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To read his thoughts in full, click here. To read her review, click here. Reverent, if anything, and thanks to Mr. The Latin saying "Nothing human is alien to me," he extends to "Nothing human is dead to me, not even death. Few novels are as unsparing as this one in presenting the ephemerality of love given the implacability of death, and few are as moving in depicting the undiminished achievement love nevertheless represents…" Click here to read the full review. Jonathan Levi calls Crace "an active, living anatomist of love" in his review for the Los Angeles Times April 16, Click here to go to the LA Times there is a fee for archived stories.

Banville also suggests that one of the key images of the book — Joseph's hand resting on Celice's body — may be a reference to Philip Larkin's poem An Arundel Tomb. For a collection of highlights from the US reviews of Being Dead, click here. The sort of novel that suggests the universe through a grain of sand, Being Dead draws an insular, almost post- lapsarian world, where everything is known and so meaning and significance must be created anew. There are no less than three Jim Crace discussions at Readerville. Click here to find out more. For the naturalist as for the believer, there is a peace that passes understanding.

No, I cannot allow myself to be hopeful. Shelves: horror , short-story. Creepy collection of short stories. The first story, "Drop by Drop," was my favorite. Brenda is sullen and unpleasant to be around when her parents decide to move to a new house in a tiny little town. Brenda's mood does not improve when a dripping girl who no one else can see appears in the house.

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Not gory, just creepy. Dec 10, Melissa Aguirre rated it really liked it Shelves: ya-books.

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I'd recommend this book to middle school aged children who are wanting to read ghost stories. It is comprised of several short stories that are interesting to read. There's nothing really gruesome in the book and there's no vulgar language. The stories are entertaining and could be creepy to younger readers. I enjoyed the book. Sep 24, Syanna rated it liked it Shelves: book-club. This book tells some scary, short stories. They are all about people finding ghosts in there houses, ghosts talking to people and more. I really like scary or mysterious stories, hopefully you do to if you are thinking about reading this book.

Jun 08, Jun added it Shelves: 10th-grade. Jan 30, Abby Cavenaugh rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book very much. My favorite stories were "Drop by Drop," which had a fantastic teen voice that reminded me of the YA I'm writing, and "October Chill," which was a very cool teenage-girl-in-love-with-a-ghost story. All of the stories were creepy and very well written. I'd recommend to anyone who loves a good ghost story! Being Dead , another book of creepy short stories by Vivian Vande Velde, will not disappoint the many fans of her horror fiction.

Ghosts are the theme of each of these seven stories -- ghosts who may or may not really want to haunt the living. And the living are mostly not thrilled to be haunted. This is one of the author's best efforts. Feb 28, Amanda G. Aug 23, Stultuscaudex rated it it was amazing. LOVED it. The short stories were wonderfully written, and most had some very unexpected twists to them! Jun 25, Collin rated it really liked it Shelves: ghosts , short-stories , challenges , read-in As usual in a short story collection, there were ups and downs, but Vande Velde is such a good author there were far more ups than downs.

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Drop By Drop - 3. I doubted it would be any good until the end, when the twist punches you in the kidneys. I wish there had been a bit more foreshadowing but yikes. Dancing With Marjorie's Ghost - 3 stars.

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Very short, basic ghost story. Shadow Brother - 4 stars. The Ghost - 4 stars. Anothe As usual in a short story collection, there were ups and downs, but Vande Velde is such a good author there were far more ups than downs. Another story where you're sort of like "Why is any of this happening" until the very end. For Love Of Him - 3. Again, more foreshadowing would have been good but I liked the more unique concept.

October Chill - 3 stars.

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I typically LOVE these types of stories falling in love with a ghost from another time period but the combo of Emily's terminal illness being treated oddly, plus the much clunkier writing style, plus the strange ending, made it probably the weakest story. Being Dead - 3. Is it bad to call a story where a young boy is accidentally killed "cute"? It was, though. Nothing fantastic, but a solid, gentle closer. Johnny's a sweet kid, and the bittersweet ending was a graceful way to finish the collection. Oct 30, Jenna Cho rated it really liked it.

