new engineering design instead turned out to be a remarkable solution to an extreme challenge.

The challenge? This firm specializes in refurbishing component parts for various Pennsylvania steel mills. Now a sprightly years-old, Wally Vorwerk, rural Gibbon, said he became a 'tractor nut' when he was six years old and his Dad let him drive their 9N Ford tractor. It is rare that an Air Tractor dealership changes hands. It cant be done without an approval from Air Tractor, Inc.

Bill was starting to think about retiring from the business he formed in Over thirty successful years later, Bill decided it was time to sell Farm Air with its Air Tractor dealership intact. I like the new photo of the day! That is so cool how that customer has his livingroom mirrored like that! Even the painting on the wall They had two paintings done, one to mirror the other!

At first I thought it might be photoshopped since the right side is a percent identical mirror image to the left But then I thought Why would an upstanding business alter photos, but now I truly understand Schweiss does think out of the box for and with their customers to keep their product on the cutting edge in the door world. This custom set of Schweiss Bifold Doors was the perfect solution to provide a unique dining experience for this restaurant's patio bar customers.

Marv Rubingh of Ellsworth, Michigan converted his ft. Built in , it was still structurally sound. Rubingh started thinking about converting it even before he stopped using it for manure storage. Photo of the hangar door built in to house the Wright Brother's various gliders and aircraft at Kitty Hawk. What was started over years ago has been taken to the next level by Schweiss Hydraulic Doors. The "one piece door" was the Wright Brother's choice, make the Schweiss Door your choice!

Two bifold doors were on his Wayzata, Minn. He referred to the doors as "a bonus and attractive feature" and believed the architect chose the bifold style of doors for aesthetic reasons. Hydraulic Doors. New Superstructure Design. Hydraulic Vs. Tilt-Up Design Comparison. Hydraulic Door Frame.

Farm Tractor Caravan Visits Schweiss Door Factory

Mounting Styles. Hydraulic Pumps. Note About Hydraulic. Greasable Hydraulic Hinges. Hydraulic Secrets. Product Features. Build Your Own Door. Hydraulic Door Failures. Dealer Opportunities. Straps vs. Bifold Door Frame. Greasable Bifold Hinge. Bottom Drive. Top Drive. Strap Conversion Kits. Strap Conversion Stories. Customer Reviews. Upgrade Equipment. Cold Weather Package. Walk Doors. Wood Building Details. Steel Building Details. Understanding Headroom. How to Measure - Hydraulic. Forces on Your Building.

Round Roof Building. Retrofit Existing Buildings. Machine Shed Doors. Design Criteria - Bifold. Design Criteria - Hydraulic. Schweiss Specs. Steel Buildings. Wood Buildings. Designer Doors I. Designer Doors II. Specialty Doors. Pole Barn Structure. Schweiss Certified Installers. La Grande, OR. Lebanon, PA. Alexander, NY. LandPro Equipment - Alexander. Bishopville, SC. Washington Court House, OH. Big Flats, NY. Cheyenne, WY. Aurora, IN. Washington , PA. Macedon, NY. Kaufman, TX. Tifton, GA. Perrin Farm Equipment - Tifton. Sullivan, IN. Mosinee, WI. Swiderski Equipment, Inc. Waxahachie, TX.

Brookville, IN. Mound City, MO. Hiawatha Implement Co. Woodstock, VA. Minier, IL. Cross Implement, Inc. Winesburg, OH. New Holland TN55 Save.

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Washington, NC. Beaufort Equipment Company - Washington. Monmouth, IL.

Tractor 2 Blue (Farmer Todds Tractors) Tractor 2 Blue (Farmer Todds Tractors)
Tractor 2 Blue (Farmer Todds Tractors) Tractor 2 Blue (Farmer Todds Tractors)
Tractor 2 Blue (Farmer Todds Tractors) Tractor 2 Blue (Farmer Todds Tractors)
Tractor 2 Blue (Farmer Todds Tractors) Tractor 2 Blue (Farmer Todds Tractors)
Tractor 2 Blue (Farmer Todds Tractors) Tractor 2 Blue (Farmer Todds Tractors)
Tractor 2 Blue (Farmer Todds Tractors) Tractor 2 Blue (Farmer Todds Tractors)

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