English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2)

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Satisfy your morning with a Paragon 'Best of British' breakfast


He's been a carpenter, a cab driver, a Peace Corps volunteer in Micronesia, a college professor, worked for many months on cultural exchange exhibits in the former USSR, and he's traveled to 49 US states and across the northern hemisphere. He currently lives in Massachusetts with his wife Amanda and their two daughters. He can be reached at Roland RolandMerullo. As the subtitle signals, the leaders of two world religions are our guides on this "road trip," reluctantly accompanied by Pope Francis' cousin and First Assistant Paolo. He has plenty of enemies in the Vatican bureaucracy and is not anxious to give them more ammunition by facilitating his cousin's desire for "an unofficial vacation" with the visiting Dalai Lama.

This requires the help of Paolo's estranged wife, Rosa, conveniently the proprietor of a chain of haircutting and makeup salons; she not only crafts their disguises, but voices feminist, secularist doubts about Catholicism and Buddhism while driving a borrowed Maserati with a hair-raising recklessness that alarms her cautious spouse almost more than her challenges to organized religion.

Drawing on his apprenticeship as a thriller writer A Russian Requiem, , Merullo leavens the spiritual questioning with a sharp portrait of emotional and sexual tensions between Paolo and Rosa, plus escalating suspense after news reports cast the disappearance as a kidnapping and Paolo as the perpetrator.


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The quartet heads toward Lake Como, pausing along the way for biblically-tinged encounters with a shepherd, a prostitute, and a world-weary old movie star wondering why wealth and sex haven't made him happy. Admirers of previous volumes will recognize Merullo's knack for depicting goodness without treacle in his deft portraits of the pope and the Dalai Lama, and a La Dolce Vita-esque party scene spotlights his ability to discern humanity in the most decadent circumstances.

There is a bit too much plot and too few moments of the transcendent serenity that formed the most beautiful passages in The Vatican Waltz and the Buddha trilogy. Nonetheless, it's both moving and unnerving when key characters from those earlier novels reappear at a climactic encounter forecast by the holy men's dreams to suggest that there may be spiritual hope for our battered world. Lucid, unpretentious fiction spotlighting the drama of trying to make the divine part of our everyday lives.

His best-selling novel, Breakfast with Buddha, has gone into its 19th printing and has sold over , copies. The novel has become a favorite with book clubs all over the country and been the focus of numerous community-wide reads from Colorado to Connecticut. It was based on an actual trip Merullo took from New York to North Dakota, most of it in the company of his wife and daughters. Also based on actual road trips, and also available in various formats including a collector's edition is Merullo's novel, Lunch with Buddha, the long-awaited sequel to Breakfast with Buddha.

Lunch with Buddha details a trip from Washington State to North Dakota with the same wonderful characters as its predecessor. In a Starred Review, Kirkus called it, "a beautifully written and compelling story about a man's search for meaning that earnestly and accessibly tackles some well-trodden but universal questions. A quiet meditation on life, death, darkness and spirituality, sprinkled with humor, tenderness and stunning landscapes. Dinner with Buddha follows the same cast of characters from Breakfast with Buddha and Lunch with Buddha as they make another hilarious, spiritually uplifting road trip across the American west.

It features two of the characters from the Buddha Trilogy. Ostensibly about a weight loss clinic run by the meditation master Volya Rinpoche, this compact and deftly structured story explores aspects of addiction and self-appreciation from a fresh vantage point. An avid and accomplished golfer, he's also recently come out with a small book on golf etiquette, The Ten Commandments of Golf Etiquette, which is perfect for those who are new to the game and want to master the complicated dance that is on-course behavior.

Also recently available is The Return. A dark and thrilling sequel to Revere Beach Boulevard, it follows the lives of a circle of people who are linked by one man's addiction. His humorous travel memoir, Taking the Kids to Italy, is a light read that tells the story of a disastrous family trip to Italy.

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Eat Out: 35 breakfast spots to try in Dubai

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See Special Offers page for details. Great reasons for you to always book direct with us! Book with Bailbrook Lodge today and make your visit to Bath truly special. Our Rooms We have 15 individually decorated and furnished bedrooms providing the utmost in comfort and charm to make your stay truly enjoyable. Nice experience We had a great one day stay here. TripAdvisor — June Call Let those Old Spot and Berkshire Black bangers shine.

