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Thus, in such cases, heat conduction welding is almost always used. With its welding penetration depth at a maximum of 2 to 3 millimeters, the method is also suitable for thin sheets or metal foils.

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The diode laser fuses the joining partners along the planned seam; the melts merge and then solidify towards the desired weld seam. The material distortion is low, while the joining is totally uncomplicated and clearly quicker than WIG-welding, for example. Because of the homogeneous and even heat exposure of the diode laser, the seams are smooth and non-porous and do rarely need post-processing.

This high seam quality makes the method especially for visible areas interesting, as, for example, in the joining of metallic sinks.

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Besides, it has also proven itself quite apart from design-related spheres, even at geometrically very demanding components such as gaiters for pipes. Here, with the classical infrared lasers, heat conduction welding is not feasible due to the infrared radiation being strongly reflected by non-ferrous metals, such that the surface can only be molten with a high-intensity beam.

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However, blue laser light is very well absorbed by non-ferrous metals so that the workpieces can be molten with clear lower energy input as well. In this, even wafer-thin electrical contacts made of copper, e. Here as well, very smooth and visually pleasing seams are created that can additionally prove themselves with their excellent electrical conductivity.

You see: for metal welding, the diode laser is a real universal tool that has no equal. And because work will continue on optimizing the relation between laser power and beam quality on all types of diode lasers, the spectrum of application fields in welding will probably grow.

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Switch sector. A highly-specialised team of technicians in order to manage requests for assistance regarding machines and components from around the world. A highly-qualified team to meet the needs of customers within the shortest possible time-frame. Spare Parts. The IoT platform that enables to access an extensive range of services to streamline and rationalise the work management processes. Products New machines. Glass Stone Metal.

Limit-free machining operations.

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Metal (Discover Series) Metal (Discover Series)
Metal (Discover Series) Metal (Discover Series)
Metal (Discover Series) Metal (Discover Series)
Metal (Discover Series) Metal (Discover Series)
Metal (Discover Series) Metal (Discover Series)
Metal (Discover Series) Metal (Discover Series)

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