She is constantly vistited by a young dead girl who never spoke to her, but always showed up when Brenda was near water. Brenda tries to help this little girl and wonders why she keeps following her. In the end, Brenda finds out the real reason why she is being followed by the ghost of a young child and it will leave you with shudders. I liked the chills I would get here and there. I also recommend this book to any reader who loves thrilling and horror books, like maybe fans of horror and young teens who are into suspense, because this book surely leaves you creeped out.

I wish that it was just one huge story instead of different ones. Jun 10, Loree rated it really liked it. I picked up Being Dead from the school library shelves, with the intention of screening some chillers for my 7th graders.

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  6. This one is a keeper! Keep in mind this book is a collection of short stories. After that, I had an idea of where VVV was going. Great fast read, with more than one shocker.

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    Sep 20, Pyrate Queen rated it really liked it Shelves: gradesup , short-stories , supernatural. Another collection of short stories from Ms. Vande Velde, yet this one is enough to have you seek out all the lights and open all the closet doors. Definitely deserves the statement "It'll make you want to sleep with the lights on! Jun 26, Shanna rated it really liked it Shelves: short-stories. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. A collection of ghost stories with surprising twists.

    A teenager is haunted by a little girl she accidentally and unknowingly killed in a hit-and-run. A narrator turns out to be a ghost. A bereaved father is haunted by his son who died in the Vietnam War. Jan 18, Steph rated it really liked it. Velde does a great job of bringing an eerie feeling without grossing me out. A couple of stories, particularly Drip by Drip will stick with me for a long time. Nov 18, Beth rated it liked it. Apr 26, Katie Ann rated it liked it. I really enjoyed this collection of spooky stories.

    My favorite was probably "Drop by drop. The ending is surprising and chilling. This is a fun read. I definitely enjoyed the moments of humor amidst the horror. Oct 06, Kelsey Edwards rated it it was amazing. Jan 03, Madeline rated it it was ok. In Vivian's book Being Dead, there are not just one, but seven ghost stories told. The book started off with a scary story about a sixteen year old girl that moved out to the middle of nowhere. The girl keeps getting phone calls even though the phone isn't connected yet.

    The phone call is of a small girl asking for help and ringing a bicycle bell. You think that nothing else is gonna happen besides little things like that, but then the small girl appears in her bathroom when she is taking a bath In Vivian's book Being Dead, there are not just one, but seven ghost stories told.

    You think that nothing else is gonna happen besides little things like that, but then the small girl appears in her bathroom when she is taking a bath. All of us, however, feel some degree of anxiety about the process of dying. That process depends on what you are dying of. The body can fail in ways that are extremely distressing, slowly and painfully, demanding much stoicism, or it can switch off with little more than a flash of dizziness. In my family we seem to have been uncommonly lucky in that respect. There was the year-old uncle who was at a meet of the Norwich Stag Hounds, enjoying a drink with friends, when crash!

    And he fell off his horse, dead. My father, alas, had a whole week of unhappiness after a blood-vessel in his brain had ruptured. The moment of his dying, however, was sudden and painless. My brother was the only person near me who clearly resented death, and that was because he had achieved a way of life which suited him so perfectly that he wanted more.

    He was not frightened of it. That fortunate record makes me believe that although it would be unwise to expect an easy dying, it is not unreasonable to hope for one. But such a feeling, though strong, is really absurd, because what does it matter to the dead how their bodies are disposed of?

    It is for the mourners to do what suits them best. A little while ago I took part in a television programme about death that was designed by the photographer Rankin, to help him overcome his fear of it, to which he bravely admitted. I had already understood from the response to my own book, Somewhere Towards the End , that the taboo on the subject of death, so heavy in my youth, was evaporating, and this was a striking example of how true this is. Even teenagers joined willingly in discussion of it. The contributor to the programme I remember with the most pleasure is the man who said that not existing for thousands and thousands of years before his birth had never worried him for a moment, so why should going back into non-existence at this death cause him dismay?

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