Two minutes from New Street Station lies a place where the music blares and the tables are always busy. Biscuits and cakes are baked at the cafe; the lightly spiced squidgy ginger cake is a particular highlight. Coffee is roasted in-house. On our last visit, we drank La Espada, from Columbia, which is smooth and chocolatey with a hint of acidity.

Yorkshire B&B with panoramic seaviews, bar and free parking, Scarborough. » best Bed and Breakfast

The mid-priced breakfast menu is short but sweet. It offers eggs, toast, smoked salmon bagels, bacon ciabatta and the like during the week and a more extensive selection on Saturday and Sundays, involving wonderfully spicy Brindisa chorizo, avocado and quinoa this is Islington, after all. These things count. What to order: The hangover-busting breakfast burrito. This is like all the values of the Great British Bake Off — vintage prettiness, village-fete baking charm, a stone-cold orexigenic obsession with refined carbohydrate — made into a cafe. What to order: The vanilla brioche French toast, like a cloud wafted through paradise, dusted with grace, dipped in an egg and fried.

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Just the place if you fancy a change from the full English. In addition to the oh-so-fashionable avocado on sourdough toast, hot vegan and veggie options include a full English with vegan sausage and scrambled tofu. Alternatively, how about a quesadilla — a tortilla wrap filled with refried beans, vegan or dairy cheese, tomato, vegan sour cream and wilted spinach or scrambled tofu? What to order: The superfood breakfast bowl, which features oats, chia seeds, cranberries, walnuts, hazelnuts and cashews.

Levantine breakfasts shakshuka, roast aubergine and egg sabich sandwiches are all the rage at hip brunch spots, but at this small, convivial, Israeli-owned restaurant you can go almost straight to the source. What to order: Merguez sausage rolls with harissa, a spicy livener. The food is flat-out, wraparound comfort, like a Uniqlo vest or a shot of heroin. It is a beast, as my nine-year-old would say, except that I, being more sophisticated, mean that literally as well as metaphorically.

What to order: The breakfast burger, a pork patty with bacon and egg — a sort of royal, gold-plated, rather more expensive version of the bacon and egg McMuffin. Using home-cured, unsmoked rare breed bacon supremely piggy, edged with silky, just-crisped fat , it is served on lightly chargrilled, liberally buttered white bread from the on-site bakery. It will transform your conception of what a breakfast sandwich can be.

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What to order: That bacon butty. Worth every penny. So, when I do breakfast, I want to do it right. Who could resist muffin, eggs, hollandaise and smoked salmon billed as eggs Alec after the pompous SNP man? Or, if they have them, one of its black pudding and pork shoulder sausage rolls: transgressive breakfast nirvana. Less pioneering these days, it remains a cracking place for a blowout breakfast.

Its use of fine Scottish produce Aberdeen smoked haddock, Stornoway black pudding , is as impressive as its unique, sculptural wooden interior, created by artist and furniture-maker Tim Stead.

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What to order: The homegrown beetroot bloody mary. What to order: The Kiwi pancakes. If you want to push the boat out, you could do a lot worse than The Ship on the Shore, beside the water in Leith. Priding itself on its sustainable seafood, it offers king scallops that are hand-dived by the Ethical Shellfish Company on the Isle of Mull, rope-reared mussels from Shetland and oysters from Loch Creran. Its locally sourced breakfasts are similarly persuasive. Artisan Irish ingredients are prominent and dishes are often modular; ostensibly healthy combinations of quinoa, herbs and avocado invariably come with optional bacon and eggs.

What to order: Weekend full breakfast with homemade hash browns, Gracehill black pudding and merguez sausage. Unsurprisingly — though there are a couple of vegetarian options on offer — meat is the star. This article was taken from our 50 Best Breakfasts supplement on 14 January Click here to get the Guardian newspaper for half price. Facebook Twitter Pinterest.

English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2) English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2)
English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2) English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2)
English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2) English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2)
English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2) English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2)
English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2) English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2)
English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2) English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2)
English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2) English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2)
English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2) English Breakfast (BeauTEAful Summer Book 2)

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